Self-propelled sprayer from McConnel touches down

McConnel may be best known for its farm machinery attachments, mowers and toppers, but it is now branching out in a bold new direction with the introduction of the Agribuggy A280. Self-propelled sprayer from McConnel touches down

This self-propelled sprayer is the first of its kind to be sold under the McConnel brand; however, it is the product of Kellands, a company with a long history of producing this type of equipment. This suggests that the resultant machine should be competitive in terms of both performance and price rather than having undergone a prohibitively expensive development process.

Key Benefits:

One of the key benefits of the Agribuggy A280 is that it has been designed to deliver minimal pressure to the ground as it operates. This should reduce compaction and make it a less disruptive presence when used to apply pesticides part way through the season, according to AgriLand.

A Cummins engine provides the power for this machine, with its creators promising that it will be more efficient than any of its close competitors and more powerful in comparison. This also translates into boosted torque and improved traction, which will enable productivity improvements when out in the field no matter what the conditions.

There is plenty of space in the cab for operators to relax, with a seat that has its own pneumatic suspension system, an adaptable control console with a large screen, and lots of adjustable features to help with usability and comfort levels. There is even cruise control available that keeps the speed of the machine’s movement consistent and cuts fuel consumption by avoiding unnecessary fluctuations during the course of its work.


In terms of efficiency, McConnel estimates that the Agribuggy A280 will burn through 70 litres of diesel each day. This is less than half the amount that would be expected from comparable machines with similar working widths.

Up to 2,700 litres of liquid can be stored in the machine’s large tank. Another feature is the alloy booms that stretch up to 30 metres, providing plenty of coverage and enabling large areas of land to be sprayed quickly.

The booms are retractable and fit flush to the side of the Agribuggy, enabling it to get through gates and gaps without a problem. It can hit a top speed of 50kmph on public roads and should be safe and stable at these speeds thanks to the even weight distribution across both axles.

McConnel has already begun exhibiting this machine at industry shows, starting with last week’s National Ploughing Championships in Ireland.

This could be the beginning of a major new push by the firm to establish itself as a manufacturer that offers self-propelled sprayers and a range of other products, rather than sticking to its history of narrower niches in the industry.

This may be the first self-propelled sprayer to bear McConnel’s badge; however, it is unlikely to be the last if it continues to re-badge machines designed by Kellands. Since these models originate from the UK, it could win over domestic buyers.


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