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Aeration is an important part of cultivation, because without it the soil can become a stifling environment for plant life rather than one which encourages growth and increases yields. This makes aerators an important piece of agricultural equipment, whether that's for farms specialising in livestock or arable activities. Soil compaction caused by the heavy hooves of animals or the even heavier tyres and tracks of tractors and other equipment can be counteracted by aerators, which allow the roots of crops and grass to breathe more easily and also ensure that water can drain away as it should rather than sitting on the surface and potentially compromising the entire crop.

Because of the important role that aerators play in the agricultural industry, picking a used unit is a serious business. You will need to work out whether to select a model that features tines, blades or a roller barrel. You will also need to take into account the other systems that are offered by an aerator and whether you have the right type of tractor to pull it effectively. Some models will even offer vibrating capabilities to further enhance the action of parts. So there is a lot to look out for when you start your aerator-purchasing journey.

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Buy SISIS Megaslit   Aerator 8ft Farm Machinery For Sale
SISIS Megaslit Aerator 8ft - Aerators £1,995.00
Deep tine aerator with 8 rotors each with 4 tines. BRAND NEW SET OF TINES. Prop stands. Good Condition ins.1,995.00 plus vat
Buy SISIS Maxislit   Aerator 6ft Farm Machinery For Sale
SISIS Maxislit Aerator 6ft - Aerators £2,295.00
6ft deep tine aerator, NEW tines, rear pressure roller, front prop stands. Perfect for sports pitches, golf courses and lawns. Very Good Condition ins.2,295.00 plus vat
Buy John Deere Aercore   1500, Aerator Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere Aercore 1500, Aerator - Aerators £2,295.00
1.5m working width, 4 tines per holder, solid tines fitted, storage stands, PTO shaft, large diameter roller, low maintenance, simple drive system, easy to set up. Good Condition ins.2,295.00 plus vat
Buy McConnel Discaerator 3000 Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel Discaerator 3000 2017 Aerators £13,250.00
- 7 hydraulic auto reset legs - ridge packer - lights
Buy Camon Lawn Aerator/Spiker Farm Machinery For Sale
Camon Lawn Aerator/Spiker - Aerators £875.00
Camon Lawn Aerator/Spiker C/W Honda Engine In Good Working Order
Buy Alstrong Aerator  Farm Machinery For Sale
Alstrong Aerator 2012 Aerators POA
- 2.5 Metre - floatation tyres - lights
Buy SISIS V MOW 3 gang scarifier Farm Machinery For Sale
SISIS V MOW 3 gang scarifier - Aerators £1,850.00
SISIS V MOW THREE GANG SCARIFIER, good for grass thatch removal, heavy duty scarifying on lawn turf, hyd drive, three point link mount, good cond, PTO shaft incl.
Buy McConnel DISCAERATOR 3000 Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel DISCAERATOR 3000 2011 Aerators £9,995.00
Buy McConnel Shakaerator 5000 Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel Shakaerator 5000 2012 Aerators £16,500.00
- auto rest legs - DD packer roller - hydraulic folding - lights - this machine has done very little work
Buy Multi Core   MC15 Aerator Farm Machinery For Sale
Multi Core MC15 Aerator - Aerators £1,995.00
1.5m working width aerator, PTO driven, fitted with hollow coring tines, easy depth adjustment, front roller, rear machine stand. Good Condition ins.1,995.00 plus vat
Buy Dabro Slitter,   Aerator Farm Machinery For Sale
Dabro Slitter, Aerator - Aerators £1,450.00
Heavy duty tractor mounted slitter, aerator with hydraulic adjustable pressure control. 36ins. working width, parking stands, heavy duty slitting drum. Good Condition ins.1,450.00 plus vat
Buy TORO 864 Aerator  Farm Machinery For Sale
TORO 864 Aerator - Aerators £6,950.00
- Tractor Mounted Greens Aerator
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AeratorsThe technical specifications of an aerator are of the utmost importance, and you will first need to look at the operating width and depth of each model. Wider, heavier units will complete the work in fewer passes, but may also be overkill if you are merely in need of a machine to aerate grassland without completely altering the surface of the land.

Check Width Carefully

The width of the equipment you choose will also have to be selected based on the type of access which is available to the areas in which it will be deployed. Narrow gates and bridges will preclude the use of certain heavy-duty models or necessitate the purchase of a folding aerator which harnesses hydraulics to improve portability without compromising on working width. At the basic end of the scale, you can find compact rotovators that are suitable for lawns and other small areas of grassland. These are obviously much smaller than the heavy-duty models with rollers and steel tines.

Check the Hydraulics

A good aerator should be able to remain in service for year after year, and so choosing a used model means looking at the available options and selecting a unit which has been maintained to a satisfactory degree and features components and systems which are in good working order. Aside from the state of the frame, buyers will need to check up on any hydraulic circuits to ensure that they are operational. Since many forces will have been exerted upon the entire assembly over time, from the drag of the soil to the vibrations of the machine's own components, it is not unreasonable to assume that a second-hand aerator may be in need of repairs or replacements. And if this has been carried out by the current owner prior to sale, then this is clearly a cost-effective benefit.

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