Use Keywords to Find Farm Equipment

The farm equipment and machinery market is incredibly broad.  It is not possible to list all of the makes and models and types in our main search criteria.For this reason we have implemented a keyword search.

Massey partial power shift search

The Refine Search tool showing a search for a large Massey Ferguson tracor with a keyword of ‘partial power shift’

The keyword search helps to find details that have been entered into the ‘make’ field, the ‘model’ field and the description field.  This means that if the word you are looking for has been entered onto the system then using the keyword search will help you to find it.

The keyword search can be used in conjunction with other search fields – you could select a make of John Deere, for example and a keyword of ‘loader’ and you will find the John Deere tractors fitted with a loader.

Use additional criteria to narrow this down further including distance and price, but beware that not all advertisers will enter a price for their machinery.

For help on categories, makes and models, click on the field on the search page

John Deere and Loader

Example Search results – showing John Deere Tractors with a loader