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The French company Manitou turned the world of materials handling on its head in 1958 when its founder, Marcel Braud, had the idea to turn around a tractor and add hydraulic steering and a lifting mast. The result was the first ever rough-terrain forklift and it proved to be the foundation of the company’s success. If you look at that first machine, you can immediately see the simplicity and genius of the idea.

It is, indeed, simply a tractor, with the operator sitting on the hood and facing the rear, where the mast and forks have been added. This configuration puts almost the entire weight of the tractor, engine and all, behind the driver and provides a natural counterbalance to the weights being lifted. What were the large rear wheels of the tractor now become the stabilising front wheels of the forklift.

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Buy Manitou 731 TURBO TELEHANDLER Farm Machinery For Sale
Manitou 731 TURBO TELEHANDLER 2006 Telehandlers £16,500.00
MANITOU 731 TURBO TELEHANDLER 2006 No hours showing Good machine £16500
Buy Manitou MT 928-4 Turbo  Farm Machinery For Sale
Manitou MT 928-4 Turbo 1998 Telehandlers POA
Buy Manitou Mlt634  Farm Machinery For Sale
Manitou Mlt634 - Telehandlers £26,500.00
- Air Con - Tyres 460/70 R24 - Boom Suspension
Buy Manitou Mlt629t  Farm Machinery For Sale
Manitou Mlt629t - Telehandlers £13,500.00
- 4wd - Tyres 17.5x24 - Hyd Latching - PUH
Buy Manitou TM 1637 SLT TURBO TELEHANDLER Farm Machinery For Sale
Manitou TM 1637 SLT TURBO TELEHANDLER 2001 Telehandlers £16,000.00
MANITOU TM 1637 SLT TURBO TELEHANDLER 2001 7244 hours £16000
Buy Manitou MLT 627  Farm Machinery For Sale
Manitou MLT 627 2013 Telehandlers £33,950.00
30K Forward Speed, 2.7T, 6M REACH Turbo, Pickup Hitch 2.7T, 6M REACH,
Buy Manitou MLT634-120 Telehandler  Farm Machinery For Sale
Manitou MLT634-120 Telehandler - Telehandlers £30,000.00
- 480/70r24 Tyres - Manual Transmission - Boom Suspension - Hitch, pallet forks, easy connect - Finance Subject to Status
Buy Manitou MLT627 Telehandler  Farm Machinery For Sale
Manitou MLT627 Telehandler 2011 Telehandlers POA
- 20" Wheels - Hydraulic Implement Locking - Hydraulic Pick Up Hitch - Air Con - 405/70-20 Tyres - 2011 Model
Buy Manitou Mlt526 Telehandler  Farm Machinery For Sale
Manitou Mlt526 Telehandler - Telehandlers £15,000.00
- 460/70r24 17.5x24 Tyres - Non Smooth Ride - 24"
Buy Manitou 526  Manireach  Turbo, 2002, reg: SG02 ZSD Farm Machinery For Sale
Manitou 526 Manireach Turbo, 2002, reg: SG02 ZSD 2002 Telehandlers £13,995.00
Manitou Manireach 526 Turbo, 2002, reg: SG02 ZSD, 5m reach, 2.6 ton lift, c/w pallet forks, joystick control, shuttle transmission, 2 wheel steer/4 wheel steer/ crab steer, Perkins engine, 85HP approx, PUH, front spools, fenders all round, work lamps, 460/70 x 24 30%, can be supplied with LOLER certificate at extra cost Will be workshop prepared and serviced prior to sale. UK Delivery, Finance
Buy Manitou MT1030  Farm Machinery For Sale
Manitou MT1030 - Telehandlers £14,950.00
Year 2005, 4448 hours, 10 meter reach, 3 tonne lift, power slide front forks, 90% tyres all round, ex company colours, tidy machine throughout
Buy Manitou MLT627 T  Farm Machinery For Sale
Manitou MLT627 T - Telehandlers POA
With forks and hitch DUE IN
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                                                   A Brief Look at Manitou on Video

Sticking to their knitting

Unlike other companies, Manitou has remained true to these original founding ideas instead of branching out into all sorts of other areas. Its goal is to be “the material-handling reference” and this admirable focus is evident in the quality of its machines. Today, Manitou’s materials-handling product range for agriculture is divided into masted forklift trucks and telehandlers.

Manitou forklift trucks

The straight-masted, or vertical, Manitou forklift is a good choice for those situations requiring manoeuvrability and utmost stability. The company has pioneered this design and their expertise is evident in the capabilities of the trucks. The M Series of masted forklifts have been designed from the outset to be true rough-terrain forklifts. The company has added simple maintenance and operator comfort to robust performance to create a family of machines suitable for a wide range of applications. Manitou also makes a semi-industrial range of masted forklifts. These are smaller and are tailored for applications that require manoeuvrability in tighter spaces, great handling, lots of traction and good comfort.

Manitou telehandler range

Manitou’s range of telehandlers is truly extensive. There are no fewer than 12 different models, and therefore there is a great chance of finding exactly the right machine for your application. The family runs from the MLT 625 all the way up to the MLT 845, with lift heights ranging from under six metres to more than 14 metres and lift capacities exceeding 4.5 tonnes.

All machines are designed as true agricultural workhorses, with specialist tyres, excellent ground clearance and lots of traction to ensure efficient working even on the most uneven of ground. A raft of attachments allows the accurate and safe handling of all sorts of materials around the farm. The cabs are spacious and ergonomically designed, with Manitou’s trademark JSM controls allowing single-hand operation of the boom and attachments, allowing you to keep a hand on the steering wheel at all times.

Safety first

Safety is, of course, a major feature. There is an aggravating movement detector, which interrupts operations to prevent any operator inputs that would endanger the stability of the machine. There is also a driver-presence detector, which prevents movements unless an operator is seated in the telehandler. ROPS and FOPS protection is standard and a lateral engine, low boom pivot and high seat give excellent visibility of the entire working environment.

Learn more about popular Manitou models:

Manitou MLT 735 Telehandler

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Manitou MLT 845 Telehandler

The Manitou MLT 845 telehandler is a high-performance rough-terrain telehandler aimed at the toughest duties. It is adept across the whole range of farm handling tasks, from bulk loading and unloading to animal feed, straw and hay. It is an extremely capable machine which combines performance and comfort with good looks to be one of the classiest handling solutions around. The heavy-duty boom... Read more

Manitou TMT Truck Mounted Forklift

The Manitou truck-mounted forklift is a supremely capable piece of materials-handling kit. It features the company’s innovative telescopic boom set-up, which gives the TMT series a greater freedom of movement and reduces the overall costs of on-site handling. The optional long boom allows access to every load from the same side of the trailer, greatly reducing loading and unloading times and... Read more

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