Making it Easy To Find Farm Machinery

We have grouped the categories of farm machinery together into broad categories, such as ‘tillage’, ‘harvesters’, ‘livestock equipment’ etc. to help you narrow down your search and find the ideal machine you are looking for.

Inside each category of machines there are sub-categories that will get you closer to the precise farm equipment you are looking for. Start from the top level category and a new search box will appear showing you a list of the options available within the category.

A search for ‘Forestry and Hedging’ will give you a list of sub-categories, including ‘Hedge Mowers’, for example – see the image below for an example. You do not need to select a sub-category – if you do not then you will see listed all machines and equipment in the main category.  You can use makes, models, price or location to refine your search further.

hedge mowers

How to search for a Hedge Mower using the category of ‘Forestry and Hedging’ and the sub-category of ‘Hedge Mowers’ (click for larger image)