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With a company history going back more than a century, Bomford is one of the UK's most venerable manufacturers of agricultural equipment. And all that experience allows it to produce a high-quality range of machinery for the cultivation and maintenance of land. Second-hand Bomford equipment will represent a reliable purchase for farmers nationwide, and there are many different models that have made their mark over the years, handling everything from mowing and hedge trimming to ploughing and rotavation.

The Bomford range of arm mowers for tractor mounting incorporates small units for light hedgerow use as well as versatile long-reach models that can cope with lawn surfaces as well. The B81-81 is one of the biggest and most capable of the current crop, offering 8.1 metres of reach and allowing operators to cut on either the left or right of the vehicle on which it is mounted. As well as cutting verges and hedges, this arm mower is designed to cope with the task of keeping banks, ditches and even dykes in check. Even the MicroKlippa, which sits at the other end of the range with its 3.1m reach, shares the same impressive versatility as its bigger siblings.

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Buy Bomford FLAILBOT  Farm Machinery For Sale
Bomford FLAILBOT 2017 Specialist POA
Productspecweb: Stump grinder to suit a Flailbot
Buy Bomford B54FM  Farm Machinery For Sale
Bomford B54FM - Mowers £695.00
Here we have my Bomford 4 furrow plough. Discs and auto reset. Good metal. Tidy plough. Check out the pictures
Buy Bomford SUPERFLOW 3  Farm Machinery For Sale
Bomford SUPERFLOW 3 - Tillage £995.00
Here we have my Chisel plough. Not had a hard life or been abused. Check out the pictures
Buy Bomford 2012 KESTRAL EVO-S HEDGE CUTTER  Farm Machinery For Sale
Bomford 2012 KESTRAL EVO-S HEDGE CUTTER 2012 Hedge Mowers £10,750.00
2012 BOMFORD KESTRAL EVO-S HEDGE CUTTER. 5m reach with electric joystick controls and 1.2m head. Serial no: B121837, Model 90587D5. This whole machine is in very tidy condition. £10,750 + VAT
Buy Bomford B81-81  Farm Machinery For Sale
Bomford B81-81 - Mowers £4,500.00
Productspecweb: 8181, 8.1mtr, 1.2mtr head, axle brackets to suit JD 7000/10 series, bootie flails, switch box., Productreach: 8.1mtr
Buy Bomford Robin 3.4m  Farm Machinery For Sale
Bomford Robin 3.4m - Hedge Mowers £8,750.00
Hedge Cutter c/w cable controls, 905mm flail head, HS40 flails. St# A1084245
Buy Bomford B467  Farm Machinery For Sale
Bomford B467 - Mowers £3,950.00
cable controls, 3pt linkage mounted, new flails
Buy Bomford B577  Farm Machinery For Sale
Bomford B577 - Mowers £4,500.00
Cable controls, 1.2m head, linkage mounted
Buy Bomford B467  Farm Machinery For Sale
Bomford B467 - Mowers £5,950.00
Slatted plough, 5 furrow, vari-width, good order
Buy Bomford FLAILBOT  Farm Machinery For Sale
Bomford FLAILBOT 2016 Specialist £29,995.00
Buy Bomford FLAILBOT  Farm Machinery For Sale
Bomford FLAILBOT - Specialist POA
Productspecweb: 1.5m flail head, 150m operating range, 40hp engine, operates on up to 55° slopes
Buy Bomford B2250  Farm Machinery For Sale
Bomford B2250 2013 Mowers POA
Elite flail mower
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Bomford MowerFlail Mowers

When it comes to flail mowers, Bomford has built a number of popular models and continues to update its range to keep pace with the modern marketplace. The TurboMower Elite comes with a selection of cutting widths to select, starting at 1.3m and going right up to 2.8m. It also gives operators the choice of mounting it at the front as well as in the standard rear-mounted configuration. Bomford is also responsible for a range of machine fittings which can couple equipment to tractors effectively and safety, with durable components and various linkage set-ups providing buyers with plenty of choice.

A relatively recent addition to the Bomford range of agricultural equipment is the ProSweep, which with its working width of 1.2 metres can help to keep paths clear and clean across the site and ensure that waste and debris are removed efficiently. Quality hydraulics and clever mounting systems help this and the other Bomford equipment to provide farmers with an easy way to maintain their premises.

Bomford Toppers

Choose from the Rotary Slash range or the Tri Wing series of Toppers - available with widths up to 6 mertres. FInd mre details and Bomford Toppers here

Bomford Flail Mower


For the purposes of cultivation, Bomford has built a number of plough models over the years, including models in the Superflow range which are easy to find on the second-hand market - whether they are reconditioned and refurbished or left in a well-worn state. Newer models such as the Dyna-Drive cultivator offer an intriguing alternative to traditional plough equipment, enabling operators to alleviate soil compaction and prepare the ground for sowing seed.


Low Costs of Maintenance

The advantage of this and many of the other machines made by this company is that costs for maintenance will be low and the overall reliability of the range is impressive, provided you pick a second-hand unit that has been used carefully and kept in a good state of repair by its previous owner. This is one of the reasons that Bomford has managed to establish itself in the global marketplace.


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Bomford Mowers

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Bomford Toppers

Bomford toppers are designed to offer maximum cutting width and impressive efficiency. The Rotary Slash range begins with 1.5 and 2.1 metre cutting width options, while the class-topping Tri-Wing can cut over widths of up to 6 metres, minimising the number of passes that are required to cope with a large area of land. As with all of the machines from this manufacturer, the topper mowers are built... Read more

Bomford Cultivators

Bomford have been making farm machinery for more than 100 years and are one of the world's leading manufacturers of argicultural cultivators. Bomford equipment is renowned the world over for its strength and durability, and their range is constantly being added to with new models featuring some of the most innovative technology out there. We usually have an extensive range of Bomford cultivators... Read more