Maximize Machinery Sales With A Custom Dealer Website

Perhaps you've listed farm equipment for sale on Farm Machinery Locator and you appreciate the site's features and positive results. But you might not be aware that as a dealer you can easily get your own custom-built dealer website that's completely hosted and secured by Farm Machinery Locator. And now, for a limited time, hosted websites are available through Farm Machinery Locator for free.

Focus On Sales, Not Site Maintenance

First and foremost, having a custom-built website enables you to focus on selling more farm machinery without having to worry about creating, maintaining, and securing a site. Custom sites integrate seamlessly with and benefit from the infrastructure and security measures that Farm Machinery has in place.

Behind the scenes Farm Machinery Locator provides continually updated servers, data redundancy, data encryption, and ample storage. All of this means that you get reliable, fast, and efficient service for your website and your customers. Farm Machinery Locator also has IT support specialists on hand to address any questions or concerns.

Extra Benefits For Added Site Appeal

When you request a free custom-built dealer website through Farm Machinery Locator, you receive everything you need to attract customers and keep them coming back to your site, including a website designed to showcase your particular business and a newly designed logo. The cost savings are spectacular, especially since independent designers easily charge from �2,000 to �20,000 for these services.

The financial savings are greater still when you consider that a Farm Machinery Locator hosted site also comes with free corporate email service and your own domain name. Domain name management is included as well, so there are no ongoing fees.

Works Beautifully On Any Device

Many sites featuring new and used farm machinery for sale are not responsive websites, so although they might look attractive on a full-sized computer monitor, the sites don't adapt well to mobile devices. People visiting a non-responsive website using a smartphone or tablet, for example, may have to zoom in and out to view and navigate the site. Visitors leave these sites relatively quickly, often without having seen everything on offer, let alone making a purchase.

This is a critical issue because today mobile devices account for nearly half of the traffic to a dealer's site. By contrast, if you have a responsive site, such as any of the sites designed and hosted by Farm Machinery Locator, visitors can access and navigate your site with ease, regardless of the size of the device they're using. Visitors can quite easily view all of the machinery listed for sale, find out more information about your company, and contact you about purchases.

Simplified Input, Management & Tracking

Another benefit of having a hosted site integrated with is that you can upload stock information anywhere, anytime, even from a mobile device. You can also track details of the phone enquiries you receive and website traffic statistics via cloud-based apps that work on virtually any device.

Visit Farm Machinery Locator to find out more about obtaining a free custom-built dealer website.

Posted On 11 August 2017
Category: Ag Equipment News
Tags : dealer-website farm-machinery-locator farm-news
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