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The plough is one of the oldest, most widespread and basic implements in agriculture. It has been in use since the beginning of farming and is one of the earliest and most important advances in agriculture. It greatly increased yields and helped spread farming practices around the world. Historically, ploughs were first powered by humans and then drawn by animals such as cattle, horses, oxen or mules. Today, however, they are almost exclusively pulled by tractors. Ploughs have been made from wood, iron and steel, as materials science advanced.

A plough operates by simply turning over the topmost layer of soil. This has the effect of bringing nutrients closer to the surface, where they can be used by the crop. It also buries weeds and crop residue, allowing them to be broken down in the soil and thus enriching the earth by recycling these nutrients. It also removes seeds, leaving the soil clear for planting a fresh crop. The act of ploughing homogenises the upper layers of the earth, down to a depth of perhaps 25cm. This forms the plough layer, which can be accessed by the roots of the vast majority of crops. Once ploughed, most fields are left to dry and then harrowed to achieve a finer tilth before any planting takes place.


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Buy Kuhn Multi Master 122 Plough  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kuhn Multi Master 122 Plough 2008 Ploughs £8,250.00
5ft Auto Reset c/w depth wheel with damper, skimmers, rear discs, hydraulic front furrow width. St# NF-17-06-17SOBO
Buy Kongskilde PLOUGH . Farm Machinery For Sale
Kongskilde PLOUGH . 1998 Ploughs POA
Buy Cousins 1988 CONTOUR 6.3M HYD FOLDING ROLLS  Farm Machinery For Sale
Cousins 1988 CONTOUR 6.3M HYD FOLDING ROLLS - Ploughs £4,450.00
1988 COUSINS CONTOUR 6.3M HYDRAULIC FOLDING ROLLS, c/w articulated front gang & 24" Cambridge rings, although a few year old they are a very sound set with no welds. £4,450 + VAT. Contact us on 01763 780440.
Buy Dowdeswell DP120S 4+1 HIGH CLEARANCE PLOUGH  Farm Machinery For Sale
Dowdeswell DP120S 4+1 HIGH CLEARANCE PLOUGH 1993 Ploughs £3,250.00
1993 DOWDESWELL DP120S 4+1 FURROW HIGH CLEARANCE PLOUGH, c/w DD bodies, skimmers, rear disc & manual vari-width, has 36" point to point clearance, and 30" under-beam clearance. £3,250 + VAT. Contact us on 01763 780440.
Buy Kverneland LB85-240 Plough Farm Machinery For Sale
Kverneland LB85-240 Plough - Ploughs £2,250.00
Kverneland LB 85-240 4 furrow reversible plough c/w press arm. Some cracks and welding.
Buy Kilworth Single Furrow Plough Farm Machinery For Sale
Kilworth Single Furrow Plough - Ploughs £475.00
Kilworth single furrow reversible plough. Suitable for compact tractor.
Buy Gregoire SPWB9 Besson Plough Farm Machinery For Sale
Gregoire SPWB9 Besson Plough - Ploughs £3,850.00
Gregoire Besson SPWB9 7 furrow semi-mounted reversible plough c/w hydraulic vari-width.
Buy Kuhn Multi-Master 121 Plough Farm Machinery For Sale
Kuhn Multi-Master 121 Plough 2001 Ploughs £4,750.00
Kuhn Multi-Master 121 5 furrow reversible plough. Year 2001. Little used.
Buy Reco WILRICH 6M HYD FOLDING FLEXITINE  Farm Machinery For Sale
RECO WILRICH 6M HYDRAULIC FOLDING FLEXITINE, c/w following harrow. This cultivator is fitted with 32 spring-tines with A blades fitted as well as four pneumatic depth wheels. Although quite an old cultivator it is sound and represents good value for money. £1,650 + VAT. Contact us on 01763 780440.
Buy Kverneland LB  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kverneland LB - Ploughs POA
Very tidy plough, hydraulic variwidth, good metalwork, boom looks good with no welds
Buy Other Tracmaster 720  Farm Machinery For Sale
Other Tracmaster 720 - Ploughs £950.00
c/w yard sweeper attachment. Various attachments available from Tracmaster. St# A1087179
Buy Dowdeswell 1994 DP120S 6 FURROW PLOUGH  Farm Machinery For Sale
Dowdeswell 1994 DP120S 6 FURROW PLOUGH 1994 Ploughs £3,250.00
1994 DOWDESWELL DP120S 6 FURROW PLOUGH, c/w full set of skims & rear discs, metalwork is OK and should do a good job of work. £3,250 + VAT. Contact us on 01763 780440.
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The first mechanical ploughs were steam-powered — they were self-powered ploughs or pulled by steam tractors. Soon, however, the more familiar internal combustion engine took over. The basic plough design remained consistent from many hundreds of years, comprising a coulter, mouldboard and ploughshare.

Major design improvements did not arrive until the 1700s, when the Rotherham plough featured a revised shape and iron-covered mouldboard. This was much lighter and more manoeuvrable than previous ploughs and suited to smaller English fields. It was also one of the very first mass-produced ploughs, being made in the factories that were heralding the start of the Industrial Revolution.

The later 1700s saw the arrival of the first cast ploughs, made from a single piece of iron. These later evolved into multi-part units to better cope with breakages. In 1837, the first steel plough was produced by John Deere in the US. This was a major breakthrough, being strong enough to plough soils previously thought of as being unsuitable for farming and bringing much more land into production.

These initial ploughs could only plough to one side, usually the right, but the turnwrest plough allowed ploughing on either side of the unit, and then the reversible plough used two mouldboards mounted rear to rear, with the rear mouldboard being raised when not in use and then being deployed when the plough is turned over at the end of a row. Most modern ploughs are of the reversible type and mounted on a tractor via its three-point linkage.

The range of ploughs available to modern farmers is vast. It includes examples from manufacturers such as Bomford, Browns, Chiltern, Dowdeswell, Flexicoil, Goizin Prestidge, Gregoire, International, Kuhn, Kverneland, Lemken, Massey Ferguson, Overum, Rabe, Ransome, Rumstad, Vaderstad and Vogel.

Modern ploughs are generally exceptionally hardy and can give many years of excellent service. A used plough is therefore a good investment and should also offer long, trouble-free use. A good trial is essential, along with a visual inspection of major components to ensure they are in reasonable condition.

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