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The harrow is usually considered as a secondary tillage implement, consisting of a metal frame with spring action or spike teeth and tines or discs to pulverise the soil and create a smooth tilth for the seed bed. Harrowing will usually take place after a field has been ploughed, and the impact is immediately clear, with the large clumps, sods and ridges left behind by the plough being broken down by the harrow into a far smoother surface.

Harrows can be used for seedbed preparation, covering sown seeds, destroying weeds and even aerating pastures. Various models of harrow are available to tackle different jobs, with the most common being the chain, disc and tine harrow.

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Buy Accord 1994 KUHN HR 4002D 4M POWER HARROW  Farm Machinery For Sale
Accord 1994 KUHN HR 4002D 4M POWER HARROW 1994 Power Harrows £2,650.00
1994 KUHN HR 4002D 4M POWER HARROW c/w packer roller and homemade transport trailer. A very sound power harrow, with good paintwork, but will soon need new blades. Pictured trailer included. Serial Number: 941233. £2,650 + VAT.
Buy Kuhn 4m Power Harrow  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kuhn 4m Power Harrow - Power Harrows £3,750.00
Kuhn 4 metre power harrow, packer roller, new tines to be fitted, not been used much, all o.k.
Buy Lemken Zirkon  Farm Machinery For Sale
Lemken Zirkon - Power Harrows £4,500.00
Lemken Zirkon 9/450 power harrow, 4.5 metres c/w large crumbler roller, had very little work, excellent condition.
Buy Special Price H/D Power Harrows   Farm Machinery For Sale
Special Price H/D Power Harrows - Power Harrows POA
Special Price H/D Power Harrows 220 HP rated gearbox 550 Packer Quick fit tines Low level scrapers Spring loaded side boards Cat III 340 Rotor speed Stone protection rotors Through PTO 1000 RPM 3 Years warranty 3 Metre - 1600Kgs ú6,950 + VAT 1 + 5 annual payments of ú1,350 per year + VAT 4 Metre - 1900Kgs ú7,950 + VAT 1 + 5 annual payments of ú1,550 per year + VAT
Buy 11. Maschio  Farm Machinery For Sale
11. Maschio - Power Harrows POA
Website:?www.maschio.co.uk (http://www.maschio.co.uk) Maschio are a leader in the production of Power Harrows, Rotary Cultivators, Flail Mowers, Mulchers and Seed Drills to name but a few products. Over 120 different types of machines are manufactured, with the company?s?main goal being to manufacture machines that can offer ?Real help to farmers? by using the most technological advanced
Buy Kverneland PHB13-300 3 Meter Power Harrow  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kverneland PHB13-300 3 Meter Power Harrow - Power Harrows £1,950.00
c/w Packer Roller, Good Tines
Buy Kverneland   Farm Machinery For Sale
Kverneland - Power Harrows £950.00
PH D300 Power harrow with packer roller £950
Buy Rabe MKE 400 Power Harrow Farm Machinery For Sale
Rabe MKE 400 Power Harrow - Power Harrows £1,350.00
Rabe MKE 400 power harrow c/w spiral crumbler and packer roller (not pictured). 4 metres working width.
Buy 2.5 Metre Greenland Power Harrow   Farm Machinery For Sale
2.5 Metre Greenland Power Harrow - Power Harrows POA
2.5 Metre Greenland Power Harrow only used 1 set of tines from new Heavy duty gearbox 540 PTO Crumbler roller 10 Rotors Split clutch Off genuine farm, very little use 1 Years warranty
Buy Brevi 2 Metre Power Harrow   Farm Machinery For Sale
Brevi 2 Metre Power Harrow - Power Harrows POA
Brevi 2 Metre Power Harrow New Packer roller Rear cloadboard Shearbolt PTO shaft Cat I or II Max 80 HP 540 PTO 324 Rotor speed 5 Year warranty
Buy Howard 4 Metre  Power Harrow  Farm Machinery For Sale
Howard 4 Metre Power Harrow 1998 Power Harrows POA
4 Metre Howard Power Harrow Hydraulic folding Year 1998 Bolt on tines Rear clod board Packer roller
Buy Lely 300-35 Power Harrow Farm Machinery For Sale
Lely 300-35 Power Harrow - Power Harrows £3,250.00
Lely 300-35 Lelyterra power harrow c/w hydraulic up and over drill 3 point linkage mounting kit and rear packer roller with scrapers.
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                          Cousins Seedbed Harrow

Harrows have been around since the plough came along. They have always been used to smooth the land after ploughing, and the original harrows were simply bunches of twigs attached to a frame. In ancient Egypt, a harrow made from dried palm fronds was in common use. These implements were known as bush harrows, and they remained in use for thousands of years, until the late 1800s.

Indeed, a bamboo harrow is still widely used in India today. In the 19th century, metal tooth harrows began to appear, fixed to an iron frame. The teeth on these implements could be adjusted to allow harrowing to different depths and finishes.

The spring-tooth harrow was the first mass-produced harrow of the industrial age, arriving in 1877. It was designed for stony and weedy ground and was perfect for use on the land encountered in the eastern United States. The major innovation was the ability of the teeth to move backwards and then release when striking objects. The disc harrow is now very common and was patented in the US in 1847.

Early versions had a single set of discs and then a second set was introduced in 1854. Later in the 19th century, self-cleaning disc harrows with 12 discs became available. Chain harrows, meanwhile, have square link chains fixed by cross links to a draught bar. The unit is kept expanded by trailing weights and stretchers and it is used for levelling manure and ripping up debris and weeds.

Kuhn Power harrows and other makes and models are designed to tackle the same tasks as normal harrows, but they offer more power. Whereas a normal harrow derives its power simply from the forward motion of the tractor, the power harrow takes its power directly from the tractor’s PTO. This allows the power harrow to tackle larger jobs in more difficult conditions, and power harrows are a good choice for heavy soils and for working to greater soil depths. Power harrows are offered in working widths up to eight metres.

Manufacturers of power harrows include Amazone, Concept, Howard, Kuhn power harrows, Kverneland, Lely, Maschio, Reco, Standen and Tulip.

A power harrow is offers straightforward mechanics and should be able to enjoy a long working life. The correct size should be selected, depending on the power of the tractor and size of farm to be worked on. The PTO connection should be checked out and a test completed wherever possible when buying a used power harrow.

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