Farm Machinery Grant Announced by Welsh Assembly


The Welsh Assembly Chamber

The government in Wales has revealed that farmers in rural parts of the country will be able to apply for grants which can be put towards purchasing farm machinery and equipment that will help them to improve productivity.

Farming UK reports that the new Farm Business Grant is aimed at providing small sums of between £3,000 and £12,000 to agricultural organisations which need assistance to justify investing in cutting-edge kit across a range of categories.

The aim of the grant is to cover 40% of the cost of machinery and tools, with farmers needing to prove that the acquisition of such equipment will have a marked impact on their day-to-day operations and long-term success.

Grants Available from Welsh Assembly

The grants are set to be offered between now and 2021, with two-month windows being put in place during which applications are accepted to stagger the provision of the funding.

In total around £40 million will be set aside to cater to this project, although individual farms will only be eligible to apply for one grant each. The Welsh government has no plans to enable repeat applications after an initial successful bid.

This comes as part of a wider push to provide rural funding for Wales, with £223 million being set aside to help bolster businesses and communities in this part of the UK.

A helpful document published by the government outlines the different types of machinery and equipment which can be partly funded through the use of this grant. This includes equipment sub-divided between the management of cattle, sheep and pigs for livestock-focused farming, as well as crop management for arable operations.

Farmers can also apply if they wish to buy equipment that will help to improve energy-efficiency, including things like fuel meters, humidity control systems and additional insulation. Furthermore, there are allowances for spending on computer technology specifically used for assistance with communication and accessing farming software as well as equipment like digital weather stations and associated hardware.

Grants Offered for Eligible Farm Machinery

Amongst the crop-related machinery which is listed as being eligible for a grant, farmers will find seed drills with a minimum working width of three metres, along with rollers, aerators and even GPS systems to help with the precise operation of tractors and other pieces of equipment.

Farmers in Wales have until the end of June to take advantage of the first funding period, after which point they will have to wait until August this year before the next two-month window is open to them.

In total there are over 70 different items on the government’s list which are suitable to receive a grant, ensuring that this opportunity is open to as many rural businesses as possible.

Hopefully, this scheme will prove to be effective in its aims and will help to increase machinery and equipment sales across Wales over the next four years. This should have the knock-on effect of revitalising the used farm machinery marketplace as organisations upgrade equipment and sell older models that are no longer needed.


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