Pottinger Prepares Latest Seed Drills for Launch

Pottinger-logo.svgThis month Austrian farm machinery manufacturer Pottinger has outlined its ambitious plans to achieve significant sales growth in the near future. It will introduce a range of cutting edge drills which are designed to fill a number of roles rather than being limited to a single specific application.

FG Insight reports that the firm has made major investments at the factory in Germany where it is set to build its latest machinery models, with the hope that it will increase its turnover by more than a third in the coming half decade.

The drill which is intended to make this possible is the Aerosem Duplex. It is designed to appeal to farmers who want to use one machine to sow a multitude of different crop types rather than having to buy several different drills for each one.

It can cope with both cereals and maize and requires just a few changes to switch between the two while also giving the option to sow both simultaneously, depending on the requirements of the farmer.


Pottinger has also developed a cutting-edge distribution control system which allows operators to manage how the drill behaves from within the cab, making adjustments on the fly rather than having to do so manually while the machine is at a standstill.

As the name ‘Duplex’ suggests, this drill adopts a double row set-up that Pottinger has created itself, ensuring that maize can be planted quickly, consistently and with optimal coverage. Rollers then follow up to keep the seeds in place and help with the management of the fertiliser as it is provided alongside.

The firm claims that the maximum working speed for this drill is around 14 kilometres per hour, although the nature of the terrain and the tractor to which it is attached will impact upon this.

With a working width of three metres, a hopper capacity of 1,250 litres and a competitive price point, the Aerosem Duplex is definitely a well-specified drill on paper. Pottinger now hopes that this will translate into appropriately impressive sales in 2017 and beyond.

Improved Efficiency

The firm also announced the new Terrasem Wavedisc model this month, with the name hinting at the unusual design of the cutting discs. This is intended to improve the efficiency of the machine and will mean that less work is required to loosen soil in preparation for seeding.

Another result of the discs being designed with a wavy form factor is that the amount of power required to pull the entire assembly is reduced, dropping by around 15 per cent compared with equivalent disc systems. This means smaller tractors can be used in conjunction with this machine than would otherwise be the case.

Pottinger has not made the Wavedisc set-up more expensive than its standard equivalent, giving buyers the option to experiment with this system without having to pay over the odds for the privilege. And with used seed drills for sale, there is no need for farmers to commit to Pottinger’s latest products unnecessarily.


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