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For more than 80 years, Fendt has been producing high-quality and innovative farming equipment. The German company has always been associated with introducing ground-breaking technologies, and this tradition started in 1930 with the introduction of the Dieselross tractor.

This 6hp small tractor was ideal for the smaller European farms and featured a mounted plough and a mower. After the success of this first model, the company began to grow. By 1937 Fendt had boosted the power of the Dieselross to 16hp and added an independent powershift PTO. Success and growth continued and by 1949 the company was producing 20 Dieselross tractors per month.

In 1953 Fendt broadened their range with a 12hp tool carrier. It had four mounting areas, and this innovative machine was a considerable success, eventually being awarded with the highest accolade from the German Agricultural Society, who were impressed by the ingenious design of the one-man system. In 1958 Fendt launched the Favorit 1, with a more powerful 40hp engine and a new close-ratio multispeed gearbox.

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Buy Fendt 828 Profi-Plus Farm Machinery For Sale
Fendt 828 Profi-Plus 2017 Tractors POA
- EPC front linkage + PTO - 5 rear DUDK + 1 front spool - Evo Seat - climate control - large heated electric mirrors - hydraulic top link - air brakes - exhaust brake - twin beacons - external valve - 205 LT hydraulic pump - Design Line Black - Auto Guide Ready Top speed of 60K Tyres: 710/70/42 + 600/70/30 Transmission: Vario
Buy Fendt 936 Profi  Farm Machinery For Sale
Fendt 936 Profi 2010 Tractors £75,000.00
Front Linkage, On 710/75/42 & 620/75/34 Trelleborg Tyres, Rear Wheel Weights. All prices exclude VAT and are ex Works, Please Contact Richard Gravill On 07768 341193
Buy Fendt  412 Tractor  Farm Machinery For Sale
Fendt 412 Tractor 2002 Tractors £36,000.00
- Very Tidy - Front Linkage - Complete with Fendt Cargo Loader - Tyres 540/65R24 and 600/65R38
Buy Fendt 718 Profi Farm Machinery For Sale
Fendt 718 Profi 2015 Tractors POA
- 10 inch screen - 152 LT hydraulic pump - 4 rear DUDK + 1 front spool - EPC front linkage + PTO - air con - air seat - air brakes - exhaust brake - large heated electric mirrors - twin beacons - external valve Top speed of 50K Tyres: 650/65/38 + 540/65/28 Michelin Transmission: Vario
Buy Fendt 936  Farm Machinery For Sale
Fendt 936 2009 Tractors POA
- climate control - air seat - air brakes - front linkage - twin beacons - twin brake pedals Top speed of 50K Tyres: 710/70/42 + 600/65/34 Transmission: Vario
Buy Fendt 826 Profi Plus  Farm Machinery For Sale
Fendt 826 Profi Plus 2012 Tractors £61,500.00
2012 Fendt 826 Profi Plus, 6133 Hours, 60 KPH, 260 HP, Air Brakes, Front Axle Suspension, Cab Suspension, Air Seat, Front Linkage, Continuously Variable, Front Tyres 600/65x28 30% Trelleborg Original, Rear Tyres 710/70x38 50% Trelleborg Original, very good condition…£61,500
Buy Fendt FAVORIT 612 LSA TRACTOR Farm Machinery For Sale
Fendt FAVORIT 612 LSA TRACTOR - Tractors £8,750.00
FENDT FAVORIT 612 LSA TRACTOR ‘C’ reg 15,449 hours Turbomatik Good old bus £8750
Buy Fendt  Various 720 & 724, Profi Plus  Farm Machinery For Sale
Fendt Various 720 & 724, Profi Plus 20152016 Tractors POA
Buy Fendt 818  Farm Machinery For Sale
Fendt 818 2004 Tractors POA
Good tractor, good specPrice in Euros - EU30000
Buy Fendt 820  Farm Machinery For Sale
Fendt 820 2009 Tractors POA
Very tight tractorPrice in Euros - EU38000
Buy Fendt 822 Profi-Plus Farm Machinery For Sale
Fendt 822 Profi-Plus 2016 Tractors POA
- TMS - EPC front linkage - climate control - air seat - air brakes - heated electric mirrors - Auto Guide Ready Top speed of 50K Tyres: 710/70/42 + 600/70/30 Transmission: Vario
Buy Fendt 516  Farm Machinery For Sale
Fendt 516 2014 Tractors POA
Very clean tractor. Farmers machine. Needs nothing and is ready to work. The PTO is: 540 with a PTO Speed of: . Rear Tyre Size: 650/65 R38 Remaining tread: 80 %. Front Tyre Size: 540/65 R 28 Remaining tread: Price in Euros: 90.388,79+VAT
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In 1968 the Farmer 3 S tractor appeared, with 48hp and a Turbomatic fluid flywheel — another breakthrough technology. In the 1970s the company introduced specialist tractors for fruit growers, hop growers and vineyards, with horsepower ranging from 42hp to 65hp. This decade also saw Fendt move into higher-horsepower tractors. The Favorit LS was introduced in 1976 with six-cylinder engines in power ratings from 85hp to 150hp. The end of the decade saw this trend continue with the introduction of the Favorit 622 LS and 626 LS, rated at 211hp and 252hp respectively.

Innovation in the 70's and 80's

Fendt started the 1980s as it had ended the 1970s, with ever more innovation. The 300 Farmer range of tractors was launched in 1980, offering a top speed of 40km/h and a powerful four-wheel braking system. The tractors also offered the new Comfort cab and the Turbomatic system.

In 1984, Fendt addressed tractor vision issues with the all-round visibility offered by the 380 GTA model. In 1987 the specialist tractor range was extended with the powerful but compact 200 series, ideal for orchards and vineyards. The 1990s saw the introduction of the trail-blazing 800 series high-horsepower tractor — the first in the world to offer a hydro-pneumatic cab and axle suspension, turboshift and an increased top speed of 50km/h. Many of these innovative features were then included in the smaller Favorit 500 C range in 1994.

Fendt 939 Vario towing a GEA Farm Technologies Muck Trailer

AGCO acquisition

In 1995 Fendt introduced the Vario 926, which was the first high-horsepower tractor to offer stepless Vario transmission. 1997 was a key year in the firm’s history as Fendt was acquired by the US agricultural equipment giant AGCO. The Vario 700 range followed in 1998 and in the same year the company launched its first ever combine harvester. Fendt completed the Vario range in 1999 with the Vario 2000 model, featuring 11 tractors from 86hp up to 270hp.

New balers and combine harvesters

In 2002 Fendt extended its harvesting range with the addition of square and round balers and the C-Series combine harvester. The company expanded the Vario tractor range throughout the decade, and in 2010 it introduced the frugal Fendt Efficient Technology tractors. The company also launched its first forage harvester model. In 2012 the company opened what is widely considered to be the world’s most modern tractor factory.

Today the company continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the agricultural machinery sector.

Learn more about popular Fendt models:

Fendt 200 Series Vario Tractors

The Fendt Vario 200 Series is a family of five compact tractors ranging in power from 70hp to 110hp. These tractors provide comfort, versatility and economy. Cab & Ride Comfort Comfort is provided by a flat floor cab which allows easy entrances and exits, and the absence of a transmission tunnel means that there is more leg room too. Control functions are handily located in the right-side... Read more

Fendt 500 Vario Tractor

The Fendt 500 Vario tractor is a combination of the highest standards in modern tractor design together with an impressive pedigree. The 500 is a series of four tractors - the 512, 513, 514 and 516 - with horsepower rising from 125hp to 165hp. The Fendt 500 Vario tractors are based on the platform of the renowned 500 Favorit tractor, but make no mistake, this is an entirely new machine. Impressive... Read more

Fendt 700 Vario

The Fendt 700 Vario packs a high horsepower tractor into a compact form factor. This combination of power and small size leads the market in compact tractors and allows for a wide range of applications. With up to 240hp on tap, the Fendt 700 Vario can tackle a host of heavy field-work duties, while also being small enough to manage crop work along light rows. It is also an excellent workhorse... Read more

Fendt 820 Vario Tractor

The Fendt 820 Vario tractor was launched in 2006 in response to the need for Stage 3 emissions compliance for the firm’s engines. It replaced the outgoing 818 tractor. In almost every aspect, the Fendt 820 Vario is the same beast as the 718 model, boasting the same 10-stud axle at the back. The only difference between the two tractors was the specification level and power output. With... Read more

Fendt 900 Vario Tractor

The Fendt 900 Vario tractor is one of the big boys on the tractor market. Referred to by the company as the 'executive,' it is one of the most powerful standard tractors, boasting a power output of 390 hp. The 900 Vario tractor is designed specifically to put all of that power to work, making it one of the most efficient tractors around. For major operators, having an executive around can be a... Read more

Farm Machinery Innovations Scheduled to Appear at SIMA 2017

Yesterday saw the start of SIMA 2017, one of Europe’s biggest agricultural technology events, which kicked off in Paris and is likely to attract almost a quarter of a million attendees... Read More

Tractors Compete for Attention at Irish Farm Machinery Show

Earlier this month the FTMTA Farm Machinery Show take place in County Kildare, Ireland, attracting more visitors than ever and showing that LAMMA is not the only major agricultural industry... Read More