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Creating furrows in the soil to loosen it in preparation for seeding and planting is a job for a plough. It's a piece of farming equipment that has undergone thousands of years of use and evolution across the world. Modern agricultural operators can pick from a wide selection of furrow-making equipment to fit jobs of all sizes. And used ploughs can help improve yields and efficiency without proving overly expensive.

The first thing to consider is the number of furrows that a plough is capable of making, as this will impact the working width and the thus the amount of time it takes to cover a certain area of land. Smaller ploughs which create just three furrows are inexpensive, while larger models with four, five, seven or more furrow-cutting blades can also be secured second-hand. And as long as you have the right machinery to provide the pulling power, then you can pick whichever plough suits your needs.

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Buy Lemken 2006 VARIOPAK 3M FURROW PRESS  Farm Machinery For Sale
Lemken 2006 VARIOPAK 3M FURROW PRESS 2006 Furrow £2,450.00
2006 LEMKEN VARIOPAK 3M FURROW PRESS, with the wide centre sections, fitted with 34 rings which are half worn. £2,450 + VAT. Contact us on 01763 780440.
Buy Gregoire GB RB7  6F  Farm Machinery For Sale
Gregoire GB RB7 6F 2011 Furrow £9,500.00
Buy Lemken Euro 8 6F  Farm Machinery For Sale
Lemken Euro 8 6F 2010 Furrow £12,950.00
On Land/ In Furrow. All prices exclude VAT and are ex Works, Please Contact Kevin Gladding on 07515 974566 Size 6 furrowOptions In-FurrowOptions On-LandSize
Buy Rabe FURROW PRESS  Farm Machinery For Sale
Rabe FURROW PRESS - Furrow £400.00
Contact us for this and other quality used farm equipment.
Buy Kverneland LO100  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kverneland LO100 2003 Furrow £9,500.00
2003 Kverneland LO100-300-9 six furrow, hydraulic vari width, press arm, rear disc, twin depth wheels
Buy Dal-Bo 2.6M Furrow Press  Farm Machinery For Sale
Dal-Bo 2.6M Furrow Press 2012 Furrow POA
St# SC-21-03-17-SOBO
Buy Lemken VARIOPACK 110 WEP 160 FURROW PRESS  Farm Machinery For Sale
Lemken VARIOPACK 110 WEP 160 FURROW PRESS - Furrow £850.00
LEMKEN VARIOPACK 110, WEP 160 FURROW PRESS, c/w 16 45 degree rings, hardly used. £850 + VAT. Contact us on 01763 780440.
Buy Lemken Europal 9 7F  Farm Machinery For Sale
Lemken Europal 9 7F 2009 Furrow £12,950.00
6+1, W52 Bodies, On Land/In Furrow, Rear Disc, All prices exclude VAT and are ex Works, Please Contact Kevin Gladding on 07515 974566 Size 7 furrowOptions In-FurrowOptions On-LandSize
Buy Dowdeswell Furrow press  Farm Machinery For Sale
Dowdeswell Furrow press - Furrow £1,650.00
Dowdeswell 75" cast ring furrow press
Buy Dowdeswell Furrow Press  Farm Machinery For Sale
Dowdeswell Furrow Press - Furrow £900.00
All prices exclude VAT and are ex Works.
Buy RANSOME TSR 300 HS 5 furrow  Farm Machinery For Sale
RANSOME TSR 300 HS 5 furrow - Furrow £1,150.00
2+1+1+1, UCN bodies, depth wheel, skimmers, tidy Cultivation
Buy Vogel & Noot Noot  Farm Machinery For Sale
Vogel & Noot Noot - Furrow £5,250.00
5 furrow hyd variwidth new bodies £5,250
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Manoeuvrability will also be an issue that you should consider when picking this type of equipment, as well as any machinery which will be attached to a tractor. Folding plough assemblies which can be made more compact when not in use will be simple to transport across the site and on public roads while also ensuring that they can be used in fields with narrow points of access. Hydraulically operated plough mechanisms can also improve convenience, while the presence of a transport wheel on used models will be an advantage for ploughs which are to be deployed across very large sites.

Ploughs which offer adjustability of working depth are preferable, especially if this can then be maintained automatically by the machinery. A hydraulic depth wheel can be an asset in this respect, as can the option to alter furrow width using similar techniques. Such systems need to be in good working order when you procure a used plough so that it can begin being useful straight away. You should also check the less advanced but no less important mechanisms, such as leaf-spring mounting components, before you can be completely satisfied with the quality of a potential purchase.

A plough may be mounted on the front, side or rear of a tractor, with reversible furrows offering obvious practical benefits over those that can only operate in a single direction. This category also features furrow presses, some of which allow the user to add or subtract rings as necessary. For breaking down large soil clods and leaving the land in a more uniform state than it was left by a standard plough, this type of farming machinery will be another important asset to secure for your organisation. Things such as the width of the assembly, the number of rings included and the overall weight all need to be considered when buying a used furrow press. And the best advice a buyer can follow is to know their own needs and use them to guide their decision rather than being swayed by appealing but irrelevant vital statistics.

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