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Amazonen-Werke was founded in 1883 by Heinrich Dreyer. They first manufactured winnowers and ploughs at their base near Osnabruck, Germany. The Dreyer family had been working in agricultural production long before that, however, producing carts and grain cleaners for several generations. Amazonen-Werke began life as a family company and it remains so today, with the fourth generation of the family now guiding the company.

The firm has enjoyed continued success and growth throughout its history. It has opened further production sites across Germany and also in France and Russia. Sales divisions have been added in France, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Poland, Serbia, Russia and Ukraine.

The company now employs more than 1,800 staff and turns over approximately 515 million euros. It exports around 80% of its products, and its machines are sold in more than 70 countries worldwide.

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Buy Amazone GHS210  Farm Machinery For Sale
Amazone GHS210 - Specialist £850.00
Buy Amazone UF1201  Farm Machinery For Sale
Amazone UF1201 2005 Spreaders and Sprayers £12,000.00
1200ltr sprayer, 24m triple jet nozzles, seven section in cab controls. excellent condition. St# A1088589
Buy Amazone Zam3001  Farm Machinery For Sale
Amazone Zam3001 - Harrows £6,250.00
- Weigher - 18/24 Discs - Hopper Cover - Lights - Mudguards - In Very Good Condition
Buy Amazone Za-M Profis  Farm Machinery For Sale
Amazone Za-M Profis - Harrows £7,250.00
- Pto-540 - 3001 Profis Control - Weigh Cell Spreader - 18-24m Discs - Amatron 3 Box - Hopper Cover - Very Tidy Spreader
Buy Amazone Z-AM Profis  Farm Machinery For Sale
Amazone Z-AM Profis 2004 Fertiliser Spreaders £3,750.00
2004 Amazone ZA-M Profis Ultra 3600 litre spreader, weigh cell, border kit, lights, ladder, hopper cover, Amatron+ control
Buy Amazone ZAM 3001 Profis Fertiliser Spreader  Farm Machinery For Sale
Amazone ZAM 3001 Profis Fertiliser Spreader - Fertiliser Spreaders POA
- Fert Spreader - 3000 Weigh Cell Machine - OM24-36m Discs - Hopper Cover - LH Limiter - Road Lights
Buy Amazone Z-AM  2700 Superior Farm Machinery For Sale
Amazone Z-AM 2700 Superior - Specialist £3,950.00
Very nice machine, 18-24mt, headland control Other Equipment
Buy Amazone US1005 Sprayers  Farm Machinery For Sale
Amazone US1005 Sprayers - Spreaders and Sprayers POA
- 12m Manual Booms - Height Control - Single Nozzles
Buy Amazone RP AD 302  Farm Machinery For Sale
Amazone RP AD 302 - Power Harrows £4,250.00
KE 302 Power Harrow Quick Fit Tines 12 Tyre Packer Roller New Tyres Disc Coulters £4,250 +VAT
Buy Amazone ZAM 2200 Fertiliser Spreader  Farm Machinery For Sale
Amazone ZAM 2200 Fertiliser Spreader - Fertiliser Spreaders £1,500.00
- 2200 Litre Capacity - Manual Hopper Cover - 10-16M Discs - PTO Shaft - Internal Grids - New Vanes In 2016
Buy Amazone ZA-X2102  Farm Machinery For Sale
Amazone ZA-X2102 2009 Fertiliser Spreaders POA
Buy Amazone ZAM 2501  Farm Machinery For Sale
Amazone ZAM 2501 2014 Fertiliser Spreaders £7,500.00
Hydro Profis, no amatron 3 hydro profis hopper cover road lights
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Amazone arrives in UK

Amazonen-Werke arrived in the UK in 1983 with the founding of Amazone Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary. The company is based to the south of Doncaster and is responsible for the supply of ground-care and agricultural machinery. Amazone specialises in seed drills and fertiliser spreaders. It also focuses on powered soil cultivation with rotary harrows and rotary cultivators and non-powered soil cultivation with tine and disc cultivators, mulch cultivators and compact disc harrows.

Amazone also offers a range of crop protection sprayers and precision air seeders. The company is also active in the ground-care market and supplies a full range of equipment for the maintenance of lawns, parks, sports pitches and golf courses. The Groundkeeper and Profihopper are available for leaf collection and ground scarifying, and there are spreaders for top dressing.

Quality & reliability

Whichever Amazone products are chosen, customers will benefit from the company’s total dedication to quality and reliability. Amazone machines are known for better than average work rates and giving the best operational performance. The company is known for its focus on innovation, and owners of Amazone equipment know that they will achieve high resale values when they come to renew their products.

Fertiliser advice service

Amazone also aids its customers with a useful fertiliser advice service. This gives information about a whole range of fertilisers and the best applications for soil type and crop. Information is also given on application techniques and concentrations.

Amazone ED 602-K


The company is recognised as a leader in innovation and has won no fewer than 26 medals in the last eight Agrictechnica events, making it perhaps the most forward- thinking company in the sector.

Full range of sprayers & spreaders

Today Amazone’s agricultural machinery caters for all sizes of farms and offers solutions across the full harvest-to-harvest cycle. The company offers a full range of sprayers and fertiliser spreaders. It also supplies PTO-powered soil tillage machines and solo or combination seed drills. The company has been a leader in precision farming techniques since 1995 and offers variable rate application as a standard on every forward-speed spreading and spraying system.

Groundcare too

Amazone ground-care equipment includes the renowned Groundkeeper, offering collecting, mowing, mulching, rolling and scarifying all in a single unit. Landscape combinations are perfect for lawn maintenance and the Amazone paddock management system leads to better pasture hygiene and healthier horses.

With excellent availability of spare parts and long-lasting quality, used Amazone machinery can be a sound investment.

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