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Massey Ferguson was founded in Ontario, Canada in 1847 by Daniel Massey. Originally they produced mechanical threshers and the firm was called the Newcastle Foundry and Machine Manufactory. The firm moved to Toronto and soon became the largest agricultural machinery producer in the British Empire.

The company built tractors from the 1930s and in 1938 built the first ever self-propelled combine harvester. The firm merged with the Ferguson company in 1953 and shortened the company name to the familiar Massey Ferguson in 1958. In 1995 the firm was sold to AGCO Corporation. Today, Massey Ferguson is an internationally renowned tractor brand and a leader in harvesting.

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Buy Massey Ferguson Ferguson 7718 Efficient Farm Machinery For Sale
Massey Ferguson Ferguson 7718 Efficient 2017 Tyres POA
- climate control - air seat - climate control - heated electric mirrors - power beyond - high level driving lights - twin beacons Top speed of 50K Tyres: 650/65/38 + 540/65/28 Michelin Transmission: Dyna-6
Buy Massey Ferguson 3095  Farm Machinery For Sale
Massey Ferguson 3095 1993 Tractors £10,750.00
1993 Massey Ferguson 3095, air con, dynashift transmission, front fenders, 13.6 x 28 0% and 16.9 x 38 70%, 9119 hours
Buy Massey Ferguson 520  Farm Machinery For Sale
Massey Ferguson 520 2017 Tillage POA
MF 520 discs in good order
Buy Massey Ferguson 8110  Farm Machinery For Sale
Massey Ferguson 8110 1975 Tractors POA
P RegDynashift4 x 45000 Hrs
Buy Massey Ferguson 6490  Farm Machinery For Sale
Massey Ferguson 6490 2010 Tractors POA
10 Reg4 x 44100 HrsFront LinkageFront and Cab Suspension40K
Buy Massey Ferguson 7624  Farm Machinery For Sale
Massey Ferguson 7624 2012 Tractors POA
12 Reg As NEW4 x 4 Dyna 63300 HrsFront and Cab Suspension50KautoguideAir Brakes
Buy Massey Ferguson 5480  Farm Machinery For Sale
Massey Ferguson 5480 2012 Tractors POA
62 RegDyna 44 x 42100 HrsFront and Cab Suspension150 HP
Buy Massey Ferguson 8280  Farm Machinery For Sale
Massey Ferguson 8280 2003 Tractors POA
03 Reg4 x 46200 Hrs
Buy Massey Ferguson 690  Farm Machinery For Sale
Massey Ferguson 690 - Tractors POA
Buy Massey Ferguson 6480  Farm Machinery For Sale
Massey Ferguson 6480 2010 Tractors POA
60 Reg4 x 44700 Hrs50KFront and Cab Suspension
Buy Massey Ferguson 7475  Farm Machinery For Sale
Massey Ferguson 7475 2007 Tractors POA
07 Reg4 x 4Dyna VTFront and Cab Suspension50K
Buy Massey Ferguson 8130  Farm Machinery For Sale
Massey Ferguson 8130 1995 Tractors POA
N Reg4 x 44900 HrsDynashift
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Massey Ferguson at Discover AGCO in Birmingham

The Massey Ferguson range is built around tractors, combine harvesters, balers and material handlers. The company also has a presence in the mower and ground-care markets. The tractor range is comprehensive, with everything from compact units to the largest and most powerful machines.

Massey Ferguson Tractor Range

The entry-level tractor is the MF 1500. This tractor has a power rating of between 19.5hp and 46hp, depending on model. There is a choice of cab or platform models and efficient three- or four-cylinder engines. Later models have a hydrostatic transmission and the lift capacity is 1,580kg.

The MF 3600 is next at between 76hp and 102hp and is designed to be tough and capable across a wide range of tasks. The compact footprint makes the 3600 quick and manoeuvrable. The 3600 family also includes specialist variants for vine, fruit and vegetable growers.

The 5400 range at 75hp is even more versatile and perfect for dairy, arable, livestock or hill farm uses. There is good ground clearance and excellent stability, making the 5400 a good choice for rough terrain.

The MF 5600 offers a choice of three- or four-cylinder engines and a selection of power and wheelbase dimensions to allow you to match the tractor precisely to your requirements. With engines up to 130hp and plenty of torque, there's more than enough power on tap. MAssey Ferguson 6600 tractor

The MF 6600, meanwhile, is designed with a short wheelbase and curved bonnet and chassis to give a tight turning circle for great headland turns.

The MF 7600 has a powerful six-cylinder engine, panorama cab and up to 255hp.b

The MF 8600 series offers superb SCR efficiency in engines up to 370hp. Low fuel consumption and larger fuel tanks mean the MF 8600 is designed for the longest working days.

The range tops off with the magnificent MF 8700. Power rises to 400hp and a 12-tonne lift capacity makes it the right choice for the heaviest workloads.

Massey Ferguson Combines RangeMassey Ferguson Combines

The Massey Ferguson combine harvester range includes the Activa, Beta Centora and Delta families. Power ranges from 176hp to 459hp. Massey Ferguson has been an innovator in the combine harvester market since the beginning and the latest models are no exception. Here you will find precision harvesters with a choice of straw walker, rotary or hybrid separators.

Massey Ferguson Baler RangeMassey Ferguson Baler

The Massey Ferguson Baler range, meanwhile, offers traditional, round or big-square balers, all designed for maximum material density. This provides the farmer with the minimum storage space requirement and easiest handling possible. Clever use of the latest electronics provides the operator with key information on harvest data. Massey Ferguson was built on innovation and that continues to be the case. Throughout the combine, tractor and baler ranges, you will find excellent use of technology but the company never forgets its core values of strength and reliability.

Learn more about popular Massey Ferguson models:

Massey Ferguson MF 9305 Xtra

Massey Ferguson has introduced the MF 9305 Xtra telehandler to offer customers a new standard in mid-range telehandlers. In addition to its class-leading lift capacities, it also features a compact body that is ideal for operations in situations that have restricted access. Three Tonne Lift - nearly 6 Metre Height The MF 9305 Xtra has a lift capacity of 3,000kg, together with a lift height of... Read more

Massey Ferguson 2170 XD Baler

The XD in Massey Ferguson's Baler stands for 'extra density'. The company claims that the baler can squeeze up to 20% more material into its large square bales, which measure 1.2m x 0.88m. The nature of bales means that trucks run out of space before approaching their maximum weight capabilities. The 2170 is intended to reduce the associated transport costs by producing a smaller number of heavier... Read more

Massey Ferguson 3600 Tractors

The Massey Ferguson 3600 series of tractors are tough little beasts. The pack a lot of power into a small footprint and are built to be rugged, quick and agile. They are adaptable too and can perform well in general agricultural, specialist or municipal operations. They are also designed to be economical to run and give the operator a spacious and comfortable environment to work in. The Massey... Read more

Massey Ferguson 8600 Tractor

The Massey Ferguson 8600 tractor range is built for those who demand power without compromise from their tractors. At the same time, it has been designed with the ultimate in SCR technology to ensure minimum impact on the environment. Talking of minimum impact, the Massey Ferguson 8600 tractor also features a heavy-duty front axle that takes dual wheels to reduce compaction. The benefits of low... Read more

Massey Ferguson MF 4700 Global Tractor

Massey Ferguson Shows New MF 4700 Global Tractor at Lamma It was a busy show for Massey Ferguson, as the company unveiled three new tractor ranges. These included the compact MF 1700, the MF 4700 Global and a new model to be built at the company's Beauvais factory in France. The MF 4700 Global range comprises two models: the MF 4707 with 74hp and the MF 4708 rated at 82hp. Both tractors come... Read more

Massey Ferguson MF 5600

Massey Ferguson has released three new tractor models in the 110 to 130hp segment. These tractors have been tailored specifically to suit the needs of this niche and feature powerful but economical and clean four-cylinder engines. The MF 5600 models are built with sector-topping performance at the top of the wish list and the emphasis on useable power is complemented by fantastic visibility and... Read more

Massey Ferguson MF 6600

Massey Ferguson's MF 6600 is designed to be a more manoeuvrable tractor, with a compact body and great power-to-weight ratio. It is engineered with a curved bonnet and chassis and a short wheelbase to offer one of the tightest turning circles in the sector. The powerful engines add to that excellent power-to-weight ratio and make the MF 6600 a good choice for a whole host of applications. The MF... Read more

Massey Ferguson MF 7600 Tractor

MF 7600 tractors mix robust construction and intelligent modern technologies in a formula designed to get the job done. They are designed from scratch to give better productivity, improve fuel economy and meet modern emissions standards. The MF 7600 series boasts nine models with a range of power options from 140hp to 280hp, meaning that there is an MF 7600 to suit most tasks. The MF 7600... Read more

Massey Ferguson MF 9000 Telehandler

The MF 9000 Telehandler range has power up to 122hp and is designed to handle the toughest tasks around the farm. It is agile and quick as well as being strong, making it a multi-purpose piece of kit that is great to have around. Every MF 9000 Telehandler has an efficient and powerful engine, with plenty of torque for those applications demanding more force and traction. The cooling system has... Read more

Massey Ferguson MF Activa

The MF Activa is Massey Ferguson's entry-level combine harvester, running from 176hp to 226hp. This 'no-nonsense' harvesting machine gives excellent economy and features low running costs. It is aimed at small to medium-size owners and operators with modest arable areas to harvest. There are two models in the MF Activa range. The MF 7240 has 176hp and a 5200 litre tank capacity, while the larger... Read more

Massey Ferguson MF Activa Combine Harvester

The MF Activa combine harvester provides a no-nonsense solution to all harvesting needs. It is designed to deliver high performance while providing excellent fuel economy and low running and maintenance costs. Throughout the design you will find an admirable dedication to paring back any superfluous features and creating a simple and effective harvesting platform. The Freeflow cutting table,... Read more

Massey Ferguson MF Beta Combine Harvester

The Massey Ferguson MF Beta is the company's mid-range harvester, offering good fuel economy, low cost of ownership and easy servicing. The Beta range is designed to be straightforward, with just enough technology and features to make them easy to work with in the field. The Beta model range runs from the 7360 to the Beta PLI. The number of straw walkers is either five or six and grain capacity is... Read more

Massey Ferguson MF Delta Combine

The Massey Ferguson MF Delta combine is a perfect blend of both rotary and conventional technologies. It is the perfect choice for those farmers with the largest acreages or for the contractor market and has a wealth of features which are designed to boost performance and capacity as well as improving control and comfort levels. In short, this is a combine for those who require high outputs and... Read more

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Massey Ferguson Promotes British Farming

Although uncertainties brought about by Brexit are having an impact in many areas, Massey Ferguson is one of the firms that is hoping to galvanise efforts to foster confidence in the UK’s... Read More

Massey Ferguson Tractor Wins Farm Machinery Prize

This year the MF 6718 S tractor was chosen as the best mid-power machine on the market by judges at the SIMA 2017 agriculture technology expo, according to the Somerset County... Read More

Tractors Compete for Attention at Irish Farm Machinery Show

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Massey Ferguson Tractors

Massey Ferguson Tractors Listings... Read more