Valtra Introduces Range-Topping Tractor Model

The most powerful tractor offered by farm machinery manufacturer Valtra was announced last month, bringing with it a host of impressive features to help cement its flagship status.

AgriLand reports that the S394 is equipped with a 405hp engine that develops 1600Nm of torque. This makes it very useful as it will have enough power to haul the heaviest trailers and attachments. It also has a high-tech cab which is both comfortable and equipped with advanced systems to make the operator’s job easier.

Valtra’s new Tractor Model

valtra s394

Valtra S394
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The S394 is closely related to Massey Ferguson’s 8740 tractor, since Valtra is also part of the Agco family. This means it benefits from reliable underlying engineering and access to a good network of after-sales support.

The aforementioned engine is equipped with a selective catalytic reduction system which Agco has updated to be more efficient than its predecessors. This means that it should lower fuel costs without compromising on power or emissions.

The gearbox can be controlled either via the floor pedals or levers, with an automatic mode allowing for ease of use and a manual setting giving the operator more exacting control over how the tractor performs from moment to moment. This level of flexibility is to be desired from range-topping tractors and is part of the reason that buyers are willing to pay a premium to procure them.

The rear linkage can handle loads weighing up to 12 tonnes, while up front this capacity is capped at five tonnes, enabling a lot of possibilities in terms of the tasks that the S394 can take on effectively.

In the cab the presence of the SmartTouch interface will engage operators and give them access to a wide range of features within easy reach, combining physical buttons with a touchscreen display to create an especially intuitive set-up.

Operators can pre-program many of the buttons to perform specific functions when they are pressed, further streamlining their performance and ultimately meaning that they can get more done in the course of a day at the wheel. Even the materials used to fashion the armrest are built to be soft, durable and non-slip to avoid accidental presses.

Building a Customer Base

Valtra is planning to have the S394 and other new tractors in the same range available for customers to test out in person before the end of the year. Full-scale production will get under way in the next few weeks, and it will seek to expand its influence and build its customer base throughout the UK and Europe with the backing of its parent firm.

Tractors with 400hp or more under the bonnet are built to take on big jobs, working large areas of land and integrating as a small part of a broader operation with an impressive scale. Whether as a machine for contract work or as a standalone purchase, the S394 is definitely a worthy entry in this category, although buying used tractors may be a much more affordable alternative route for many customers looking for a bargain.


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