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McConnel has a history dating back to the 1930s, when an enterprising farmer set up his own company to produce agricultural equipment. It gained attention over the years for the development of hedge-cutting machines mounted to tractors - the first of their kind. In the years since, it has expanded its product range to include a broad selection of equipment, from small items aimed at keeping hedgerows in check to large trailers to be used out on the field.

The Power Arms produced by McConnel are still its flagship products and come in a range of sizes and specifications, with standard models stacked alongside customised variants that are adapted to suit the needs of specific customers. At the compact end of the scale is the Swingtrim, which has the ability to swing over the top of the tractor unit and thus operate on either side without requiring any decoupling. Like many of McConnel's Power Arms, it has a three-point-linkage mounting system, with this model even coming with the option of being mounted at the front of the tractor rather than the rear.

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Buy McConnel PA48  Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel PA48 2005 Hedge Mowers £3,950.00
54HP, Cable Control, Linkage Mounted, Parallel Arm
Buy McConnel PA32 HEDGETRIMMER Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel PA32 HEDGETRIMMER - Hedge Mowers £4,750.00
MCCONNELL PA32 HEDGETRIMMER 3 Point linkage Electric control Very good Trimmer Works well £4750
Buy McConnel   Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel - Saw Bench £850.00
Used McConnel Saw Bench In good working order Give us a call
Buy McConnel 2.5M SHAKERATOR  Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel 2.5M SHAKERATOR - Subsoilers £2,750.00
McCONNEL 2.5M SHAKERATOR, comes with five new 24 inch legs and new wearing parts, rear linkage, PTO and depth wheels. £2,750 + VAT.
Buy McConnel TOPPER 9  Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel TOPPER 9 1999 Mowers £1,250.00
Productspecweb: 9' Rhino topper, rear wheels, 1999
Buy McConnel 9FT  Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel 9FT - Mowers POA
Buy McConnel   Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel - Toppers POA
New McConnel SR460 Batwing Topper Please give us a call for more information!
Buy McConnel PA5570 XTC  Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel PA5570 XTC 2011 Hedge Mowers £11,995.00
Tidy hedge cutter, complete with F10 flails, heavy duty front flap and operators handbook.
Buy McConnel   Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel - Toppers £1,750.00
magnum elite 270 flail topper with hammer head flails good working order. no vibration £1,750
Buy McConnel PA9058  Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel PA9058 - Mowers POA
Cable control, tidy order
Buy McConnel PA9058  Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel PA9058 - Mowers £3,995.00
McConnel PA9058 hedgecutter, cable control, tidy order, -?3995.
Buy McConnel PA92  Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel PA92 - Mowers POA
hedge cutter, cable control, good order. Due in.
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Used McConnel Shakerator For agricultural deployment, the Power Arm 5860 is the much larger and more impressive sibling to the Swingtrim, offering 5.8 metres of reach, an integrated hydraulic engine which develops 60 horsepower and designs for either left- or right-hand drive vehicles. For trimming hedgerows and verges, this is the perfect solution.

Choice of Mowers

The company also produces a number of rotary and flail mowers, with the roller mower series helping to keep grass under control while also reducing the amount of power which is required to achieve this. The Magnum series of flail mowers provides a range of cutting heights - from as little as 16mm right up to 56mm - ensuring that groundcare can be carried out to the exacting specifications of the user, all with the help of a compact and reliable piece of equipment.

The Shakerator Range

For cultivation, the McConnel Shakerator range is an intriguing option available to farmers. It's made all the more compelling thanks to its use of a vibrating action to help agitate and condition the soil while simultaneously reducing problems with compaction. When it comes to improving drainage and allowing land to improve the level of crops it can yield each year, this is a suitable option. The Vibratilth is an even more impressive piece of machinery, with working widths of up to four metres meaning that it is also an efficient way to tend to soil surfaces. The company also produces specialised products such as the Seedaerator, which is capable of strip till drilling to ensure that farming can be carried out intensively for maximum profitability without having a negative environment on the ecosystem.

For turf care, the McConnel Pasturator is a popular choice, harnessing replaceable steel blades to ensure durability and also make maintenance easy to achieve. A 230mm working depth and either 2.5 or 3.0 metre working widths make it appropriate for both agricultural and horticultural usage, while the low weight of the assembly means that it is not going to be an excessive burden.

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