Hedge Mowers For Sale

Hedge mowers are specialist cutting machines used to trim hedges and also verges, ditches and embankments. These units often feature a flail mower attachment. The flail mower, as the name suggests, uses flails attached to a rotating drum to cut the vegetation. The flail mower is better suited to cutting tough vegetation such as hedges.

Damage can be caused to a standard mower if it strikes a foreign object or thick vegetation it cannot cut. In the case of the flail mower, however, the flails, which are attached to the drum by chains, simply bounce off the object. The hedge mower is usually mounted to the tractor’s three-point hitch and takes its power from the tractor’s PTO.

 There are many factors to consider when choosing a hedge mower. One important consideration is the nature of the mounting. Hedge mowers can be mounted to the front, rear or even middle of the tractor. The rear-mounted configuration is probably the simplest.

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Buy McConnel PA55MONOLEVER HEDGECUTTER  Farm Machinery For Sale
Buy McConnel PA5570 XTC  Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel PA5570 XTC 2011 Hedge Mowers £11,995.00
Tidy hedge cutter, complete with F10 flails, heavy duty front flap and operators handbook.
Buy McConnel PA59 Hedge Cutter Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel PA59 Hedge Cutter - Hedge Mowers £7,250.00
- Linkage mounted hedgecutter with joystick controls.
Buy Kuhn 2005 T4834M AGRI-LONGER HEDGE CUTTER  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kuhn 2005 T4834M AGRI-LONGER HEDGE CUTTER 2005 Hedge Mowers £4,950.00
2005 KUHN T4834M AGRI-LONGER HEDGE CUTTER, c/w cable controls. £4,950 + VAT. Contact us on 01763 780440.
Buy Twose 586  Farm Machinery For Sale
Twose 586 2006 Hedge Mowers £5,760.00
A used Those TS586 hedge cutter, 5.8m reach, hydraulic proportional joystick control, 2006. For further information please contact Jamie on: 01980 621 114 or [email protected]
Buy Bomford B467 Hedge Cutter Farm Machinery For Sale
Bomford B467 Hedge Cutter - Hedge Mowers £3,750.00
Bomford B467 3 point linkage mounted hedge cutter c/w cable controls.
Buy Spearhead Excel  Farm Machinery For Sale
Spearhead Excel - Hedge Mowers POA
Tidy hedgecutter for age, comes with bracket mounts but can also be 3pl mounted, telescopic boom, joystick controls
Buy McConnel PA34 Hedge Cutter Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel PA34 Hedge Cutter - Hedge Mowers £2,750.00
- Hedgecutter with cable controls.
Buy Spearhead EXCEL 120 Hedgecutter Farm Machinery For Sale
Spearhead EXCEL 120 Hedgecutter - Hedge Mowers £2,950.00
- Swingtrim, compact fingerbar hedgecutter with 1.2m head.
Buy McConnel PA93 Hedge Cutter Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel PA93 Hedge Cutter - Hedge Mowers £4,500.00
- High power hedgecutter with 1.2m head and cable controls.
Buy Spearhead Excel 606 Hedge Cutter Farm Machinery For Sale
Spearhead Excel 606 Hedge Cutter 2000 Hedge Mowers £3,650.00
Spearhead Excel 606 hedge cutter c/w hydraulic proportional control joystick. Year 2000. Needs repair to head motor.
Buy Bomford B458 Hedge Cutter Farm Machinery For Sale
Bomford B458 Hedge Cutter 2002 Hedge Mowers £4,500.00
Bomford B458 3 point linkage mounted hedge cutter c/w fully independent hydraulics, Trim-Master head and stabiliser kit (not shown). Year 2002.
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A front-mount system has some advantages, however. Chief among these is visibility. Working from the front, the driver has a great view of operations and can easily keep his eye on the road ahead while performing cutting operations. A mid-mounted system, meanwhile, offers greater stability and is useful for hedge mowers with a longer reach.

Hedge mowers have their mowing units attached to the end of an articulated hydraulic boom which can extend and manoeuvre to be correctly placed on the top or side of the hedge, while the tractor remains safely and securely positioned on a flat surface.

Booms can extend to 8 metres or more for the greatest reach and operational capability. This places stress on the tractor and the boom will have both a minimum tractor power rating and a minimum tractor weight in order to counterbalance the extended boom and remain safe and stable.

Hedge mowers also feature some useful options, such as lift floats and angle floats. These will follow the contours of a verge or hedge in the vertical and horizontal planes automatically, reducing the need for manual inputs and increasing both the accuracy and efficiency of the cut.

Parallel arm geometry, meanwhile, allows operators to change the reach of the boom without having to constantly adjust the lift service to compensate for head pivot height changes. Some hedge mowers also feature a system to allow accurate vertical cutting close to the tractor — ideal for working in tight country lanes.

Others have safety breakaway systems which protect the mower in the event that it strikes an immovable object. Still further enhancements involve automated cruise-control systems, which allow faster and more efficient mowing operations.

Manufacturers of hedge mowers include Bomford, McConnel, Massey Ferguson, Spearhead and Twose. The hedge mower is quite a complex piece of equipment, and care should be taken when selecting a used version.

The hedge mower needs to be properly sized in terms of its reach, power and tractor weight requirements. The site of the mounting needs to be decided and the crucial hydraulic system needs to be in good order. Before buying a used hedge mower, then, a thorough trial should be completed.

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