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The seed drill was one of the most fundamental farming advances. Prior to the introduction of the seed drill, planting seeds was done manually. This was extremely labour-intensive and also inefficient, as hand planting rarely achieved an ideal seed distribution. This in turn led to wasteful planting and low productivity. Jethro Tull is famously credited with inventing the seed drill, although there is plenty of evidence that ancient Sumerian farmers were using a single-tube drill thousands of years ago and Chinese planters had a multi-tube drill. The benefits of using a seed drill are quite dramatic. It precisely positions the seed and then covers it, resulting in ideally spaced and protected seeds. This can boost crop yield ratios by up to nine times.

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Buy Amazone Adp Special  Farm Machinery For Sale
Amazone Adp Special - Combination Drills POA
- 3m combination drill - 24 X Rotec Coulters - 580mm Wedge Ring Roller - Amatron 3 control box - Isbus electric control - 3m Power harrow - Finance subject to Status, T&C Apply
Buy Amazone Kx3000/ad3000  Farm Machinery For Sale
Amazone Kx3000/ad3000 - Combination Drills POA
- Super Combination Drill - C/w 6 Spline Pto Shaft - 500mm Packer Roller - 400L Hopper extension - Road Lights - 24 Row Suffolk Coulters - Mechanical Coulter pressure ADJ - Exact Harrow - HYD Markers - Finance subject to status, T&C Apply
Buy 4.8/5 Metre Folding Tined Combination Dr   Farm Machinery For Sale
4.8/5 Metre Folding Tined Combination Dr 2013 Combination Drills POA
4.8/5 Metre Folding Tined Combination Drill 2013 Frandent Power Harrow rated at 250HP, taper bearings Guttler rubber packer roller Hydraulic lift kit 1.5 Ton Front Tank GPS electronic metering Hydraulic fan Lights Steps Rollover cover 40 Tines over 3 Rows Double following harrow Hydraulic markers Double pre-em markers 1 Years warranty Set up in field Can use as a combination or tine drill only -
Buy Maschio   Farm Machinery For Sale
Maschio - Combination Drills POA
New Maschio Alitalia 3m combination drill Many different options are available on the maschio drills so please call for more information. Call us for a fantastic price!
Buy Accord DA-S Pneumatic Combination Drill Farm Machinery For Sale
Accord DA-S Pneumatic Combination Drill - Combination Drills £9,750.00
Accord Pneumatic DA-S 4 metre seed drill combination c/w coulters, vertical folding markers, hopper extension and Kuhn HR4001 power harrow c/w maxi packer roller.
Buy Sulky SPL Combination Drill Farm Machinery For Sale
Sulky SPL Combination Drill 2002 Combination Drills POA
Reco Sulky SPL air seed drill c/w coulters, vertical folding markers, pre-emergence markers and Maschio DM4000 4 metre power harrow c/w packer roller. Year 2002.
Buy Horsch  Double Disc Openers  Farm Machinery For Sale
Horsch Double Disc Openers - Combination Drills POA
Horsch Double Disc Openers Mounted on rubber suspension Double disc Metal scraper Rubber closing wheel Would make ideal OSR coulter to fit to subsoiler or making combi drill into disc coulters
Buy Lely 3 Metre  Tulip Combination Drill  Farm Machinery For Sale
Lely 3 Metre Tulip Combination Drill 2012 Combination Drills POA
3 Metre Lely Tulip Combination Drill 2012 S/N 1200-2040 35 Series Power Harrow 500 Packer Rear clodboard Automat PTO Polymat 24 Suffolk drill coulters Following harrows Hydraulic coulter lift Hydraulic vertical markers Full width platform Electronic tramline control PTO fan drive 1/2 Drill shut off Demount kit Coulter pressure Start up in filed 1 Years warranty This combination has done very
ACCORD RAU PH COMBINATION DRILL - Combination Drills £5,250.00
Buy Kuhn 3 Metre  Combination Drill  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kuhn 3 Metre Combination Drill 2012 Combination Drills POA
3 Metre Kuhn Combination Drill Year 2012 HR3004D power harrow Venta LC302 3 Rows of Suffolk coulters 2 pairs of wheel eradicators Hydraulic markers on power harrow 1/2 drill shut off Lights Full electronic controls Q fit tines Maxi packer This drill has done 900 acres from new - very little work - as new.
Buy VADERSTAD  RAPID 300P  AIR DRILL Farm Machinery For Sale
VADERSTAD RAPID 300P AIR DRILL - Combination Drills £7,500.00

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The history of the seed drill goes back to Babylonia in 1,500 BC, when the single-tube seed drill was first used. By 200 BC, Chinese farmers were using iron multi-tube seed drills, an invention that is thought to have contributed to China’s ability to create an efficient agricultural system that could support a large population.

It may be that contact between Europe and China was responsible for introducing the seed drill into Europe. The first European example was patented in Venice in 1566, and another seed drill was described in some detail by a Bolognese writer in 1602. The basic design of these drills was then refined by Jethro Tull in 1701.

The technology got more sophisticated over the next few hundred years and seed drills got bigger, but the basic operation remained essentially the same. These basic units were able to be drawn by a single horse and they were still being used in the 1930s. The advent of the tractor resulted in a step change in seed drills, and the units became far more efficient and larger still.

Further improvements followed, with units developed that could allow seed drilling without any tilling. This is a useful technique where soils are prone to erosion and moisture loss, helping the soil to remain in place until the germinating seed’s roots can provide an anchor.

The seed drill allows farmers to place the seeds precisely in the furrow and at a depth which ensures that the seed is protected from birds and frost and will not germinate too late or too early. Behind the drills, metal discs move earth from the sides of the furrow to cover the seed. The combination seed drill further enhances productivity by allowing the farmer to combine planting with other activities.

The seed drill can be combined with a harrow to prepare the ground and then carry out the seeding in a single pass. Combination seed drills can also be used together with a rotary cultivator, a roller or disc coulters to achieve similar single-pass operations and productivity gains.

The combination drill is a relatively intricate piece of equipment and buying a used example requires careful inspection. It should be ascertained that it will operate well with the chosen tractor and with other implements. A visual inspection is useful, but a full trial is a far more effective way of ensuring that all is well.


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