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Harrows have been used in Europe since the Middle Ages, and there is evidence of their use in the fertile crescent of the Middle East going back thousands of years. The purpose of the harrow is simply to break up the surface of the soil and prepare the seed bed. This is, of course, a different operation from that of the deeper tillage of the plough. Harrowing therefore often takes place after ploughing in order to create a finer tilth and smooth out the rough surface. This can break up clods and can also remove weeds. Harrowing is also used to cover seeds after they have been sown.

Harrows come in a number of different configurations, including tine harrows, chain harrows, disc harrows and chain disc harrows. The implements were initially pulled by animals such as mules, horses and oxen. In some cases, they were pulled by farm labourers. Today they are almost exclusively mounted on tractors, either by three-point hitch or trailed on a drawbar. In Northern Europe, the most common harrows are disc harrows, tine harrows and spring tines harrows. Chain harrows can be used for light duties such as tilth levelling or seed covering. Disc harrows, on the other hand, are more often used for heavier jobs such as breaking up the sod after ploughing.

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Buy Kverneland NGH301  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kverneland NGH301 - Harrows £8,500.00
New never been used Kverneland power harrow, 3 metre working width, 585mm packer roller , levelling bar. 180hp gearbox 3 metre 180hp gearbox leveling bar 585mm packer roller
Buy Simba 2B 12' 3.6M DISC HARROWS  Farm Machinery For Sale
Simba 2B 12' 3.6M DISC HARROWS - Harrows £2,250.00
SIMBA 2B 12' 3.6M DISC HARROWS, fitted with rear drawbar, tidy and ready for work. £2250 + VAT.
Buy Double Disc Opener   Farm Machinery For Sale
Double Disc Opener - Harrows POA
Double Disc Opener Ideal for planting rape either side of subsoil legs 6 Per meter for cereals 2 Discs with leading edge Seed tube with fertiliser tube available 2" Rubber press wheel Spring adjustable tensioner Slotted easy depth control Very robust construction
Buy Dowdeswell 4M power harrow  Farm Machinery For Sale
Dowdeswell 4M power harrow - Harrows £2,500.00
,end tow,new tines. ú2500.00 + vat Diolch. 07770724284
Buy Vaderstad 4 Metre  Rapid System Disc  Farm Machinery For Sale
Vaderstad 4 Metre Rapid System Disc 2014 Harrows POA
4 Metre Vaderstad Rapid System Disc 2008 Hydraulic fan Radar controlled Double pre-em markers Rear wheel stager Rear following harrow Original draw bar included 4 Metre cultivating solutions rapid lift tool bar Year 2014 Shear bolt protection Good wearing parts, new seeding disc's to be fitted
Buy Other Tulip 300xl  Farm Machinery For Sale
Other Tulip 300xl 2010 Harrows POA
Clean tidy disc 60% discs Single crumbler Individual sprung rubber discs . No cracks or weldsPrice in Euros - EU6500
Buy Dowdeswell   Farm Machinery For Sale
Dowdeswell 1996 Harrows POA
4 meter hydraulic folding disc Harrow . Disc good condition. No cracks/welds hydraulic angling vat receipt availablePrice in Euros - EU5000
Buy Simba Mono Combi Cultavator  Farm Machinery For Sale
Simba Mono Combi Cultavator - Harrows £4,750.00
Discs as new, ready to go to work
Buy Einbock Grass Harrow  Farm Machinery For Sale
Einbock Grass Harrow - Harrows £1,150.00
Contact us for this and other quality used farm equipment.
Buy Amazone KE303-170 PoweHarrow  Farm Machinery For Sale
Amazone KE303-170 PoweHarrow - Harrows £3,500.00
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Buy Browns Chain Harrows  Farm Machinery For Sale
Browns Chain Harrows - Harrows £2,400.00
Chain Harrows
Buy FOLDING ARABLE HARROW .  Farm Machinery For Sale
FOLDING ARABLE HARROW . - Harrows £450.00
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In addition to these mounted implements, some manufacturers offer power harrows, where the harrow receives power from the tractor rather than simply using the force of its motion.

Tine harrows are often used to condition the seed bed before any planting takes place. In this operation, small weeds can be removed and soil in the inter-row area is loosened to improve drainage. A chain disc harrow, meanwhile, features chains attached to discs which are then trailed at an angle over the field. Both discs and chains rotate, staying clean while the top surface of the soil is broken up and a smooth seed bed is made ready for planting in a single pass.

Chain harrowing is often used with arable farming or deployed on pastures to spread dung and also to break down any dead material present in the sward. They can also be used on arable land to bring larger clumps of soil to the surface, where they will then be weathered and broken down. The various harrow types can be used on their own, but they are also commonly used in combination to achieve specific soil conditions.

Harrows are available in a number of weights and sizes to suit different needs, but the structure is consistent in being a rigid frame holding the active elements of chains, discs and tines.

There are many manufacturers offering harrows for sale in the UK. These include Simba, Pettit, Vaderstad, Sumo, Rabewerk, Quivogne, Opico, McConnel, Kverneland, Kongskilde, Knight, Gregoire, Dowdeswell, Parmitter, Quad and Wilder. Care should be taken to ensure that the type of harrow is suitable for the soil type and desired finish on the farm. Harrows can also take a great deal of punishment and the condition of the frame and discs should be examined carefully to ensure that they are in good working order.

Used Disc Harrows for Sale

We always list an excellent choice of Used Disc Harrows for Sale at Farm Machinery Locator.  From a complex powered harrow to a simple three metre disc harrow – such as the Parmiter Denva, we also list the larger, used folding harrows that make transport across roads and through narrow gateways easier.  We list used disc harrows that can cover areas of 6 metre widths in one pass, making light work of the largest of fields.  Just make sure that your tractor has sufficient power to operate the larger types of used harrows we have advertised for sale here.

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