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Although known for its various tracked agricultural machines, Challenger has branched out into wheeled vehicles over the years, ensuring that its range is not limited to a single set of equipment.

That being said, if you are looking for a used Challenger product, then the chances are you will encounter quite a few tracked tractor examples, since this is its area of specialism.

With tracks there are a number of benefits beyond what is offered by a wheeled tractor, with improved all-terrain performance and pulling power being the most obvious advantages. Increased weight and operational noise need to be balanced against the plus points when examining the Challenger units that are available on the market at the moment.

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Challenger 2013 Tractors £90,000.00
2013 Challenger 765D, 3817 Hours, Guidance Ready, 50-60% Tracks, Front Weights, 1400 Hours Warranty Left, MINT…£90,000

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                Challenger at the 2014 Highland Show

Challenger MT Range

The MT family of tracked Challenger tractors comes with a range of power options, starting out at 335hp and topping out at 646hp at the upper end of the range. For example, the MT700D has an AGCO Power engine that is not only quieter than older ones, but also benefits from enhanced efficiency so that less fuel is used to do the same amount of work.

Sixteen gears for forward momentum as well as four for reverse mean that the operator gets an increased level of control over the speed of the machine, which is another important factor in ensuring efficient operation. Meanwhile, the operator gets a great view from within the cab, as well as a comfortable seat. Some models come with a suspension system for further convenience.

With more power and the use of heavy-duty rubber tracks, the MT800E series is a recent addition to Challenger's range which is helping to redefine what buyers can expect from this company. One of the models is the MT875E, which is currently rated as the world's most powerful tracked tractor thanks to its 646hp AGCO Power engine. With a 3000mm wheelbase, it is more stable and balanced than other tractors, and it also means that the amount of pressure it applies to the ground is spread over a wider area, reducing its impact on the surface of the soil. Although it is tracked, the suspension system that is put in place means that rugged terrain can be tackled without leaving the operator in constant discomfort. This also means that especially uneven surfaces are not going to prevent a Challenger tractor from getting to work.

Challenger MT Tracked Tractor Range

Various hydraulics and linkage systems are features on most models to allow them to be combined with whatever additional machinery is required. Whether pulling a trailer, mower, plough or other piece of equipment, a Challenger tractor will have the power and traction to get the job done.

Challenger Sprayers

Another of Challenger's area of expertise is in the manufacture of sprayers, utilising wheels for these vehicles rather than the tracks of its other models. The RoGator 600C is a model intended specifically for European buyers, with a tank size of up to 5000 litres and a suspended boom that can easily be controlled from within the cab as well as by GPS. For high-speed spraying, the SpraCoupe range may be appropriate. And used models from its recent range updates will ensure that buyers can make savings when securing high-end Challenger machinery.

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