Latest Kubota Utility Vehicles Demonstrated at Royal Welsh Show

Last weekend the Royal Welsh Show was held, with thousands of visitors attending alongside some of the biggest names in farm machinery manufacturing.

One firm which had a conspicuous presence at the show was Kubota, which took the opportunity to highlight a range of its latest products, including the most recent arrivals in the RTV range of utility vehicles.

The RTV-X1140 was front and centre at its stand, according to PitchCare, with a number of enhanced capabilities on offer when compared with its predecessor.

One of the design revisions made to this vehicle has allowed the driver and up to three passengers to enjoy an increase in leg room, meaning that riding on board is a far less cramped experience than in the past. The suspension has been adjusted to deliver a smoother ride as well, so it will be a little less rough on its occupants than some other UTVs and ATVs often found on farms.

The option to switch between a two-seater and four-seater set-up makes the RTV-X1140 even more flexible, with a load bed capacity that tops out at 0.54 cubic metres making it possible to transport a range of materials and other items. When all four seats are accessible, this drops to 0.28 cubic metres, which is more than acceptable for various tasks.

The load bed itself is mounted on a tipper mechanism for fast unloading, while the sturdy materials and reliable construction should enable it to take plenty of punishment without needing repairs.

Kubota has even made it simpler to access the load bed by adjusting the set-up of the ROPS so that it is not a hindrance. This has been achieved without compromising safety or protection for drivers and passengers.

The engine of the RTV-X1140 is essentially the same unit as was found in earlier models, but in this instance it benefits from being equipped with a radiator with a broader surface area. This manages temperatures much more effectively and means that performance and durability are assured in all weather conditions.

In addition to publicising its new utility vehicles, Kubota also took advantage of the exposure afforded by the Royal Welsh Show to put the spotlight on a number of its most recently introduced tractor models. This included the M7001, which is offered with an impressive variable transmission in addition to the standard powershift set-up.

As with the RTV-X1140, the M7001 is able to outstrip many of its competitors in terms of comfort levels thanks to the dynamic suspension system it deploys. This has the added impact of making the tractor less taxing to control.

With almost a quarter of a million people estimated to have visited the Royal Welsh Show this year, it is undoubtedly an important event in the farm machinery calendar not only in the UK but across the continent. While plenty of attendees with have been happy to check out the latest kit in a casual manner, there were also farmers on the hunt for their next investment.

Posted On 3 August 2017
Category: Ag Equipment News
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