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Kongskilde builds a number of important pieces of agricultural machinery, specialising in cultivation but also embracing areas such as cleaning, maintenance and heating.

Used Kongskilde equipment of all types can be procured for effective and affordable deployment by a new owner, as long as the necessary checks have been carried out.

With over six decades of expertise in the agricultural sector, this is a seasoned European manufacturer with a well-earned position in the market.

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Buy Kongskilde 7 Tine Vibroflex Farm Machinery For Sale
Kongskilde 7 Tine Vibroflex - Cultivators £1,650.00
- 17 tine vibroflex cultivator with manual fold.
Buy Kongskilde Delta  3M Farm Machinery For Sale
Kongskilde Delta 3M - Cultivators £4,950.00
Good machine, good discs & new points, large crumbler roller Cultivators
Buy Kongskilde VIBROFLEX 17 TINE  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kongskilde VIBROFLEX 17 TINE - Specialist £1,450.00
KONGSKILDE VIBROFLEX 17 TINE, c/w manual folding wings & two depth wheels, very sound. £1,450 + VAT. Contact us on 01763 780440.
Buy Kongskilde VIBROFLEX  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kongskilde VIBROFLEX - Seed Drills £1,450.00
KONGSKILDE VIBROFLEX, c/w Accord seed drill, manual fold, 17 tines. £1,450 + VAT. Contact us on 01763 780440.
Buy Kongskilde 18 Row Beet Hoe  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kongskilde 18 Row Beet Hoe - Trailers £3,650.00
Kongskilde 18 row beet hoe, c/w ECE transport trailer. (Would split if necessary)
Buy Kongskilde Overum DX4975 2012 Plough  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kongskilde Overum DX4975 2012 Plough 2012 Ploughs POA
Overum DX4975 2012 4 Furrow Reversable Full set of skimmers Full set of disks Good metal work Really nice plough
Buy Kongskilde 4meter  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kongskilde 4meter - Cultivators POA
4 m folding V. Good condition Selling for CustomerPrice in Euros - EU3400
Buy Kongskilde Dementer Centra  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kongskilde Dementer Centra - Seed Drills £1,250.00
Kongskilde Demeter Centra Beet Drill, 6 x 20" rows, markers
Buy Kongskilde Vibro Master Triple K Springtines Farm Machinery For Sale
Kongskilde Vibro Master Triple K Springtines - Cultivators £1,650.00
Kongskilde Vibro Master Triple K hydraulic folding springtine harrows c/w front sprung levelling boards and double rear rotocrats. Approx. 4.8 metres working width.
Buy Kongskilde 4300 Hydraulic Folding Vibroflex Farm Machinery For Sale
Kongskilde 4300 Hydraulic Folding Vibroflex - Cultivators £4,950.00
- 4.3m, 19 tine Hydraulic folding vibroflex cultivator with Rotoflex.
Buy Kongskilde Vibro Compact  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kongskilde Vibro Compact - Cultivators £2,650.00
Kongskilde 4 metre Vibro Compact cultivator, levelling boards, spring tines, flexicoil and track eradicators
Buy Kongskilde 4M  Drillmate Farm Machinery For Sale
Kongskilde 4M Drillmate - Cultivators £1,950.00
Good machine on new points, C/W A-frame Cultivators
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Kongskilde Vibro Master Cultivator

The Vibro Master is one of Kongskilde's best known ranges of seedbed cultivators, utilising vibrations to break up tough compacted soil and ensure that the tines can do their work unhindered. There is a compact model with a relatively shallow operating depth, while larger units offer working widths of over eight metres. These trailed cultivators are also designed to be easy to transport, with plenty of ground clearance when not in use so that they can cope with being hauled from one field to the next without becoming a burden. Just ensure that the access available on your site will be adequate to accommodate the width of any second-hand model you choose to purchase.

Kongskilde Germinator Pro

The Germinator Pro is Kongskilde's single-pass solution for creating seedbeds that are suitable for a range of crop types. These machines are designed with uniformity as a top priority, creating a suitably level and evenly treated surface layer which can accommodate the crop without wild variations. This allows for a more exacting approach to timing things such as spraying and harvesting, eliminating what might otherwise be costly inconsistencies from the equation. A used Germinator model from this firm will be a better prospect if it is well looked after and has received any replacement parts that are necessary while under the stewardship of its previous owner.

Kongkskilde Fertilisation Equipment

For fertilisation, Kongskilde offers spreaders such as the Wing Jet K-Plus Hydro, harnessing a hydraulic feeding mechanism and an electronic system that controls the distribution over working widths of between 12 and 24 metres, depending on the model chosen. This trailed boom spreader is particularly convenient in its latest guise thanks to the integration of navigation capabilities, as well as a variety of calibration settings that allow it to accommodate and distribute a number of fertiliser options. Even with its cutting-edge features, this range is kept as simple as possible to ensure that maintenance is not required as regularly. And because of this they can make a worthwhile used purchase for any farm.

Used Kongskilde Farm Machinery

Kongskilde is responsible for various mounted seed drill models, as well as power and precision drill assemblies which can be mounted on harrows and cultivators for ease of use and improved efficiency. The EcoLine, for example, is a unit designed for mid-sized sites that can either be used on its own or as part of a set-up that also features some form of additional cultivation equipment. It is light, meaning that it does not require as much horsepower to haul it. As with all of Kongskilde's farming machinery, it is also very robust and reliable, which is why there are examples of all ages on the used market.

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