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A bale wrapper is simply a machine for wrapping bales, usually in sheets of plastic. This allows the bales to turn into silage. Broadly speaking, there are two types of bale wrapper: the satellite wrapper and the turntable wrapper. With the satellite wrapper, you have hydraulic bale support rollers and a satellite hydraulic rotating arm.

The satellite arm is loaded with the plastic roll of film and also supports the dispensing unit. The satellite arm and support rollers rotate in a synchronised motion to deliver an even covering of plastic film to the bale. A higher-speed version for larger operations is available with twin satellite arms to cut the time needed to wrap each bale.


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Buy McHale 998 Bale Wrapper  Farm Machinery For Sale
McHale 998 Bale Wrapper 2014 Bale Wrappers £22,750.00
McHale 998 bale wrapper, 2014, Only done 1042 bales, immaculate.
Buy McHale 991BE  Farm Machinery For Sale
McHale 991BE 2008 Bale Wrappers £6,500.00
Buy Lely Welger RPC 445 Tornado Baler/Wrapper  Farm Machinery For Sale
Lely Welger RPC 445 Tornado Baler/Wrapper 2012 Bale Wrappers £22,750.00
Overall Condition: Good Order
Buy Kverneland Taarup 7640 Trailed Round Bale Wrapper Farm Machinery For Sale
Kverneland Taarup 7640 Trailed Round Bale Wrapper 2008 Bale Wrappers £5,750.00
Used Kverneland Taarup 7640 Trailed Twin Satalite round bale wrapper, year 2008, Joystick control. In good condition.
Buy Tanco A100J Autowrap Trailed Round Bale Wrapper Farm Machinery For Sale
Tanco A100J Autowrap Trailed Round Bale Wrapper 2014 Bale Wrappers £7,500.00
Tanco A100J Autowrap Trailed Round Bale wrapper, Year 2014, only 358 Bales!! Joystick control, 750mm, loading arm, Lights. This could be sold as an ex demo machine.
Buy McHale   Farm Machinery For Sale
McHale - Bale Wrappers POA
New McHale 991 BE This machine is a full electric controlled bale wrapper. Call us for more information and a price!
Buy Comprima CV150 XC  Farm Machinery For Sale
Comprima CV150 XC 2014 Bale Wrappers £43,000.00
Variable chamber combination baler wrapper comes with 17 knife cutting system, beta control box, roller crop guard, camless easyflow pickup with five rows of tines, Novo grip belt and slat elevator, baling pressure indicator, hydraulic drop door, net tying, comfort on board electronic ISOBUS compatible, on board hydraulic control, towing hitch 40/50, 80° wide angle PTO, hydraulic drop floor, auto
Buy Krone Comprima CF 155 XC Xtreme  Farm Machinery For Sale
Krone Comprima CF 155 XC Xtreme 2014 Bale Wrappers £41,600.00
Krone Comprima CF 155 XC X-treme high output semi-variable chamber combination baler-wrapper Features camless EasyFlow pickup, X-treme Novogrip belts, double axles and twin satellite wrapper Bale count 1,644 Price: £41,600 plus VAT
Buy John Deere 744  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 744 - Bale Wrappers £21,000.00
Buy Vicon RV 1601 Opticut Bale Wrapper Combination Farm Machinery For Sale
Vicon RV 1601 Opticut Bale Wrapper Combination 2000 Bale Wrappers £9,750.00
Vicon RV 1601 Opticut and Goweil G 5040 bale wrapper combination c/w silage chopper and rotor feed baler. Year 2003. 52000 bales.
Buy Tanco   Farm Machinery For Sale
Tanco - Bale Wrappers POA
New Tanco 1540 EH Autowrap Available for rounds and squares Available on three point linkage and also with brackets to go on the front of a telehandler. Call us for more information!
Buy Tanco   Farm Machinery For Sale
Tanco - Bale Wrappers POA
New Tanco 404 EH Autowrap Suitable for small square bales and small round bales. Call us!
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The turntable bale wrapper is equipped with a loading arm, a little like a bale handler. This arm is used to scoop up the bale and place it on the wrapping table. This wrapping turntable will typically have four belts and two rollers and will turn to spin the bales as it revolves. The turning bale pulls the plastic film from the dispenser and it is wrapped tightly around the bale. After 16 revolutions, the bale is ejected, usually by a hydraulic ram tilting the turntable. The film is then cut and attached to the wrapper in readiness for the next bale. The bale wrapper’s operations are usually able to be electronically controlled from the tractor cab.

Some of the larger agricultural suppliers offer bale wrappers and many have combination balers and wrappers which do both jobs at the same time. There are also specialist companies, such as the Austrian firm Goeweil, which offer a range of independent bale wrappers. Bale wrappers are also divided into square bale wrappers and round bale wrappers, but the underlying technology is basically the same. Some bale wrappers will combine aspects of transport, wrapping and stacking. Different models may be suitable for use with the front or rear tractor linkage and many can be attached to either.

The vulnerable hydraulic cylinders, motors and rollers should be well protected and many of these components are often situated inside the rollers for added protection. Many bale wrappers offer independent electronic control units and others are hooked up to the tractor’s control systems. Ancillary equipment includes the bale tipper, film monitoring control unit, counter weights, additional film roll magazines and supporting rolls. In addition to the electronic controls, many bale wrappers also include manual controls to operate baling functions via mechanical levers.

Choosing a bale wrapper is firstly a matter of ensuring compatibility with your tractor. It is then wise to consider the sort of throughput you require. There are also many add-on functions to consider, such as the ability to stack the bales directly from the wrapper, but you should make sure that you are not paying for features you don’t need. There are a lot of moving parts on a bale wrapper and this means wear and tear are factors. All of these components should be tested and in good working order. Fatigue and structural damage are less likely. The hydraulic system is always more vulnerable, though, and should be checked for leaks and smooth working.

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