Inexpensive Tractor Models from Landini Introduced

Landini 4-075D

Landini 4-075D

This week Landini announced the addition of new tractors which join the cheap and basic specification 2-Series family, providing useful features at an affordable price point.

A host of Yanmar-made engines power the 2-Series, offering outputs of between 43hp and 54hp. Buyers can also pick between either a 12- or 16-speed gearbox, depending on requirements and budget.

All models feature a four-wheel-drive system to give them plenty of traction and pulling power over tough terrain. And because these tractors are specifically built to be compact, they are especially well adapted for use in cramped conditions – they can deal with all types of farm buildings and narrow entrance ways without an issue.

Introducing the Cabless Model

The 4-075D is entirely cabless, meaning that it lacks a roof but does feature rollover protection to keep operators safe in an emergency. The 4-075C can also be specified as a cabless model, although a cabbed variant is on Landini’s product list for those who would prefer to invest in a tractor that can stave off the worst effects of the weather.

One advantage of the relative technical simplicity of the 2-Series tractors is that there are few electronic components on board, which makes it quick and easy to clean the operator’s seat and station without worrying about the damage that might be done by the water.

It is possible to pick the 4-075C tractor with a more powerful Perkins engine on board, offering up to 76hp for those especially taxing tasks. This model still retains the narrow wheelbase of its stable mates, meaning it is not necessary to compromise on manoeuvrability.

With a hydraulic PTO, powering attachments and equipment with these Landini tractors is a viable option and something which can be carried out smoothly. There is also a creeper transmission for precise control at slow speeds, giving operators the edge and helping to boost productivity.

The cabbed 2-Series models may be aimed at an audience that values cost-effectiveness over comfort, but that is not to say that the interior is especially Spartan. With excellent levels of visibility thanks to the fully glazed doors and generous rear window, it is easy to see the surrounding area unhindered, with special mention also going to the narrow pillars of the cab’s construction.

Attractive Styling

Furthermore, these Landini models do not show any obvious outward signs of their affordability, with attractive styling that looks modern without being unnecessarily futuristic or contrived.

Of course, it is worth remembering that the Landini tractor range is not limited solely to inexpensive low-power models but also includes higher-end farm machinery aimed at larger organisations and contractors. And with the option to buy used Landini tractors from the beefier 5- and 6-Series online, with plenty of nearly new models on the market, there is no need to skimp.

The higher-specification tractors this Italian firm offers include additional features such as in-cab air conditioning, passenger seats, variable-speed PTO technology and much more while still sticking to the ethos of targeting competitive price points.


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