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Horsch Reviews

Horsch Cruiser XL Cultivator Farm Machinery Information

Horsch Cruiser XL Cultivator Review
The Horsch Cruiser XL Cultivator is designed for optimal results in shallow cultivation. It also provides perfect cultivation of stubble and delivers an excellent straw distribution pattern. This

Horsch Joker CT Disc Harrow Farm Machinery Information

Horsch Joker CT Disc Harrow Review
The Horsch Joker CT disc harrow is designed for quick and exact stubble cultivation and features a three-point linkage and an impressively low power requirement. The machine now has a disc diameter

Horsch Terrano FM Cultivator Farm Machinery Information

Horsch Terrano FM Cultivator Review
The Horsch Terrano FM cultivator is an all-round performer with a wide range of cultivator applications. This is a simple but effective piece of farm machinery that is a capable performer in most farm

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