Amazone Marks 100 Years of Spreader and Sprayer Production

A century has passed since the first Amazone spreader was launched, and manufacturer has highlighted the advances made in the intervening years by announcing a number of updates for its latest products.

Back in 1917 the debut spreader it offered had to be pulled by horses and was used to distribute fertiliser on fields – much like today, although of course in the 21st century the heavy lifting is done by tractors and the capacities of the sprayers and spreaders that Amazone produces have risen rapidly, allowing farms themselves to expand.

The most recent ZG-TS spreader, for example, can cope with up to 10 tonnes of fertiliser within its capacious body and makes use of a cutting-edge disc system which means it can spread loads across wide areas without having to make multiple passes and cause unnecessary disruption.

While in the past farmers would need to estimate how much weight a spreader was handling at any one time, the load-sensing technologies found on board Amazone’s latest trailed offerings make this a thing of the past. Instead, it can recalibrate itself without the need for operator input and ensure that application levels are consistent at all times.

The firm points out that this also means that there is little chance of exceeding the maximum weight that the tractor’s draw bar can safely manage, reducing wear and tear and improving safety.

The simplistic designs of Amazone’s early spreaders and sprayers have been replaced by modern equipment that is not only productive and effective when out in the field but also easier to manoeuvre during transport. The steering axle set-up on its larger models means that tractors and trailers can make tighter turns and do less damage to the precious crop in the process.

Fertiliser spreading can even take into account variables which were usually impossible to factor into calculations, such as wind speed and direction. This ensures impressive coverage whatever the weather.

Amazone Marks 100 Years of Spreader and Sprayer Production

Meanwhile, the sprayers in Amazone’s range are being enhanced once again for the 2018 season, with the high-capacity UF2002 boasting up to 3000 litres of capacity thanks to the option to add a secondary tank into the mix – this is mounted on the front of the tractor.

The trailed UX range is in line to receive its own run of hardware updates, giving operators increased control over boom movement and position while making the interface more straightforward. A touchscreen display, which is still able to register inputs even if the user is wearing gloves, makes all the difference.

Spreaders and sprayers are not the only types of farm machinery that Amazone sells today, as it also offers a wide range of other equipment to deal with tillage, drilling and much more besides. It brings excellent German engineering and build quality to the table, ensuring that its used machinery is just as reliable and appealing as its newest products, which is important information for all buyers in the UK.


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