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The all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is rapidly joining the tractor as a standard workhorse around the farm. Many of the big names now have offerings in the market, such as the John Deere Gator, Massey Ferguson Bull, Kawasaki Mule and Kubota TRV. Other brands, such as Suzuki and Honda, which are not normally associated with the agricultural sector are also active in the ATV niche.

The ATV can be used for a variety of tasks. At a basic level they can be a simple, quick and economic way to get around the farm to check up on crops, livestock and boundary fencing. They can also be used for ferrying workers, materials, tools and even livestock.

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Polaris Ranger (2015) SKU54796 - ATV POA
SF15 MYL (April 2015) 635 hours Can be viewed at Head Office, Insch
Buy John Deere XUV 855D GREEN  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere XUV 855D GREEN 2013 ATV £8,500.00
John Deere XUV 855D Diesel Gator, Power Steering, 50kph Transmission, Full Cab c/w Deluxe Doors, Alloy Wheels c/w Maxxis Bighorn Tyres, Protection Kit, Genuine Machine in Good Order. Type 4WD XUV Diesel Tire Type Mid Terrain
Buy John Deere GATOR TH 6X4 - UTILITY VEHICLE  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere GATOR TH 6X4 - UTILITY VEHICLE - ATV £8,000.00
Buy John Deere 850D (2009) 31015977  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 850D (2009) 31015977 2009 ATV POA
Year 2009 1861 hours Diesel Deluxe canopy Mirror kit c/w remote cargo box release Heavy duty front suspension Heavy duty fender guard SN; 023513 STOCK NO 31015977 Can be viewed at Head Office, Insch
Buy John Deere XUV 855D PS 4x4  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere XUV 855D PS 4x4 - ATV POA
854cc Diesel, 2wd/4wd Selectable, Green/Yellow, Speed Sensing Power Steering, Engine Braking Decent Control, Full Cab w/ Glass Doors, Digital Display w/ Speedometer/Fuel Gauge, Front Bumper/Brush Guard, Rear Cargo Bed Guard, Drawbar w/ Ball Hitch, Steel Wheels, Maxxis Bighorn 27Î9.00R14, Maxxis Bighorn 27Î11.00R14. Complete with Swaledale Canopy.
Polaris Ranger (2014) 41016250 - ATV POA
SY64 BHK (September 2014) 722 hours Diesel Selectable 4WD Heater Manual tipper Bench seat Magnetic doors Tow bar Carlisle AT489 25 x 10.00 R12 40% BKT W207 25 x 100 R12 70% STOCK NO; 41016250 Can be viewed at Head Office, Insch
Buy John Deere 855D (2014) 41016304  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 855D (2014) 41016304 - ATV POA
SV64 NGF (November 2014) 818 hours Power steering Electric tipper Roof work lights Heater Selectable 4WD Maxis bighorn 2.0 27 x 9.00 R14 Maxis bighorn 2.0 27 x 11.00 R14 STOCK NO; 41016304 Can be viewed at Kinloss depot
Buy Kawasaki 4010 Mule  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kawasaki 4010 Mule 2012 ATV £5,750.00
Very tidy Mule, low houred, has been well looked after and in good working order. tyres in excellent condition. Would make a great tool. Type 4WD Diesel
John Deere HPX Gator (2008) 61016116 2008 ATV POA
1524 Hours Year 2008 SN; 060230 STOCK NO; 61016116 Can be viewed at Balbeggie depot
Buy Honda TRX420FPMDEDR  Farm Machinery For Sale
Honda TRX420FPMDEDR - ATV £2,500.00
Buy Kawasaki  MULE 4010 4 seater 4X4 trans  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kawasaki MULE 4010 4 seater 4X4 trans - ATV £4,800.00
4 seater trans mule great for shoots, parks, caravan sites, 4x4, this can be used as a 4 or 2 seater, tow bar, we are in wisbech cambs
Buy John Deere XUV 855D Gator  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere XUV 855D Gator 2013 ATV £6,450.00
Olive & Black, Bighorn Radial Tyres Deluxe Canopy, Hard Doors, Power Steering. All prices exclude VAT and are ex Works. Please Contact Colin Wraith On 07764 692773.
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Choosing an ATV is a simple matter of looking at your everyday requirements. If all you are looking for is a quick way to get around the farm and check up on things, then there are lots of quads to choose from, with offerings from the likes of Suzuki and Honda. These tend to be single-seat machines, so if you have requirements for passengers or loads then you should look elsewhere. Many of these quads offer useful accessories, though, such as trailers, which can boost their utility quite dramatically. Elsewhere on the market, however, you can find more substantial ATVs on offer.

The likes of the John Deere Gator or Kubota TRV are built for slightly different uses. They will almost certainly be far slower than the quad-type ATVs, but they are larger and have more passenger and load space to play with. At this level, you will find ATVs with a second bench row of seats, which can make them excellent for ferrying workers around the farm to areas requiring attention. The load space is obviously one of the key elements to consider. Many models have tipping load sections, which can make unloading a breeze. Others will have removable load-space sleeves to keep the vehicle undamaged by heavy and rough loads. Thinking about what you intend to carry should steer you towards the right weight rating. Remember too that many models are equipped with tow bars and can haul trailers when extra capacity is needed.

For all but the lightest duties, you are probably going to want four-wheel drive. This, along with some advanced suspension settings, greatly extends the working environment of the ATV. Most makes offer at least some models with switchable two- and four-wheel-drive settings to save on fuel when 4WD is not needed. If you are carrying valuable tools, you might want to look at a model with a lockable compartment to store them in.

With all of these issues sorted, it is time to look at creature comforts. Most ATVs are open but some models do offer closed cabs, or at least the opportunity to add a conversion. If you are going to be spending a lot of time out on the farm in poor weather, this might be a fair investment. It also provides some welcome shelter at break times. Some models offer air conditioning and heaters and seat belts are a welcome safety addition. Power steering, meanwhile, can take much of the effort out of driving an ATV.

A good ATV can greatly increase your productivity and also save money on fuel as you no longer need the tractor to get around. With specialist options such as low-pressure tyres and six-wheeled vehicles to protect fine turf and prevent soil compaction, there should be an ATV for every operation.


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