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Most of us are familiar with JCB as a construction brand, but the bright yellow machines are also a familiar sight on the farm. Indeed, when Joseph Cyril Bamford launched the firm with his initials in 1945, his very first product was an agricultural one — a tipping trailer.

Today the firm is still heavily involved in the farming industry, offering more than 300 agricultural machines. These include the industry-leading Loadall telescopic handler family and backhoe loaders. In addition to telescopic handlers and loaders, JCB offers tractors, track and wheel loaders and utility vehicles.

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Buy JCB 536-60 AGRI SUPER Farm Machinery For Sale
JCB 536-60 AGRI SUPER 2011 Telehandlers £21,500.00
JCB 536-60 AGRI SUPER 2011/61 7176 hours Pick up hitch Air con 40k £21500
Buy JCB 526-56 TELEHANDLER Farm Machinery For Sale
JCB 526-56 TELEHANDLER 2011 Telehandlers £21,500.00
JCB 526-56 TELEHANDLER 2011/61 7105 hours Pick up hitch Tidy machine £21500
Buy JCB 531-70 AGRI SUPER Farm Machinery For Sale
JCB 531-70 AGRI SUPER 2011 Telehandlers £22,500.00
JCB 531-70 AGRI SUPER 2011/61 10000 hours £22500
Buy JCB 541-70 TELEHANDLER Farm Machinery For Sale
JCB 541-70 TELEHANDLER 2010 Telehandlers £25,000.00
JCB 541-70 TELEHANDLER 2010 Only 3732 hours Lovely machine £25000
Buy JCB 434S  Farm Machinery For Sale
JCB 434S 2012 Telehandlers POA
- boom suspension - Smooth Ride - air con - air seat - proportional third service - extra fuel tank Top speed of 50K Tyres: 750/65/26 Michelin Transmission: Powershift
Buy JCB 4220 Fastrac Farm Machinery For Sale
JCB 4220 Fastrac 2015 Tractors POA
- front linkage - 5 rear + 1 front spool - twin beacons - hydraulic top link - large heated electric mirrors - climate control - LED lights - leather air and passengers seat - Auto Steer Ready - four wheel steering - tinted glass - inner rear fender extensions Field Pro Pack - Road Pack Top speed of 60K Tyres: 600/70/30 Transmission: Vario
Buy JCB 310S  Farm Machinery For Sale
JCB 310S 2012 Telehandlers POA
- air con - air seat - Smooth Ride - extra work lights - telescopic mirrors - pin and cone carriage Top speed of 40K Tyres: 500/70/24 Transmission: Powershift
Buy JCB 526S  Farm Machinery For Sale
JCB 526S 2000 Fork Lifts £16,950.00
Air con, pick up hitch, Q Fit Carriage, 17.5x24 tyres, very tidy from arable farm Telehandlers & Forklifts
Buy JCB Js145lc  Farm Machinery For Sale
JCB Js145lc - Buckets £38,000.00
- Hydraulic Hitch - Check Valves - Hammer Pipework - 48" Ditcher Buckets - 700mm Steel Tracks - Cab Guards - Rear Camera - Deluxe Heated Air Seat - Climate Control - Worklights
Buy JCB 525-67 Telehandler Farm Machinery For Sale
JCB 525-67 Telehandler - Telehandlers £4,500.00
JCB 525-67 telehandler c/w Michelin 460/70 R24 wheels and tyres.
Buy JCB 320S AGRI TELEHANDER Farm Machinery For Sale
JCB 320S AGRI TELEHANDER 2014 Telehandlers £44,000.00
JCB 320S AGRI TELEHANDER 2014/64 3736 hours Lovely machine £44000
Buy JCB 310 AGRI HANDLER Farm Machinery For Sale
JCB 310 AGRI HANDLER 2011 Telehandlers £23,950.00
JCB 310 AGRI HANDLER 2011/61 8472 hours £23950
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JCB Fastrac Tractor Range

Take a look at the JCB stand at Lamma 2014

The Fastrac tractor range is renowned as being one of the most productive and safe on the market. It has full suspension on front and rear axles, offering a comfortable ride with great traction. External disc brakes offer superior retardation and the mid-mounted cab helps with close to 50-50 weight distribution for the best possible stability. 

JCB Fastrac Tractor

The range starts with the 2155, a compact machine with full-size features. It has a 165hp engine, 6-tonne lift capacity and 60kph top speed. The 2170 version maintains these core attributes but adds more power, at 178hp. Next in the range is the 3200 XTRA. This boasts an 8-tonne lift capacity, 195hp engine, traction-assist transmission and 80kph top speed. The 3230 variant adds a 230hp rated engine to the mix. The 8280 is one of the larger tractors in the range. This has a 10-tonne lift capacity, 279hp engine and all-round ABS brakes. It also boasts one of the most comfortable cabs on the market. The 8310 maintains these features but adds a more powerful 306hp engine.

JCB Telehandler Range

The JCB telehandler range is vast, running from the entry-level 515-40 Agri to the powerful 550-80 Agri PLUS. JCB has been making its telehandlers since 1977 and has become the market leader in this niche. The range offers innovations such as TorqueLock and Adaptive Load Control, while central lifting rams and internal hose routings keep these vulnerable components out of harm's way. JCB telehandlers major on superb build quality, versatility and low running costs, creating a convincing all-round package. The EcoMAX engine features heavily in the range, offering excellent power, clean running and economy. All telehandlers benefit from four-wheel steering, making them astonishingly manoeuvrable.

JCB Telescopic Wheeled Loader Range

JCB's telescopic wheel loaders provide productivity and versatility, with a heavy-duty chassis and four-wheel drive. The TM180 and TM220 are compact and agile, perfect for smaller farms and operations with limited space. The TM 320 and 320S, meanwhile, are designed for maximum productivity. A central seating position gives great all-round visibility and the durability of the machines makes them a sound long-term investment.

JCB Wheeled Loader Range

JCB's wheel loader range is probably the widest on the market. The S range is dedicated to the agricultural sector and boasts a superb power-to-weight ratio. Compact track loaders complement the wheeled range, offering a spacious cab, excellent visibility and superb safety features. The WORKMAX utility vehicles, meanwhile, offer an easy way to get around the farm, transporting feed, equipment, livestock or people. With options for four-wheel drive, six wheelers and continuously variable transmissions, there is a WORKMAX for any application.

Learn more about popular JCB models:

JCB 403 AGRI Wheel Loader

The JCB 403 AGRI wheel loader is a compact and agile wheel loader that packs quite a punch. This two-ton machine is the first time JCB has dipped its tow into the sub-50hp wheel loader market, and it is making a bit of a splash. The form factor has been designed so that it is perfect for getting into those low-roofed farm buildings and anywhere else where space is tight. The JCB 403 AGRI wheel... Read more

JCB 536-70 Agri Telescopic Handler

JCB's range-topping 536-70 is a hugely capable telescopic handler. Powered by EcoMAX, it is built around the robust Loadall chassis, which has been designed to deliver maximum stability and load-bearing properties. The JCB engine is mounted to the side and is combined with the company's renowned transmissions and axles to ensure a totally reliable drive train built around proven components. A... Read more

JCB 8310 Tractor

The JCB 8310 is the firm's flagship tractor, balancing exceptional power, versatility and efficiency with top-class comfort and safety. It is a package that is designed to help big farms maximise productivity and profitability. It is the only draft tractor in the world to feature all-round suspension, which results in less soil compaction and more traction. It boasts GPS accuracy and can achieve... Read more

JCB Fastrac 2155

The JCB Fastrac 2155 tractor is designed to be safe, comfortable, versatile and most of all productive. It is a great example of JCB's innovative approach to building tractors, with unique features not found on other brands. The Quadtronic four-wheel steering system, for example, results in tight headland turns that reduce crop damage. Four equally sized tyres, meanwhile, give great grip and... Read more

JCB Fastrac 3200 XTRA Tractor

Since 1991, JCB has been constructing the Fastrac range of agricultural tractors. More than 20 years of innovation has seen the range become one of the most comfortable, safe, versatile and productive on the market today. The Fastracs are unique in having front and rear suspension, and the external disc brakes offer better retardation than the oil-immersed system that is standard on many... Read more

JCB TM 180 AGRI Agricultural Telehandler

The JCB TM 180 AGRI is a hugely productive telehandler that combines versatility and performance with a compact footprint. It benefits from JCB’s innovative telescopic boom to achieve lofty lift heights and extend the machine’s use beyond the reach of most other loaders. It has a 48 kW engine that pumps out 300 Nm of torque via a two-speed hydrostatic transmission. The maximum lift... Read more

JCB WORKMAX 1000 D Utility Vehicle

The JCB WORKMAX 1000 D is a powerful, versatile and tough utility vehicle or ATV. It has been designed to tackle a wide range of tasks across the farm and is powered by a punchy 1028cc 26hp three-cylinder diesel engine from Kohler. The WORKMAX 1000 D is light, weighing just under 850kg, and has a useful load capacity of 700kg. To further increase its practicality, the WORKMAX 1000 D also has a... Read more

JCB WORKMAX 800D Utility Vehicle

The JCB WORKMAX 800D offers unrivalled practicality for general farm use. It is far safer than a quad bike, has a greater payload and is cheaper to run. The JCB WORKMAX 800D is designed for medium duties around the farm. It is an agile machine and also robust, with a 400kg cargo deck. It also has tough underside protection, which prevents damage on uneven ground. That practicality is further... Read more

Tractors Compete for Attention at Irish Farm Machinery Show

Earlier this month the FTMTA Farm Machinery Show take place in County Kildare, Ireland, attracting more visitors than ever and showing that LAMMA is not the only major agricultural industry... Read More

JCB and Claas Set to Harness Efficient New Engines from Rolls-Royce

Engines from the MTU Series built by famed British manufacturer Rolls-Royce are being embraced by both JCB and Claas as they seek to improve the efficiency and cleanliness of their farm... Read More

John Deere Tops Tractor Sales Charts

In 2015 it was American firm John Deere that managed to hold on to the dominant top spot in the tractor market when it comes to machines registered in the UK, with 3,655 units sold... Read More

Attachments, Mini Excavators and Other Machinery from LAMMA 2017

LAMMA may be over for another year, but there are still many pieces of equipment which appeared during the event that are worth examining, since they may well shape broader trends in the... Read More


Over the years, JCB has offered a range of capable ATVs, including the Workmax and the earlier Groundhog models. The Workmax came in a number of configurations, such as the Workmax 800D, Workmax 6x4 with six wheels, Workmax 1000D and 4x4 models for better off-road performance. JCB also made roadworthy models and there was even a tough military version. Different body styles were available too,... Read more

JCB Telehandlers

JCB has designed a number of telehandler models which are geared towards satisfying the needs of those in the agricultural industry, with almost four decades of development put into these machines to cement its position as a market leader. At JCB head office, these are know as JCB telescopic handlers or Loadalls and are built with an innate understanding of the rugged requirements of farm work,... Read more

JCB Plant Excavators

The used hydraulic excavators from JCB are designed for a range of applications and so can fit in well as part of an agricultural organisation's operations. Micro and mini excavators from this manufacturer cater to those small-scale jobs that still need to be executed efficiently, while larger tracked and wheeled models are on offer for instances where more digging power, reach and bucket capacity... Read more