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Now is a complex time to be buying a tractor. There is such a wide range of manufacturers, models, power outputs and form factors to choose from. There is also the complication of emissions regulations, and new technologies in the cab have made this once-simple place a centre of computer screens and wizardry. This is not all you have to contend with, however. A tractor on its own is next to useless. What really make it indispensable are the types of attachments that can be used, and that adds a whole new level of choice and complexity.

The process of choosing attachments for your tractor is really two-fold. First you must ascertain if the attachment is suitable for your tractor, and then you must decide whether it is suitable for the work you intend to do. This will include both the type of task and the scale of the job. One of the most common types of tractor attachment is the front loader. On many tractors this is the main implement to be used. To choose a loader, you need to be sure that it is suitable not just for your make of tractor but for your individual model. 

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- Hydraulic Hitch And Bucket Kit - 24", 26", 60" Buckets - To Fit Kobelco Sk85
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Bucket Bucket - Buckets £550.00
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Bobcat S70 - Buckets £8,750.00
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MONTABERT CRB 601 CRUSHER BUCKET To fit 20 ton machine £15000
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Many loaders have different maximum weight ratings and you must be sure that your tractor can support this. You must also be sure that the loader is suited to your hydraulics system. The loader is not a finished implement in itself, however. To the loader, you need to add a further attachment, such as a fork or a bucket. Again, you must do the obvious checks to make sure that it is compatible with your loader and that the combination is within the operational limits of your tractor. Clearly, the buckets or forks must also be suited to your intended tasks.

A modern tractor is something of a Swiss army knife in terms of accessories, but all attachments must be added to the basic machine. The rear linkage can accommodate a whole host of implements, and some tractors have fixings for mounting attachments beneath the tractor itself. Attachments such as mowers and grass toppers can be simply towed and operate under their own power, which they gain from the towing movement itself. Other attachments may require a separate power source. This is normally achieved via the tractor's power take-off (PTO), which is a drive shaft that transmits power from the engine to the external implement. The PTO is generally rated at something like 540rpm or 1,00rpm, and it is clear that the implement selected needs to be able to operate at the supplied speed.

The range of attachments for the modern tractor is wider than ever before and brings new levels of utility to the machine. There are ploughs, sprayers, spinners, bale slicers, muck spreaders, mowers, harrows and any number of others. Choosing the correct type of attachment with the right capacity for your operations can greatly enhance your productivity and extract maximum value from your tractor investment. Attachments tend to be extremely robust and a good one could give many years of service. On the other hand, a poorly chosen attachment will only give you years of trouble, so it is important to get the selection right at the outset.

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