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Cousins has spent over six decades supplying agricultural equipment to British farmers and adapting to accommodate changing technologies and customer requirements. You can find affordable used Cousins equipment on sale to tackle a variety of tasks, with cultivation and seedbed preparation being among the firm's specialities. As long as a second-hand unit is thoroughly examined and found to be in good condition, it will be a worthwhile purchase for any organisation.

Cousins has a number of contour rolls on offer, with ring sections that are designed to flex to ensure that the follow the minor undulations of the ground and offer excellent overall performance. With standard and articulated models to choose from, harnessing hydraulics to raise and lower outlying sections to ensure ease of transport when not in use, these rolls are adept in a variety of situations. Meanwhile, the Sidewinder rolls are even more compact and thus suitable for deployment in places where actually getting access to the land could be taxing for wider assemblies.

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Buy Cousins Contour Hydraulic Folding Cambridge Roll  Farm Machinery For Sale
Cousins Contour Hydraulic Folding Cambridge Roll - Rollers £3,500.00
12 metre with 24" rings. St# JC-27-03-17
Buy Cousins Patriot 3 metre  Farm Machinery For Sale
Cousins Patriot 3 metre 2009 Subsoilers £7,950.00
3 metre, 2x rows of discs, 5 subsoiler legs, hydraulically adjustable, razor ring roller with extra rings than normal, excellent condition from fen soil, (can be fitted with Techneat Terracast V2 rape seed applicator) Cultivation
Buy Cousins Contour 6.4 metre rolls  Farm Machinery For Sale
Cousins Contour 6.4 metre rolls - Rollers £3,750.00
24 inch rings, hydraulic fold, lights, tidy Cultivation
Buy Cousins 3 Leg subsoiler  Farm Machinery For Sale
Cousins 3 Leg subsoiler - Subsoilers £2,250.00
Packer roller, can be available with or with out Techneat Terracast V2 seeder and curtain) Cultivation
Buy Cousins 18 foot  Farm Machinery For Sale
Cousins 18 foot - Specialist £2,450.00
Hydrailic fold, 3 rows of pigtails, rear coil, very tidy Cultivation
Buy Cousins Dutch  Harrow 8M Farm Machinery For Sale
Cousins Dutch Harrow 8M - Cultivators £4,950.00
Good high output machine, good points Cultivators
Buy Cousins 12 foot dutch harrow  Farm Machinery For Sale
Cousins 12 foot dutch harrow - Harrows £850.00
6 bars of tines rather than 4, flexicoil, good order Cultivation
Buy Cousins V Form  Farm Machinery For Sale
Cousins V Form - Subsoilers £5,450.00
Cousins 7 leg V form subsoiler, 3 metres wide c/w packer roller, excellent condition.
Buy Cousins Norfolk Cultivator  Farm Machinery For Sale
Cousins Norfolk Cultivator - Cultivators £4,250.00
Cousins 3.0 metre 11 tine Norfolk cultivator, Razor Ring packer
Buy Cousins 6M  Flat Rolls Farm Machinery For Sale
Cousins 6M Flat Rolls - Rollers £6,950.00
Good 6M flat rolls, hydraulic folding, water filled Presses and Rolls
Buy Cousins CONTOUR 7.3M  Farm Machinery For Sale
Cousins CONTOUR 7.3M - Rollers £4,000.00
Buy Cousins 3.5m Cultivator Farm Machinery For Sale
Cousins 3.5m Cultivator - Cultivators £1,650.00
Cousins combination seedbed cultivator c/w front spiral crumbler, 3 x rows springtines, 2 x rows levelling tines and rear crumbler roller. 3.5 metres working width.
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Cousins Front PressCousins Presses

Presses are offered by Cousins, with front-mounted models delivering different operating widths of between 1.5 and 6 metres, depending on the requirements of the user. A range of different attachments can be included to enhance their capabilities in the field, with everything from cast rings to tooth packers on offer. More affordable models with rigid tines may be chosen if the available budget is limited, or advanced systems with automatic hydraulic adjustability could be a better option.

Cousins Cultivators

Of the range of cultivators offered by Cousins, the Norfolk is one of the more impressive signature pieces. It is built to withstand rigorous regular use and is a heavy-duty piece of kit that can be used to tackle stubble-covered soil, alleviate compaction and generally improve the condition of the soil so that yields can be increased year on year. Bracket-mounted tines can be adjusted along its three-bar frame, and the overall heft is hugely beneficial when it comes to delivering aeration and agitation at significant depths.

Cousins Harrows

Cousins offers a number of different harrows for agricultural use, with the Universal Levelling Harrow being a good starting point for buyers interested in this area. It is suitable for ensuring that earth clods and other unwanted debris can be eliminated effectively, breaking down the soil so that it is ready to accept a range of different crops, including the likes of corn, peas and more. Built with the same intelligent approach to design and attention to detail as the other machinery from this manufacturer, there are harrows for all occasions.

A more recent addition to the Cousins range of agricultural equipment is the Micro-Wing. This is a model that made its debut back in 2013 and is already seen as an adept seeder with the ability to disturb a minimal amount of soil and thus preserve the integrity of its structure while still enabling efficient operation. But whatever the age and design of the Cousins equipment on offer, a well-maintained used example from this manufacturer will be able to offer years of successful operation for its new owner.

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