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Dowdeswell is a family business that has been making ploughs for more than 40 years. The company is based in Southam, Warwickshire and was founded by Roger Dowdeswell when he realised that his own plough was not ideal for the Blue Lias Clay he farmed on in Warwickshire.

Dowdeswell originally made a linkage for a Caterpillar crawler, which allowed him to use more contemporary ploughs. This new linkage was such a success that soon Dowdeswell’s farming neighbours started to ask him to make one for them. He branched out into making linkages for other manufacturers and then licensed their production to a third-party engineering company.

Dowdeswell then designed a plough for use with his Caterpillar crawler to fill a gap in the market at that time. This was the DP1, the company’s first plough. This was a fully mounted three or four furrow offset model with an A frame. The success of this model led to the foundation of Dowdeswell Engineering in 1970. 

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Buy Dowdeswell DP7D  4+1 Plough Farm Machinery For Sale
Dowdeswell DP7D 4+1 Plough - Ploughs £2,250.00
Genuine plough, good frogs, metal serviceable, hydra-width, damper wheel, 12" UCN Ploughs
Buy Dowdeswell DP7 5 FURROW PLOUGH  Farm Machinery For Sale
Dowdeswell DP7 5 FURROW PLOUGH - Ploughs £2,450.00
DOWDESWELL DP7 5 FURROW PLOUGH, 14" furrow width, c/w skimmers & discs, metal is serviceable, tidy plough for the age. £2,450 + VAT.
Buy Dowdeswell DP145  7F Farm Machinery For Sale
Dowdeswell DP145 7F - Ploughs £8,950.00
Good plough, DDS bodies, manual variwidth, hydraulic front furrow, new skim points, ready to go Ploughs
Buy Dowdeswell DP6 6F SEMI-MOUNTED PLOUGH  Farm Machinery For Sale
Dowdeswell DP6 6F SEMI-MOUNTED PLOUGH - Ploughs £950.00
DOWDESWELL DP6 6 FURROW SEMI-MOUNTED PLOUGH, c/w hydraulic lift rear wheel & trashboards, has 12" furrows with high clearance, metalwork generally worn & some plating on plough. Ideal for a large classic tractor. £950 + VAT.
Buy DOWDESWELL DP7E  Farm Machinery For Sale
DOWDESWELL DP7E - Attachments £2,950.00
Dowdeswell DP7E 6 furrow (5+1) high clearance plough, 14" furrows with UCN bodys, fitted with skimmers, knife coulters and rear discs, hydraulic front furrow, has a few minor welds in places but nothing major
Buy dowdeswell DP7D  Farm Machinery For Sale
dowdeswell DP7D - Attachments £1,450.00
Dowdeswell DP7D, 5 furrow (4+1) reversible plough, manual front furrow, full set of skimmers, good metal all round except one mouldboard, has a few small cracks which i will weld up before sale and has been plated in places aswell
Buy Dowdeswell  4.5 Metre Folding Disc Harrows  Farm Machinery For Sale
Dowdeswell 4.5 Metre Folding Disc Harrows 1997 Harrows POA
Dowdeswell 4.5 Metre Folding Disc Harrows 1997 DH 4.57 Metres S/N 97.779 Front scalloped discs 26" Rear plain discs 26" Good scrapers Folds to 2.5 Metres Good bearings Good overall condition
Buy Dowdeswell DF110MR 5 Furrow Reversible Plough Farm Machinery For Sale
Dowdeswell DF110MR 5 Furrow Reversible Plough 2005 Ploughs £3,950.00
Dowdeswell DF110MR, 5 Furrow Reversible Plough, 4+1 format, Some new metal fitted, Demo + Delivery welcome.
Buy Dowdeswell Discs  Farm Machinery For Sale
Dowdeswell Discs - Harrows £4,500.00
Dowdeswell 4.8m discs, 26" cutaway discs all in good condition, rear drawbar.
Buy Dowdeswell DP7F  Farm Machinery For Sale
Dowdeswell DP7F - Ploughs £3,350.00
14" DDS Bodies, hydraulic front furrow Ploughs
Buy Dowdeswell  MA 9F Plough  Farm Machinery For Sale
Dowdeswell MA 9F Plough - Ploughs POA
- 9 furrow - Due in stock soon - Good working order - On farm
Buy Dowdeswell DP145  6 Furrow Plough Farm Machinery For Sale
Dowdeswell DP145 6 Furrow Plough - Ploughs £10,950.00
Good plough, DD boards, manual vari-width, new points Ploughs
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Ploughing grassland with New Holland 6070 and
Dowdeswell four-furrow plough.

Larger facilities

Work was carried out at the Dowdeswell farm until the company decided to move into volume production in 1974 with the DP7. That year also saw the company winning the prestigious Burke Trophy for its range of reversible ploughs. The company expanded in 1980 when it bought forging premises in Birmingham and then bought Petit, a disc harrow manufacturer, in 1984. In 1985 it bought the manufacturing plant of Howard Rotivator in Norfolk. These purchases allowed the company to reposition itself as a more rounded tillage equipment manufacturer.

New Dowdeswell plough range for the 1980's

The late 1980s saw the company launch a new range of ploughs. These ‘Delta Furra’ models offered an adjustable furrow width and also an innovative parallel link alignment set-up that the company patented. This was designed to ensure that the ploughs would move in a straight line behind the towing tractor. The Delta Furra design formed the basis for the range of ploughs currently offered by the company, which are robust and easy to use.Dowdeswell 170 MA in 9 furrow format. Ploughing on-land only, manual adjustment,

Current plough range

These current ploughs include models from three to nine furrows. The DF170 is particularly impressive. At the more compact end of the range, the DF 100 works across three to five furrows and is perfect for use with tractors ranging up to 140hp. Next in the range is the DF 105, designed for used with four to six furrows and with tractors up to 190hp. The DF 141 can work with eight furrows and is designed for use with tractors up to 320hp. The DF 145, meanwhile, has the option of being used either for on-land or in-furrow ploughing. It also works with eight furrows.

The company also produces a front furrow press linkage, furrow press arms and a furrow press. The Harrow range, meanwhile, has the Speed Harra and spares for the 77, 84 and 55 Series disc harrows.

All Dowdeswell equipment benefits from the founder’s own farming heritage and is built with the practical needs of farmers uppermost in mind. The quality of construction is such that a used Dowdeswell could well be a sensible investment.

Learn more about popular Dowdeswell models:

Dowdeswell 100 Series MA and MR Ploughs

Dowdeswell has been building ploughs for more than 40 years. The company has a heritage that many farmers will appreciate, as the firm was founded by Roger Dowdeswell, a farmer himself who first made linkages for his own and then his neighbours’ use. That real-world experience undoubtedly shows in the range of ploughs, presses and harrows the company makes today. The Dowdeswell 100 Series... Read more

Dowdeswell 125 Series MA Plough

The Dowdeswell 125 Series MA plough is designed for simplicity and adaptability. It is a good choice for the farmer who knows what he needs in terms of furrow width and number but who does not want to be limited to these choices. The plough is constructed using a modular design which includes the renowned and proven Dowdeswell linkage and headstock set-up that is in place to manage the beam... Read more

Dowdeswell 145 Series Ploughs

The range of Dowdeswell 145 Series ploughs includes a choice of five- to eight-furrow ploughs. They are available in an MA shear bolt form with manual furrow adjustment or an MR form with auto-reset capability. This is a family of fully mounted, reversible and heavy-duty ploughs, featuring manual adjustment of furrow widths, and is suitable for use with tractors up to 350hp power output. They can... Read more

Dowdeswell 170 Series Plough

The Dowdeswell 170 Series is a range of heavy-duty and fully mounted reversible ploughs. They are designed for on-land use and are perfect for tractors of 250hp upwards. They are available in seven to nine furrow models and can be ordered in a shearbolt format with a manual furrow width adjustment. Dowdeswell 170 Series ploughs are specifically designed for the requirements of large-scale farms... Read more

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