New BiG X forage harvesters unleashed by Krone

An older version of Krone's BiG X. See below for a video of the silver for cabin lift on the new Krone BiG X.

An older version of Krone’s BiG X. See below for a video of the silver for cabin lift on the new Krone BiG X.

As Agritechnica 2017 approaches, Krone has decided to provide an early overview of its latest BiG X self-propelled forage harvesters, which are set to be officially launched at the event.

AgriLand reports that a total of three BiG X forage machines will arrive in the near future, each of which has been designed to take advantage of new technologies and to stand apart from its stable mates.

One of the key features is a new cab which sits on a scissor lift system, enabling the operator to hit a switch and increase their seated height by 70 centimetres in a matter of seconds. This helps when dealing with taller crops and also means that visibility of the trailer into which the harvested materials are deposited is better than ever.

Another advantage of being able to move the cab upwards and away from the rest of the harvester is that the operator will be increasing the distance between themselves and the noisier parts of the machine. This should make the cab a more relaxing, comfortable place to spend time during busy parts of the season.

Visibility is further enhanced thanks to the improved wipers, which can reach parts of the glazing which were previously left untouched. So when the rain draws in or the dust starts to stick, the wipers will be able to clear away any obstructions and give operators an unparalleled view of their surroundings.

Rather than using a single tank, the new BiG X forage harvesters come with seven separate tanks designed to provide a variety of options that will lessen the need to refill regularly and enhance productivity as a result.

Liebherr is responsible for the engines which power these machines, with the biggest unit of the bunch developing an impressive 898hp to help provide forward momentum and powerful chopping action at lengths between 3 and 30 millimetres.

As with most modern farm machinery, the engines are compliant with Stage 4 emissions standards. Furthermore, maintenance intervals have been extended, cutting downtime and keeping ownership costs low.

Each of the harvesters’ wheels has its own suspension system, which not only benefits operators in terms of comfort levels, but also makes the machines easier to manoeuvre over uneven surfaces. Ground clearance has been increased in these models, while larger, wider tyres mean that compaction of the soil is reduced.

The tyres at the front are larger than those on the rear axle, which could cause problems in terms of allowing crop to flow into the machine, but Krone has thought of this and adjusted the motors to prevent complications.

The crop itself is managed efficiently by the VariStream system, which is especially effective when it comes to switching between different types of crop. Rather than having to spend a long time making changes, the operator can move from harvesting maize to grass in an instant.

Krone’s BiG X self-propelled forage harvesters will be just one of the attractions on offer at Agritechnica 2017, which takes place in Germany this November. See below for a preview video of the silver cabin life on the new Krone BiG X.


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