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The mower-conditioner, or MoCo as it is often known, is a hybrid piece of machinery that combines mowing and conditioning. The original standalone conditioner was used to crush and crimp hay stalks, exposing a greater surface area and allowing them to dry more quickly. This is especially important for first-cut hay, where the crop has thicker stalks and would otherwise take longer to dry.

These conditioners were simple affairs, with a pair of grooved rollers which the hay is forced between. This causes the hay stalks to split, giving that greater surface area for better drying times. This standalone conditioner is now more or less obsolete, having been incorporated into the more modern mower-conditioner as we know it today.

The mower part of these combined machines comes in three main types. These are disc mowers, drum mowers and sickle bar mowers. Disc mowers feature a number of hubs on the cutting width, each with a rotating disc with knives. 

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Buy John Deere 530  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 530 2009 Mower-conditioners POA
Tidy, Gyro headstock grouperPrice in Euros - EU9000
Buy John Deere 1365  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 1365 2009 Mower-conditioners POA
Gyro head Fully checkedPrice in Euros - EU8500
Buy John Deere 1365  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 1365 2005 Mower-conditioners POA
Tidy Linkage drawbar No vat ocketPrice in Euros - EU8500
Buy Claas Disco 3050 C Plus Mower Conditioner  Farm Machinery For Sale
Claas Disco 3050 C Plus Mower Conditioner - Mower-conditioners £2,500.00
Buy John Deere 530  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 530 2012 Mower-conditioners POA
Selling for customer C/W 2008 grouper Immaculate condition Only 500 acres cutPrice in Euros - EU14000
Buy Krone AMT283CV  Farm Machinery For Sale
Krone AMT283CV 2000 Mower-conditioners £2,900.00
Very tidy Trailed mower conditioner, been very well looked after, one owner from new, not been used by a contractor, done around 200 acres a year.
Buy Kuhn  FC280F Front Mounted Mower  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kuhn FC280F Front Mounted Mower - Mower-conditioners £1,400.00
- 2.8m Front Mounted Mower Conditioner - Plastic Finger Conditioner - 1000 RPM - Air frame connection not incluing A frame.
Buy John Deere 328A  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 328A 2010 Mower-conditioners £5,200.00
Buy Claas Dico  Farm Machinery For Sale
Claas Dico 2010 Mower-conditioners POA
Claas Disco 3100C rear mounted mower conditioner, year 2010 , very good condition, farmer owned
Buy Other NOVACAT X8  Farm Machinery For Sale
Other NOVACAT X8 2012 Mower-conditioners £11,750.00
Buy Pottinger NOVACAT 301  Farm Machinery For Sale
Pottinger NOVACAT 301 2011 Mower-conditioners £5,750.00
Buy Kuhn FC 303 YGL MOWER CONDITIONER  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kuhn FC 303 YGL MOWER CONDITIONER - Mower-conditioners £3,950.00
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Drum mowers have two or three plates of about 36” diameter which spin and cut as they traverse the ground. The sickle bar type of mower has an advantage over these two in the reduced horsepower it requires to operate. It also has disadvantages, however, in that it has more moving parts and requires more maintenance. Disc mowers are simpler, but the construction of early models means that if one part breaks, the whole unit is affected. This has been addressed in more modern examples. Drum mowers have a more component-based construction and can be cheaper to fix.

The conditioner part of the machine also comes in three main types. These are flail conditioners, rubber-roller conditioners and steel-roller conditioners. Both roller type conditioners are similar to the original standalone machines insofar as they consist of two opposing rollers with an interlocking chevron pattern to crush the hay. This raised chevron pattern is either rubber or steel and both models have a steel shaft. The flail conditioner has a pattern of steel V-shaped spines on the shaft which beat the hay against the top of the machine. The flail conditioner also has the advantage of reducing drying time by removing the waxy surface on the hay.

The first MoCo was the Haybine, which married a sickle bar mower to a hay conditioner. These are now produced by New Holland and are branded as the Discbine, as they now use disc mowers. Now, however, many of the big manufacturers, such as John Deere and Kuhn, offer a range of mower-conditioners. Aside from the actual mowing and conditioning technologies deployed, there are a number of other factors to consider in choosing the right MoCo. Mower-conditioners can be mounted on the tractor. They come as either front or rear single- or double-mounted units and can actually be used in combination with each other to provide the maximum working area. Mower-conditioners can also be trailed and come as side pull or rear centre pivot pull configurations.

The technology involved in mower-conditioners is reasonably basic and the machines tend to be robust. Having decided on the technology that best suits your land and the size of MoCo or combination of machines, it is a matter of looking at service intervals, reliability records and residual values. With some sensible choices, there is little to get in the way of enjoying long and reliable service from a used mower-conditioner.

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