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Ifor Williams makes more trailers for agricultural purposes than almost any other manufacturer of its kind in the UK, allowing a range of organisations and individuals to transport livestock safely and efficiently on board reliable machines.

It produces specialised trailers, including horseboxes and other livestock models, as well as general-duty trailers, tipper trailers and flatbeds to accommodate a range of uses in the agricultural industry. With a history dating back more than 50 years, Ifor Williams has a diverse array of trailers intended for both commercial and domestic use.

The range of horsebox trailers offered by Ifor Williams is expansive enough to include models designed to be pulled by 4x4 vehicles, as well as dedicated container conversions that can be integrated with existing truck bodies for convenience.

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Buy Ifor Williams DP120X10F  Farm Machinery For Sale
Ifor Williams DP120X10F 2001 Trailers POA
Buy Ifor Williams HB506  Farm Machinery For Sale
Ifor Williams HB506 2011 Trailers £3,250.00
St# A1092171
Buy Ifor Williams HB510  Farm Machinery For Sale
Ifor Williams HB510 2003 Trailers £2,400.00
St# A1091628
Buy Ifor Williams Williams 126 trailer 12ft x 6.6ft Farm Machinery For Sale
Ifor Williams Williams 126 trailer 12ft x 6.6ft 2017 Trailers £2,350.00
- spare wheel - mudguards
Buy Ifor Williams LM166 Tri Axle  Farm Machinery For Sale
Ifor Williams LM166 Tri Axle 2016 Trailers £2,300.00
c/w prop stand & 4 paired L/rings. Good condition. St# 81091855
Buy Ifor Williams 14ft Livestock Trailer  Farm Machinery For Sale
Ifor Williams 14ft Livestock Trailer 2014 Trailers £3,800.00
14Ft ifor Williams livestock trailer, tri axle. Tri Axle 14ft
Buy Ifor Williams DP120  Farm Machinery For Sale
Ifor Williams DP120 2012 Trailers £2,650.00
No decks. St# 71092083
Buy Ifor Williams WILLIAMS GH1054 BT DIGGER TRAILER Farm Machinery For Sale
Ifor Williams WILLIAMS GH1054 BT DIGGER TRAILER - Plant Excavators £1,500.00
Buy Ifor Williams TA5GX10  Farm Machinery For Sale
Ifor Williams TA5GX10 2003 Trailers POA
Buy Ifor Williams LM126  Farm Machinery For Sale
Ifor Williams LM126 2011 Trailers POA
Buy Ifor Williams HB505CSL  Farm Machinery For Sale
Ifor Williams HB505CSL 2007 Trailers POA
Buy Ifor Williams GX105HD  Farm Machinery For Sale
Ifor Williams GX105HD 2016 Trailers £1,700.00
c/w ramps. Good condition.
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Ifor Williams HB610The HB610 is the current highlight of the range, both in terms of size and versatility. It is built to allow a pair of horses measuring up to 17.2hh to be comfortably contained within. The gross weight that the trailer can handle is 3500kg, and as you would expect it features things such as a lockable groom's door. Meanwhile, the telescopic partition system means that the number of stalls and their widths can be varied, with space for five ponies on board after adjustments have been made.

When it comes to livestock trailers, the Ifor Williams range will be capable of meeting the needs of many different agricultural environments and organisations. For the maximum possible payload the StockMaster is the trailer of choice, with a gross weight limit of 21 tonnes. It is built to last, with commercial-grade components ensuring that it can cope with the rigours of regular use. The single-piece alloy floor benefits from being built to cope with a ramp angled at 20 degrees, which makes loading and unloading livestock that little bit easier. It has undergone two years of development and testing, which means it has a proven record of farmyard use under its belt in spite of only having been introduced in 2014.

For smaller jobs around the farm, the DP120 trailer range is a good option. And like the StockMaster it features a removable container at the rear which, when detached, allows the trailer to be converted into a standard flatbed, making it more versatile than would otherwise be the case. The Easy Load ramp at the rear and the two-tier container mean you can load and unload both interior sections quickly while also having a ramp that can be stowed when not in use without causing other issues. This is one of Ifor Williams' features that sets it apart from other manufacturers.

Another area in which Ifor Williams specialises is canopies for pick-up trucks and trailers, meaning that you can convert an existing vehicle or flatbed into a more weatherproof model with the simple addition of a durable canopy from this company. Galvanised steel is used alongside alloy panels to provide strength and durability, showing that this is a company that knows how to use top-quality materials in the construction of its products for the agricultural industry.

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