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John Deere has been making farming equipment for more than 175 years. Founded in 1837 in Grand Detour, Illinois, in the American Mid West, the company first started making steel ploughs to cut through the heavy prairie soil. Today the company employs nearly 50,000 people in 27 countries and is now the largest agricultural machinery manufacturer in the world.

The green tractors with yellow trim are seen on farms all over the world, and the leaping deer logo and 'Nothing Runs Like a Deere' slogan are recognised everywhere.

From the original polished steel plough, the company has grown to produce a huge range of agricultural equipment in addition to forestry and ground-care machinery. The core of the business, though, is the famous John Deere tractor range.

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Buy John Deere 6920s  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 6920s 2005 Tractors POA
2005 John Deere 6920 S 50 k front and cab suspension and air brakesPrice in Euros - EU30
Buy John Deere DEERE X540 MULTI TERRAIN MOWER Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere DEERE X540 MULTI TERRAIN MOWER 2009 Mowers £2,750.00
JOHN DEERE X540 MULTI TERRAIN MOWER 2009 Only 321 hours 54 inch cut Tidy mower £2750
Buy John Deere 855XUV Gator  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 855XUV Gator 2013 ATV £7,950.00
Full cab inc. doors, road legal (V5C), good tyres, ex arable estate (not shoot), in excellent order with 1,461 hours
Buy John Deere 7930  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 7930 2007 Tractors £44,750.00
2007 John Deere 7930, Autopower 40k, tls, active seat, passenger seat, e-ICV joystick, climate control, front linkage & PTO, autotrac ready, 710/70R42 - 600/70R30, 5881hrs Configuration StandardCab CabTransmission IVTConfiguration MFWD w/ SuspensionRear 3-Point Hitch YesRear PTO 1000
Buy John Deere 8370RT  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 8370RT 2016 Tractors £180,000.00
2016 John Deere 8370RT, autopower 42k, 5 x electric scv, autotrac ready, leather trim, fridge, passenger seat, cat 4 drawbar, 25" tracks 90%, premium radio, 10" touch screen display, 4600 processor, LED lights, idler weights, 1137hrs Track Size 625mm/25-inchHydraulic Pump Big United KingdomTrack Size AutoPowr IVT Transmission 42 km/h (26 mph) Single 10 In. CommandCenter Display StarFire 3000
Buy John Deere 1170  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 1170 1997 Combine Harvesters POA
5 walkers, 814 header, straw chopper,
Buy John Deere 6170R  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 6170R 2013 Tractors POA
20 Autoquad, 50kph, Greenstar, Autosteer ready, tls, hcs, itec, 4 spools, laforage front linkage, air brakes Configuration StandardCab CabCab Options Air ConditioningConfiguration SuspensionTransmission Partial Power ShiftLeft-Hand Reverser YesFront Axle MFWD w/ SuspensionRear 3-Point Hitch YesRear PTO 540/1000Trailer Brakes HydraulicTrailer Brakes PneumaticTrailer Hitch DrawbarTrailer Hitch
Buy John Deere 6150R  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 6150R 2014 Tractors POA
Autopower, 50kph, command arm, hydraulic top link, Greenstar, Autosteer, Front linkage and pto, climate control, tls, hcs, hms, Configuration StandardCab CabCab Options Air ConditioningConfiguration SuspensionTransmission IVTLeft-Hand Reverser YesFront Axle MFWD w/ SuspensionRear 3-Point Hitch YesRear PTO 540/1000Trailer Brakes HydraulicTrailer Hitch DrawbarTrailer Hitch Pick-UpIntelligent
Buy John Deere JD L120  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere JD L120 2005 Tractors £1,000.00
48", side discharge & mulch deck
Buy John Deere DEERE 3800 PIVOT STEER TELEHANDLER Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere DEERE 3800 PIVOT STEER TELEHANDLER 2002 Telehandlers £14,750.00
JOHN DEERE 3800 PIVOT STEER TELEHANDLER 2002 7044 hours Good Tyres A/C £14750
Buy John Deere 6820  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 6820 2005 Tractors £23,750.00
2005 John Deere 6820 Premium, autopower command arm 40k, TLS, cab suspension, 3 x electric scv, performance monitor, climate control, air seat, passenger seat, 650/65R38 35% - 540/65R28 45%, 8850hrs Transmission IVTFront Axle MFWD w/ Suspension Transmission
Buy John Deere 7930  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 7930 2010 Tractors £52,000.00
2010 John Deere 7930, powerquad 40k, TLS, active seat, 3 x scv, air con, autotrac ready, passenger seat, 620/70R42 50% - 480/70R30 90%, 900kg weight, 3607hrs Configuration StandardCab CabTransmission Partial Power ShiftConfiguration MFWD w/ SuspensionRear 3-Point Hitch YesRear PTO 1000
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Broad range

John Deere has a comprehensive offering in every tractor sector. The range is divided into Speciality Tractors, Compact Tractors, Large Tractors and non-agricultural tractors. Within each sector there is a choice of machines to suit almost any application.  In addition, the company manufactures a range of John Deere Utility Vehicles (UTV) which it brands as the 'Gator' Range. A full range of round balers and square balers compliment the tractor range.

Specialist tractors

The speciality tractors include machines such as the 5GV for narrow vineyards, the 5GF for vineyards and orchards, the 5RN narrow cab for specialist operations and the 5GH high ground clearance model for working on top of fruit and veg. These tractors can be either platform or cab set-up.

Standard tractor range

Standard tractors start with the compact range and the 5E, offering lots of productivity in a small footprint tractor. The range continues up through the 5M, 5G, 5GL, 5R and 6030 tractors, each designed to fill specific market niches in the small tractor sector.

The large tractor is probably the signature John Deere machine. These are designed for the toughest operations and offer exceptional power and performance. The range continues right up to the 560hp 9R series, for the ultimate in tractor power.

John Deere combine harvester range

John Deere CombineJohn Deere tractors are joined by the John Deere combine harvester range. These are divided into the W, T and S Series. The W Series is the entry-level combine, offering reliability and easy maintenance with lots of power and efficient engines. It can cope with a wide variety of crops and has a spacious and well-thought-out cab. The T Series adds a direct and smooth crop flow with gentle handling of straw and grains. The walker has the biggest active separation area in the market and the well-appointed cab offers excellent operator comfort. The S Series rounds off the John Deere combine range. Here you will find the maximum capacity and a harvester that has been engineered throughout to tackle the toughest and largest-scale operations.

Self propelled forage harvesters

John Deere 5100 R Tractor

The company also offers self-propelled forage harvesters and a host of other equipment, such as sprayers, balers and utility vehicles. What links them together is a genuine understanding of the demands of the agricultural sector, a result no doubt of those 175 years of experience in the business.


John Deere's very first product, the polished steel plough, was all about innovation. Deere recognised that the sticky soil of the surrounding land stuck to iron ploughs and required the farmer to make frequent cleaning stops. The steel plough would solve this problem, with the earth easily falling off the smoother surface.

John Deere is still all about innovation today. The company has grasped the opportunities offered by new technologies and systems such as JDLink, Telematics, Guidance and Machine Control and other agricultural management solutions differentiate John Deere from its competitors. In this world of computer technology, there used to be a saying that nobody ever got fired for buying IBM. In the agricultural world, much the same could be said of John Deere.

Learn more about popular John Deere models:

John Deere 1026R

Sub Compact Tractor designed for real work The sub-compact tractor sector is one that is often overlooked by serious commercial farms but it is an area where the right machine can be extremely beneficial. Certainly John Deere think so and in 2011 they released the 1026R, a sub-compact machine designed specifically to exploit what the company saw as a gap in the market. This is a crossover... Read more

John Deere 5430i Self-Propelled Sprayer

The 5430i Self-Propelled Sprayer is designed to cope with the most demanding spraying operations on large farms or by professional contractors. It has the capacity to deliver in these larger operations, but it is also versatile enough to cope with any crop type, including tall and high-value crops. It can also work within a range of tramlines and offers superb spray accuracy to deliver an even and... Read more

John Deere 5E Three-Cylinder Tractor

Small Tractor - Big Performance The John Deere 5E tractor brings John Deere performance and capability within the reach of smaller specialist farmers, such as fruit and nut growers or vineyard owners. The John Deere 5E tractor is packed with features normally found on bigger machines, making for a truly capable workhorse in a small form factor. Some highlights include a punchy 2.9 litre... Read more

John Deere 5M Tractor Range

When we spend our hard-earned cash it is quite reasonable to want to get the most for our money. Often when it comes to buying capital equipment, we are looking for something that can tackle more than just the standard jobs, killing two birds with one stone or giving us the best of both worlds. The John Deere 5M Tractor Range provides machines that can do just that. These are compact tractors,... Read more

John Deere 6030 Tractors

John Deere 6030 tractors are aimed at those who demand serious performance from their tractor. These tractors boast power and efficiency with versatility to match. The 6830 and 6930 offer high horsepower ratings of 145hp and 155hp respectively, delivering the sort of muscle required to take care of the tough operations typical of large arable farms. The 6534, meanwhile, offers even greater... Read more

John Deere 6R Series

John Deere has boosted its tractor range with the launch of the new 6R models from Mannheim. The 6175R, 6195R and the 6215R are all six-cylinder, Tier 4 models with large frames. They are designed to offer better operator comfort, increased manoeuvrability and longer service intervals. The 6R range is powered by John Deere's PSS/PVS engines, with power ratings from 175hp to 215hp. These power... Read more

John Deere 7R Tractors

Willing Workhorse The John Deere 7R series of tractors were designed as willing workhorses, suited to operations on medium- or large-scale arable farms or for contractor work. They took over from the 7030 Series and offered more of pretty much everything, from comfort to manoeuvrability and sheer power. The range encompasses five models, from 230 to 310hp with Intelligent Power Management. The... Read more

John Deere 900 Series Baler

Innovative Lighter Calmshell Enclosure John Deere came up with a welcome innovation for the 900 Series round baler. Most operators are familiar with the relatively heavy 'clamshell' enclosure to the rear of such units, but the 900 features a much lighter flexible enclosure with an impressive rapid lift capability. The results of this new feature are compelling. Operators report a decrease in time... Read more

John Deere Compact Utility Tractors

John Deere offers a comprehensive range of four compact utility tractors. While the individual specifications may differ, what pulls them together is the dedication to superior performance. Every tractor in the model range is specifically tailored to suit the most arduous operations around the farm. To cope with these applications, the range features options such as the most powerful, high-torque... Read more

John Deere E-Series Forwarders

John Deere E-Series forwarders bring all of the company's vast experience to bear in creating a new level of forwarder performance. The range creates a supremely comfortable operating environment, with class-leading visibility. Robust booms with smooth operating action join efficient and powerful engines in creating hardy forwarders that are up to toughest challenges. Proven transmissions,... Read more

John Deere Gator

New Models for Gator Range Utility vehicles play an important part in the industry and market leaders John Deere recognised that fact when they extended their range in 2012. The firm introduced two new models, the XUV 550 and XUV 550 S4. The new vehicles boast the familiar John Deere green and yellow colours but are lighter, smaller and more agile than other models in the range. The S4 version is... Read more

John Deere Gator TE

A Truly Green Machine? Electric cars have been making news for some time now but the move towards alternatively fuelled vehicles hasn't yet made much of an impact on the farming sector. That could be set to change just a little bit with the all-electric Gator TE from John Deere. In 2012, Deere announced a new version of the Gator TE in 2012 which greatly increased the potential utility of the... Read more

John Deere S Series Combine

Powerful and Frugal The S Series is the John Deere combine for those who want maximum performance and capacity from their harvester. This impressive machine has been built around a new variable-stream rotor, with excellent cab ergonomics and performance-enhancing technology in every area. The new variable-stream rotor provides a significant increase in capacity and improves the quality of straw.... Read more

John Deere Seed Drills

The John Deere range of seed drills comprises the 740A and 750A models. Each unit has been engineered to tackle the toughest field conditions and offer the best performance, whatever the soil profile is. The 740A is focused on minimum tillage conditions, while the 750A is designed for all-round use. Whether you are using no till, conventional or minimum till systems, the John Deere range of seed... Read more

John Deere Self-Propelled Forage Harvester

The John Deere Self-Propelled Forage Harvester now features the firm's innovative KernelStar technology. This patented system uses specially bevelled discs to smash kernels rather than crush them. This means that more energy can be released from the kernel for more efficient milk production or better biogas fermentation. High Output The Kernelstar system offers up almost three times the... Read more

John Deere T Series Combines

The John Deere T series combines are billed as the ultimate walker combine. It produces a smooth, direct crop flow that is gentler on straw and grain. It also has the largest active separation area in its class. The John Deere T series combines are gentle on their operators too, with a spacious and comfortable Premium Cab that makes for an ideal place of work. Comfortable Cab In that cab, the... Read more

John Deere W Series Combine Harvesters

The John Deere W Series Combine Harvester provides an extremely reliable and easily maintained combine, with high power and excellent fuel economy. It offers class-leading capacity across a huge range of crops and conditions and includes some compelling features. The spacious Deluxe cab provides superb operator comfort and with a 10,000-litre grain tank capacity the unit gives top-quality grains... Read more

New Balers from Claas and John Deere to Be Introduced

Later this month the Grassland & Muck farm machinery show is descending on Stoneleigh in Warwickshire, bringing with it a host of the latest products from big name manufacturers. A... Read More

Improved Ranger Utility Vehicle Introduced by Polaris

Utility vehicles and ATVs are essential tools for many farmers, with manufacturer Polaris being fairly well represented on the UK market, competing with rivals like the Gator family from... Read More

Caterpillar Targets Farmers with New Wheeled Loader

Machinery manufacturer Caterpillar may have more of a foothold in the construction industry than it does in agriculture, but it is seeking to change that with the introduction of the 918M... Read More

John Deere Sponsors European Tractor-Driving Competition

In June this year the best tractor drivers in Europe will be pitted against one another in a competition hosted by US farm machinery giant John Deere and tyre manufacturer... Read More

John Deere Tractors

There is always a stock of hundreds of used John Deere tractors for sale at Farm Machinery Locator.  All sizes of JD tractors are available from sellers throughout the UK and Eire from franchised and independent dealers alike.   Browse these specialist John Deere tractor pages and check out the John Deere news at the bottom of the page.... Read more

John Deere Combine Harvesters

From compact combines to all-conquering models built for large farms, John Deere offers a broad range of machines to make harvesting efficient and cost-effective. A combine harvester should be built in a way that reduces maintenance requirements and emphasises fuel economy, both of which descriptions can be applied to John Deere’s products. It also aims to make it possible for farmers to... Read more

John Deere ATV

John Deere has produced a number of ATV models over the years, although its current range has expanded beyond this sector to encompass agricultural vehicles that offer a little more versatility. You can still find second-hand John Deer ATVs on the market if you require a compact yet extremely competent way to get around the farm, crossing unforgiving terrain without apparent effort and even... Read more

John Deere Round Balers

John Deere round balers are state-of-the-art models. They are optimised to offer great value and reliability, with Deere engineers constantly looking for incremental changes that will keep these round balers at the forefront of technological innovation. John Deere round balers have a unique design that results in excellent durability. The frames are welded from tough steel and are capable of... Read more

John Deere Mower-conditioners

John Deere mower conditioners can help farmers to keep large areas of land in check, with 14 models in the current range which are built to last and offer impressive levels of operational efficiency. Each mower is designed to be coupled with a tractor, with front, rear, trailed and side-pull variants all available from this manufacturer. There are even twin-mounted rear mowers which can deliver... Read more

John Deere Self Propelled Forage Harveste

John Deere is responsible for a series of self-propelled forage harvesters which combine modern technology with reliable engineering to produce excellent results. And buying a second-hand forage harvester rather than picking up a new unit can help farmers to save money while still making John Deere their manufacturer of choice. Since these units can operate under their own power, there is a... Read more