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The fertiliser spreader of 'Fert Spreader' is a fairly simple and straightforward piece of kit, but vital nonetheless. Agrichemicals are expensive, so using them properly and not wasting any is important to the profitable running of the farm. An uneven spread can seriously impact productivity. Often this will include ‘striping’, where areas of land are over-fertilised.

This can, is some instances, encourage strong growth, but it can just as easily overload the soil and be damaging to the crop. The other side of the striping coin involves areas of poorly fertilised land. Obviously, this can also have a detrimental effect on production and the lack of fertiliser can seriously impact yields. A patchy crop can also hamper harvesting operations, reducing the efficiency of the harvester.

One of the tasks of a fertiliser spreader is to overcome the problems of uneven distribution. Manufacturers adopt various different approaches to the issue and use different technologies to give an even fertiliser spread. Single- or dual-disc spreaders, for example, provide a simple method for accurately applying the fertiliser. 

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Buy Vicon PS1153 Fertilizer Spreader Farm Machinery For Sale
Vicon PS1153 Fertilizer Spreader - Fertiliser Spreaders £850.00
Used Vicon PS1153 Fertilizer Spreader, hydraulic shut off, new spout, in very nice condition.
Buy Fleming FS500  Farm Machinery For Sale
Fleming FS500 2017 Fertiliser Spreaders £395.00
450ltr, Spreader, 3 PT Linkage mounted 6-12 MTR WIDTH. Capacity: 450 Three point linkage
Buy Teagle SX5000  Farm Machinery For Sale
Teagle SX5000 2013 Fertiliser Spreaders £3,950.00
SX4000 Centre Liner, Fert spinner, hyd controls, 6.24Mtr bout width, hopper cover, lights, sieves, mud flaps
Buy Fleming FS500  Farm Machinery For Sale
Fleming FS500 2016 Fertiliser Spreaders £395.00
Productspecweb: 450ltr, Spreader, 3 PT Linkage mounted 6-12 MTR WIDTH.
Buy Kuhn Axis 301 Fertiliser Spreader Farm Machinery For Sale
Kuhn Axis 301 Fertiliser Spreader - Fertiliser Spreaders £2,950.00
- Twin disc fertiliser spreader with hopper cover and border limiter.
Buy Accord 2001 KVERNELAND EXACTA-HL SPREADER  Farm Machinery For Sale
Accord 2001 KVERNELAND EXACTA-HL SPREADER 2001 Fertiliser Spreaders £1,150.00
2001 KVERNELAND ACCORD EXACTA-HL SPREADER, twin disc fertiliser spreader, looks in quite tidy condition for its age. Contact us on 01763 780440.
Buy Kverneland TL Exacta  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kverneland TL Exacta 2010 Fertiliser Spreaders £6,500.00
KV TL Weigh Cell Machine, 3225L Capacity, 2 Extensions, Hopper Cover, Hydraulic Border Spread, Tidy Machine
Buy Lely Centerliner Fertiliser Spreader Farm Machinery For Sale
Lely Centerliner Fertiliser Spreader - Fertiliser Spreaders £950.00
Lely Centerliner 24 metre fertiliser spreader c/w hydraulic shut-off.
Buy Lely Centerliner Fertiliser Spreader Farm Machinery For Sale
Lely Centerliner Fertiliser Spreader - Fertiliser Spreaders £850.00
Lely Centerliner 24 metre fertiliser spreader c/w hydraulic shut-off.
Buy Amazone 2007 ZA-M 1500 FERTILISER SPREADER  Farm Machinery For Sale
Amazone 2007 ZA-M 1500 FERTILISER SPREADER 2007 Fertiliser Spreaders £2,250.00
2007 AMAZONE ZA-M 1500 FERTILISER SPREADER, c/w S500 & L1000 hopper extensions, has a dent on top of spreader to rear, and some rust starting hence price. £2,250 + VAT. Contact us on 01763 780440.
Buy Amazone ZA-M2001 FERTILISER SPREADER  Farm Machinery For Sale
Amazone ZA-M2001 FERTILISER SPREADER - Fertiliser Spreaders POA
Buy Sulky DPX 18  Farm Machinery For Sale
Sulky DPX 18 2012 Fertiliser Spreaders £2,250.00
2012 Reco DPX 18 fertiliser spreader with hopper cover, band spreading kit, manuals etc in excellent condition, hardly usedFertilizer Type: Pull
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Basic models simply use rotating discs to throw out the fertiliser over a pre-determined area. This area can extend to breadths up to 24 metres or more. Some more sophisticated models use GPS and the tractor’s speed to alter the flow of the product and achieve even greater accuracy in distribution. This feature also manages dosage as well as distribution, ensuring that the amount of fertiliser does not become too great on slow passes or too little across faster terrain.

Other manufacturers use centrifugal systems or set-ups such as Vicon’s RotaFlow. Here an accurate spread pattern is achieved by using vanes attached to discs to moderate the product flow. The type of fertiliser being used will have an impact on the spreading pattern, and most manufacturers offer charts to instruct the user on how to adjust settings to suit the type of application. These guides will discuss the type of fertiliser and the granule size and distribution required. They will also determine the weight per litre and then direct the user to the appropriate spreading table. Here there will be the field settings to allow him to adjust the system to suit the specific product being used.

Fertiliser spreaders can be simply towed or they can be mounted on the tractor. Mounted or towed units may derive their power from the tractor, simplifying the technology needed on the actual spreader itself. Other spreaders, however, are self-propelled. These can include some of the larger boom types of spreader, with working widths up to 36 metres. These units are more suited to larger farms or professional contractors. In these operations, their independence from a tractor can be more efficient and lead to quicker application. Aside from the spreading methodology and range, buying a fertiliser spreader also involves consideration of the capacity of fertiliser hopper or tank. These can range from just a few hundred litres to several thousand, but capacities can usually be increased by means of hopper extensions.

Overall, the relatively simple mechanics involved in fertiliser spreaders should ensure many years of trouble-free use. They are easy and cheap to maintain and, properly looked after, will maintain their spreading characteristics and capabilities almost indefinitely.

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