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Bales spikes are some of the most straightforward and robust pieces of farm machinery around. Simply put, the bale spike is an implement for lifting bales by spiking into the bale itself and carrying away as the bale is impaled on the spike. This is a tried and tested means of transporting bales, and properly used it carries the material safely and securely. The construction of the bale spike consists of a frame, often of box section steel, fitted with a number of spikes, or tines, on which to impale the bale. As it is not a bale grabber as such, more care and effort is needed to offload the bales if they are to be stacked using the bale spike, as there is no grabbing mechanism to release. The upside of the bale spike being so simple and robust is that there is very little to go wrong, and this makes it an excellent candidate as a second-hand farm machinery purchase.

Even though the bale spike is a simple piece of equipment, however, there are still certain things to look out for. The first of these is simply to select a bale spike that is of the size that you want. Bale spikes come in a number of different configurations to suit different load capacities. A larger frame and increased number of spikes will be able to carry a greater number of bales. Bale spikes are also available for either round or square bale types. Bale spikes can be used with a variety of load weights also, from as little as 500kg or less to more than 1,500kg.

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Buy Fleming BALE SPIKE  Farm Machinery For Sale
Fleming BALE SPIKE - Bale Spikes £450.00
Buy Albutt Bale Spike  Farm Machinery For Sale
Albutt Bale Spike - Bale Spikes £375.00
Manitou Brackets £375 +VAT
Buy Bale Squeezer (Round)   Farm Machinery For Sale
Bale Squeezer (Round) - Bale Spikes POA
From £850 +VAT Wrap around bale handler with spikes in the tube.
Buy ProDig BH 200  Farm Machinery For Sale
ProDig BH 200 - Bale Spikes £820.00
ProDig Round Bale Squeezer Large Diameter Tubes with internal spikes. Oversize hydraulic ram so bail can be torn apart when feeding. Quick release tubes. £820 + VAT
Buy ProDig  Soft Hands Bale Squeezer  Farm Machinery For Sale
ProDig Soft Hands Bale Squeezer - Bale Spikes POA
ProDig Soft Hands Bale Squeezer Our Hydraulic Bale Handler is strong and robust for easy handling of round bales securely and safely. It can easily contend with misshapen bales. Our bale handler has rotating roller sleeves to ensure no damage to the wrap when clamping. These sleeves can be easily removed allowing our bale handler to be used as a bale spike. This heavy duty bale handler does not
Buy Other Bale Non-specific Spike Farm Machinery For Sale
Other Bale Non-specific Spike - Bale Spikes POA
Rear Double Tined Bale Spike - fold up tines Attachments
Buy Cherry Products Hesston Bale Spike Farm Machinery For Sale
Cherry Products Hesston Bale Spike - Bale Spikes POA
Buy Slewtic Bale Spike  Farm Machinery For Sale
Slewtic Bale Spike - Bale Spikes POA
- C/w Stabilising Tine - Euro Hooks
Buy Evans and Reid Single Bale Spike Farm Machinery For Sale
Evans and Reid Single Bale Spike 2013 Bale Spikes £375.00
Shop soiled 2013, only used once, single spike for transportation, small spike to stop rotation, very well made. Chillton MX brackets. £375.00 + VAT
Buy Quicke Bale Handlers Farm Machinery For Sale
Quicke Bale Handlers - Bale Spikes £875.00
Flexibal - for wrapped round bales, 1.8m max bale size, roller tubes can be removed so spikes can be used for other bale types & sizes, Euro 8 brackets - £875.00 + VAT No 3, Trima SMS No 5, MX, or no brackets also available.
Buy Quicke Twin Bale Spike  Farm Machinery For Sale
Quicke Twin Bale Spike - Bale Spikes POA
on Euro 8 Brackets. Please give us a call for more information. Attachments
Buy Quicke Single bale spike  Farm Machinery For Sale
Quicke Single bale spike - Bale Spikes POA
on Euro 8 brackets. Please give us a call for more information. Attachments
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The tines themselves are clearly vital, and these are often detachable, screwing into the main frame by means of a bush or socket. The quality of these fittings is important, and they should always be examined for smooth attachment of the tines and for any wear or damage. The tines come in different lengths to suit different sizes of bales, and for round bales you can also get anti-rotation tines to prevent the tine turning with the bale and coming loose. Brackets are welded or bolted and the weld-on alternative is generally considered to be superior. The frame itself is also important, as it is going to be taking hefty loads. The frame should be of heavy-duty construction and can be box or tubular steel.

A second-hand bale spike should really give no trouble at all. A thorough visual inspection should be enough to determine the good condition of the unit, with special attention being paid to the bushes. The welds should also be checked for integrity, and the general construction should be free from any corrosion. Check also that the tines attach smoothly and are not bent or damaged. That said, replacement tines are widely available. It only remains to select the size and configuration that you are looking for and to ensure that this is compatible with your tractor or telehandler. With these simple checks, a used bale spike is a sound investment.

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