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The combine harvester was invented in the US in 1834 by Hiram Moore. The first models were pulled by horses. Later models were powered by steam, and after 1945 combines were pulled by tractors and had separate internal combustion engines or were powered via the tractor's PTO. The first self-propelled combine harvester as we would recognise it today was built by Holt Manufacturing of California in 1911.

Many innovations followed, including the first centre feed combine harvester in 1923. The new machines suited the vast prairie farms of the American Mid-West and Australia, but it wasn't until 1952 that the first combine was launched in Europe.

The name 'combine' harvester refers to the fact that these machines combine the three basic harvest operations of reaping, threshing and winnowing and form them into a single process.

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Buy M-F 32 COMBINE M-F 32 COMBINE  Farm Machinery For Sale
M-F 32 COMBINE M-F 32 COMBINE - Combine Harvesters £9,500.00
Buy John Deere 1170  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 1170 1999 Combine Harvesters POA
5 Walker, straw chopper, 314 header with trailer
Buy John Deere T670  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere T670 2011 Combine Harvesters £92,750.00
Autotrac Ready, Harvest Monitor, 625R Header, Tandem Axle Trolley, Premium Chopper, Chaff Spreader, 480/70R26 & 800/65R32 Tyres, Tracker & Datatag Fitted Axle 2WDDuals/Singles Singles Autotrac ready and greenstar ready less displayAxle 800/65R32 & 480/70R26 Adjustable rear axle heavy duty.spindles Contour master Chopper with chaff spreader
Buy New Holland CX6080  Farm Machinery For Sale
New Holland CX6080 2012 Combine Harvesters £85,000.00
4 wheel drive, 6 metre vari-feed, good condition
Buy John Deere 1075  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 1075 1986 Combine Harvesters £6,950.00
forward gear stick, 3982 hours.c/w 814 Header and trolley. Combined 120 acres last year.
Buy New Holland CR980  Farm Machinery For Sale
New Holland CR980 2004 Combine Harvesters POA
Buy John Deere 9780 CTS  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 9780 CTS - Combine Harvesters POA
JD 9780 cts combine for hire self drive or operated.
Buy Claas 1984 SENATOR 60 Combine  Farm Machinery For Sale
Claas 1984 SENATOR 60 Combine 1984 Combine Harvesters £4,000.00
1984 CLAAS SENATOR 60 Combine c/w 10' Cut, straw chopper and only 1,987Hrs. This combine has always been stored inside and is a real credit to its owner. Could go straight into work or into a collection. Serial Number: 57010522 £4000 + VAT
Buy John Deere 1075  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 1075 - Combine Harvesters £5,600.00
John Deere 1075 Combine.WITH HEADER AND HEADER TRAILER.GOOD LOOKING COMBINE.DIRECT FROM LOCAL FARM.We specialise in used tractors and used agricultural machinery and regularly have in stock a vast range of high quality second-hand tractors and agricultural machinery including ,Diggers, Mini-Diggers from 1.5 Tonne to 20 Tonne, 2 and 4WD with or without loaders, also a large quantity of
Buy Massey Ferguson STEEL TRACKS TO FIT MF 500 COMBINE  Farm Machinery For Sale
Massey Ferguson STEEL TRACKS TO FIT MF 500 COMBINE - Combine Harvesters £1,450.00
STEEL TRACKS TO FIT MF 500 COMBINE Hardly used, ex Banner Lane, Coventry. Have 6 roller track frames and idlers each end. Drive is frame sprockets that bolt on in place of the combine wheel. Trackwork is made by fiat.
Buy Massey Ferguson 36  Farm Machinery For Sale
Massey Ferguson 36 1994 Combine Harvesters £7,500.00
Massey Ferguson 36.COMBINE HARVESTER.20 FOOT HEADER AND TRAILER.GENUINE LOOKING MACHINE.CAN DELIVER TO DOCKS.We specialise in used tractors and used agricultural machinery and regularly have in stock a vast range of high quality second-hand tractors and agricultural machinery including ,Diggers, Mini-Diggers from 1.5 Tonne to 20 Tonne, 2 and 4WD with or without loaders, also a large quantity of
Buy New Holland TX68  Farm Machinery For Sale
New Holland TX68 1994 Combine Harvesters £24,000.00
4515 & 3490, 20ft header, fixed sieves, 800 x 32 tyres, air con, straw chopper, VGC. -?24000 ono. Mobile 07860 448806 Office 01704 880324
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   New Holland going for the World Record for harvesting 

The invention was one of the most important in the history of mechanised farming, and ranks up there beside the plough and the tractor. The reason for their success is that the machines allowed far more work to be done with far fewer people, and this labour-saving feature was instrumental in increasing productivity to allow the hugely efficient farming techniques we take for granted today. The increase in the amount one man can harvest has been a major factor in the cheaper food enjoyed today by consumers all over the world.

Although today's machines are very advanced, the basic operation of the combine harvester hasn't really changed much since its invention. The header cuts the crop and then feeds it into a threshing cylinder. Here the grain is separated from the chaff and straw by concave grates and then transported by a set of augers to the shoe.

Choosing the Right Combine

Choosing the right combine is a matter of assessing the size of your needs and the capacity of the combine. Then you should then look at the various technological and component areas to ensure a good fit for your own circumstances. The combine harvester is a complex machine and there are many components to consider. The headers vary in width from a few to over ten metres and should be adjustable to suit conditions on your land and the type of crop you are harvesting. You should consider the feeding capacity and the ease with which the header can be attached and maintained. The feeder house, meanwhile, converts the crop into an even mat that can be fed smoothly into the separator. The thresher and separation elements are also crucial, as is the ability to manage the harvest and unload it quickly and efficiently.

John Deere T-Series Combine

Modern Technology

In modern combines the use of technology is one of the main differentiating factors. There are many different takes on electronic management systems and instrumentation. Indeed, some software packages are getting so advanced that they almost totally automate the harvesting process. Cab comfort and operator environment are also important. The operator will spend long shifts in the combine, so comfort is important and can be increased by good cab suspension, an air-suspended seat and powerful air conditioning. Excellent visibility is also a core requirement. All of the main agricultural equipment companies, such as John Deere, Massey Ferguson, New Holland and CLAAS, are active in the combine harvester sector, providing a wide choice for any prospective purchaser.

Claas Combine Harvesters

There are a number of Claas combine harvesters available on the UK market, with used variants offering an alternative to buying new that some may value. There are currently five key models available from this manufacturer, catering to small and large sites alike. And if you know what you require from a combine harvester, then picking the right model should not be difficult. Just ensure that any... Read more

John Deere Combine Harvesters

From compact combines to all-conquering models built for large farms, John Deere offers a broad range of machines to make harvesting efficient and cost-effective. A combine harvester should be built in a way that reduces maintenance requirements and emphasises fuel economy, both of which descriptions can be applied to John Deere’s products. It also aims to make it possible for farmers to... Read more
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