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McHale Farm Machinery is a family-run business that was founded in the west of Ireland in the 1970s. The firm started life as a retail outlet for farm machinery before going on to design and manufacture its own range of equipment.

The tough farming conditions in the west of Ireland proved to be an ideal proving ground for the firm’s robust machinery. In the 1980s, Martin and Padraic McHale moved the company from being a reseller of tractors and other machinery to being a manufacturer in their own right. The brothers saw that there was a gap in the market for a machine capable of cutting the pit silage common in the local area.

The machines that were available to do this work were known to struggle with the tough ryegrass that was prevalent in the region.

The McHale brothers therefore decided to manufacture their own machine to be better suited to this environment. Their first machine was the ‘Silomac’ blockcutter, and this was soon followed by a family of slurry pump machines. The brothers still guide the McHale company today, with Martin leading the sales and marketing department and Padraic in charge of production and research.

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Buy McHale 991BE  Farm Machinery For Sale
McHale 991BE 2017 Specialist £10,950.00
Productspecweb: Trailed round wrapper,750mm dispenser, Fully automatic electric control
Buy McHale 998  Farm Machinery For Sale
McHale 998 - Specialist £1,100.00
Productspecweb: NEW Round bale kit to suit 998 trailed wrapper
Buy McHale 998  Farm Machinery For Sale
McHale 998 - Specialist POA
Productspecweb: High output square bale wrapper, capable of wrapping 80-100 bales per hour - Library picture
Buy McHale 998  Farm Machinery For Sale
McHale 998 2014 Specialist £21,950.00
Productspecweb: 2014, Trailed large square wrapper, 22,800 bales
Buy McHale   Farm Machinery For Sale
McHale - Round Balers POA
Website:? ( McHale is a leading international manufacturer who over the last 30 years have developed a range of specialist agricultural farm machinery. McHale manufacture a range of fixed and variable chamber round balers, square and round bale wrappers, the Fusion integrated or combination baler wrapper and a range of round bale handling, bale splitting and
Buy McHale 991 BC Wrapper,  Farm Machinery For Sale
McHale 991 BC Wrapper, - Bale Wrappers £3,950.00
991BC McHale 991 BC Wrapper 750 Film
Buy McHale 991 BE Wrapper  Farm Machinery For Sale
McHale 991 BE Wrapper - Bale Wrappers £4,500.00
991BE McHale 991 BE Wrapper Electric Control 750 Film
Buy McHale V660 Round Baler  Farm Machinery For Sale
McHale V660 Round Baler 2014 Round Balers £18,950.00
V660 McHale V660 Round Baler Full spec including Brakes Year 2014 15 Knife Chopper 9100 Bales
Buy McHale F530 Baler  Farm Machinery For Sale
McHale F530 Baler 2006 Round Balers £9,950.00
F530 McHale F530 Round Baler Non Chopper Year 2006 Very Tidy 13000 Bales
Buy McHale F550  Farm Machinery For Sale
McHale F550 2006 Round Balers POA
Mint conditionPrice in Euros - EU11500
Buy McHale   Farm Machinery For Sale
McHale - Bale Wrappers POA
New McHale 991 BE This machine is a full electric controlled bale wrapper. Call us for more information and a price!
Buy McHale R5 Bale Handler  Farm Machinery For Sale
McHale R5 Bale Handler - Round Balers £795.00
c/w JCB brackets and hydraulic pipes. St# 31090314
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McHale video

McHale Focus on Round Balers

In 1988 the company produced its first round bale wrappers and reached a decision to refocus their efforts in this niche. Much research and development effort went into producing the first machines, and the result was a family of round bale wrappers designed for static and field wrapping. In 1990 the success of these products saw the company develop a network of dealers in the UK, and McHale wrappers started to be exported across Europe. This was followed by further expansion in 1994 which saw the company export its products to Australia.

Square Balers Follow

In 1995 the company launched its first ever square wrapper — again designed for both static and field wrapping. 1996 saw McHale begin exports to New Zealand, and in 1998 they produced the powerful 998 square bale wrapper with twin dispenser which has become renowned as the quickest such machine in the industry.

New McHale Factory

Increased demand for McHale products saw the company move to a custom-built manufacturing plant in 1999, and in 2000 they launched the high-output HS2000 round bale wrapper with twin dispenser. This was followed in 2002 by the McHale Fusion, an integrated combined baler wrapper. The HS2000 has a patented bale transfer process and is a robust baler that has a wrapping ring integrated.Mchale V640 Baler

The McHale 550, a round baler with fixed chamber, arrived in 2004, and in the same year the company’s expansion saw them open a second factory in Hungary. The company expanded its F5 family of fixed chamber round balers in 2007 when it added the F540 and F560 — the former a non-chopper machine and the latter a fully automatic 23-knife baler. In 2009 the company completed its range with the V660, the company’s first variable round chamber baler.

McHale - A Success Story

Today McHale is an Irish success story, exporting 90% of its products and selling its machinery in more than 50 countries. The company still specialises in round balers and round bale wrappers along with integrated baler wrappers and square bale wrappers. McHale machinery is the result of extensive R&D and field testing, which is a combination that makes used McHale machinery a sound investment.

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The McHale C460 is a flexible machine that can be utilised to quickly distribute bedding materials, efficiently creating a thick layer of aerated straw. It can also be used for silage to feed round bales. The McHale C460 increases its versatility by being able to distribute longer-fibre fodder such as straw and hay while also being able to cope with feeding short-fibre silage. A central component... Read more

McHale Fusion 3 Integrated Bale Wrapper

McHale balers have developed a reputation over a number of years for being reliable and providing excellent operator comfort and high outputs. They also tend to keep their price, which can result in good resale values. The McHale Fusion 3 takes that reputation forward with its patented bale transfer, excellent reliability, impressive output and long maintenance intervals. In the McHale Fusion 3,... Read more

McHale V660 Variable Chamber Round Baler Belt B

The McHale V660 is a tough machine, developed and tested on some of Europe's most demanding farm land. It is part of the family of McHale round balers and bale wrappers, which are renowned as some of the most robust, innovative and reliable machines on the market today. The company's founders were themselves farmers and the McHale V660 benefits from their practical, real-world experience and... Read more

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