New Balers from Claas and John Deere to Be Introduced

Later this month the Grassland & Muck farm machinery show is descending on Stoneleigh in Warwickshire, bringing with it a host of the latest products from big name manufacturers. A number of companies have already confirmed their intention to attend, with Claas and John Deere setting out to showcase their newest balers at the event.

Claas’s Balers Tweaked for 2017

From Claas both the Variant and Quadrant baler ranges will be represented, each of which has been given a few tweaks for 2017.

The Variant benefits from an improved bale chamber which is said to be sturdier and more resilient, making downtime less likely to occur due to damage or wear and tear. Jamming should also be a minor issue for this generation, while the machine’s ability to discharge completed round bales in just six seconds should speed up productivity.

The Quadrant family is able to pump out square bales in high volumes, benefiting from pressure and density sensors that ensure that each bale that is produced is identical to the last in every way.

Like the Variant range, each of the four Quadrant models comes with a 2.35 metre pick-up width. Buyers can specify a range of add-ons to further enhance performance or customise the baler for a specific crop, which can help to reduce damage as and where required.

John Deere’s Baler Demonstration at Show


John Deere C441R wrapping baler

Meanwhile, the British debut of John Deere’s C441R baler will also be a head-turning addition to the Grassland & Muck show this year. It comes with its own built-in bale wrapping system, and it will be demonstrated at the event in conjunction with the all-new 6250R tractor.

The baler should be more than capable of dealing with a variety of crop types in both wet and dry conditions. Pick-up widths vary depending on the model chosen, and there is also the option to select an edition of this baler with either 13 or 25 cutting knives, adding to the flexibility of the range.

In its basic form the C441R will be available with a single-axle set-up, which is the most affordable approach. A dual-axle model will be launched further down the line, although this extra stability will come at a price and also increase the overall weight of the assembly, reducing its fuel efficiency.

Heavy-duty farm machinery will not be the only category within the industry which is represented during Grassland & Muck 2017, as it is also expected that manufacturers working in other fields will also be displaying their wares for attendees to examine. New navigation tools and associated in-cab equipment will be available for scrutiny, and a full list of the exhibitors can be found on the event’s official website.

As well as Claas and John Deere, firms such as Kubota, JCB, Massey Ferguson and Fendt are all on the bill, with tractors and balers appearing alongside telehandlers, loaders and many other types of equipment. The two-day event kicks off on the 24th of May and will also host important industry forums.


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