Farming in the UK

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1363 litres of
milk delivered

£ 536 has been earned nationwide from UK farming

190 kg of
manure produced

95 kg of
beef consumed

67 kg of
cheese consumed

1047 eggs
have been laid

£ 177 from
organic sales

UK Farm Percent

71.61% of UK land is used for agriculture

172 kg of
poultry produced

employed in
across the UK

76 chickens consumed

1331 kg of wheat produced

143 kg of pork
& bacon eaten

hectares of

The UK has more sheep than any
other EU member,
at 34 million

North East England

£ 20 from crops
in N.E. England

North West England

£ 38 from crops
in N.W. England


£ 92 from crops
in Yorkshire

East Midlands

£ 141 from crops
in East Midlands

West Midlands

£ 81 from crops
in West Midlands

East Anglia

£ 201 from crops
in East Anglia

South East

£ 118 from crops
in South East

South West

£ 84 from crops
in South West