Massey Ferguson Tractor Wins Farm Machinery Prize

massey ferguson MF6718 S

Massey Ferguson MF6718 S tractor
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This year the MF 6718 S tractor was chosen as the best mid-power machine on the market by judges at the SIMA 2017 agriculture technology expo, according to the Somerset County Gazette.

Accepting the award for Massey Ferguson was Thierry Lhotte, who said that he was pleased to see that the work put into this tractor was being acknowledged at such an important industry event. He also pointed out that one of the reasons for the success of this particular machine was its ability to offer more power than any of its closest rivals.

The four-cylinder engine, which comes with 200hp, is both powerful and capable of keeping up with larger six-cylinder units in terms of the torque that is on offer to operators, Lhotte said.

Another of the benefits offered by sticking with a four-cylinder engine is that the tractor itself can remain compact and eminently manoeuvrable; these are areas in which compromises might otherwise have to be made when seeking this sort of power.

The S Effect

The MF 6718 S is lighter than larger models with similar outputs, meaning that it can cope with heavy loads and operate sizeable attachments with ease. It is this kind of flexibility that makes it especially appealing and underlines why it was singled out for an award earlier this month.

The so-called ‘S Effect’ class into which this tractor falls is part of a new venture that Massey Ferguson is pursuing, aiming to offer excellent power to weight ratios on key models across its various ranges. Eventually, there will be six models in the MF 6700 S family alone, with outputs ranging from 120hp and upwards, taking advantage of advanced power management capabilities to boost the amount of power which is available at peak revs.

From an aesthetic perspective these new tractors will look very similar to their existing stable mates, but the benefits of the S Effect will be apparent under the skin and to anyone who gets behind the controls, according to company representative Campbell Scott.

Different Transmission Options Available

This tractor was trialled last year in France, so it is fitting that it received such positive coverage at the SIMA 2017 show across the Channel in Paris.

Upon its original launch, attention was paid not only to its sheer power but also the comfort features of the cab, which should keep operators content for extended periods at the wheel. A number of different transmission options are available, including the Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission, giving buyers a lot of choice.

A turning radius of as little as 4.75 metres is claimed for this tractor, ensuring that it can cope with tight turns and precise manoeuvres, whether out in the field or when working its way around farm buildings. It is an excellent example of what modern tractors can offer and a good reason to buy used Massey Ferguson tractors, since this is a company which consistently provides high-quality products to those who want the best farm machinery at affordable prices.


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