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A rotovator will be an important part of the cultivation process for agricultural organisations, enabling soil to be tilled easily and thus improving its condition, alleviating compaction, enhancing aeration and managing weed growth.

Although 'rotovator' was originally a brand name, it has since come to represent a wide range of farming machinery from different manufacturers. And you can secure used rotovators of different sizes and with varying features and functions. It is simply necessary to work out what kind of rotovator you require, how far your budget can stretch and whether or not a piece of equipment is in the right kind of condition to merit investment.

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Buy Caroni EL110 Rotavator Farm Machinery For Sale
Caroni EL110 Rotavator - Rotovator £850.00
Caroni EL110 PTO driven rotavator. Suitable for compact tractor.
Buy Kuhn EL50 Rotavator  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kuhn EL50 Rotavator - Rotovator £1,850.00
Kuhn EL50 rotavator, 1.6 metres wide, excellent condition.
Buy Brevi Compact Rotovators   Farm Machinery For Sale
Brevi Compact Rotovators - Rotovator POA
Brevi Compact Rotovators 1.65 / 40 1.85 / 50 Skid depth control Adjustable rear hood 40 or 60 max HP 2 Year warranty 1.65 - ú1,780 + VAT 1.85 - ú1,980 + VAT Finance Available
Buy Howard Rotavator  Farm Machinery For Sale
Howard Rotavator - Rotovator POA
Howard Rotavator c/w land wheel POA
Buy Howard ROTORVATOR  Farm Machinery For Sale
Howard ROTORVATOR - Rotovator £675.00
Contact us for this and other quality used farm equipment.
Buy Maschio   Farm Machinery For Sale
Maschio - Rotovator POA
New Maschio W Type Rotavator From 15hp-40hp Call us for a price!
Buy Maschio   Farm Machinery For Sale
Maschio - Rotovator POA
New Maschio U Type Rotavator From 40hp-80hp Call us for a great price!
Buy Maschio   Farm Machinery For Sale
Maschio - Rotovator POA
New Maschio C Type Rotavator From 60hp-130hp Model Shown In Picture: 300-3m Call us for a fantastic price!
Buy Maschio   Farm Machinery For Sale
Maschio - Rotovator POA
New Maschio Puma Rotavator From 120hp-240hp Call us for a fantastic price!
Buy Howard HR30 ROTAVATOR Farm Machinery For Sale
Howard HR30 ROTAVATOR 1995 Rotovator POA
60inch H/D rotavator, VGC ready for work

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Used RotovatorFor most agricultural purposes, a large rotovator unit which is pulled by a tractor will be the best choice, since it enables significant areas of land to be covered in the shortest amount of time. And when looking at these rotovators, you will find various optional attachments are available. Some will feature cage rollers that have blades capable of breaking up the soil to refine its quality before seeding. Others will have individual tines that cut deeper into the earth for aeration. And the density of the soil you are dealing with, as well as the other kinds of equipment which are already available on-site, will help to guide your choice.

The working width of a rotovator is highly relevant to the purchasing process, since larger models will handle greater areas in less time but may prove problematic when it comes to actually getting access to the field. At the most compact end of the market, you can find rotovators that measure under a metre, although the two- to three-metre mark is the operating width at which tractor-driven models come into play. For larger sites and organisations with deeper pockets, rotovators with greater working widths may be appropriate, with some variants covering 10m or more in a single pass. Careful assessment of the specifications of a used rotovator will let you work out whether it is small or big enough for the work for which you wish you use it, so knowing what you want out of a rotovator is half the battle when buying.

Older rotovators are often the simplest in terms of mechanics, but that does not mean that less attention needs to be paid to the condition that they are in. Meanwhile, newer models which may have hydraulic circuitry or even use their own separate diesel engines to deliver power to the tines will need to be scrutinised thoroughly to check that all the components are operating properly and capable of delivering the ability to work immediately for a new owner.

Finally, remember that the type of rotovator you choose will need to be based upon the kind of tractor it is designed to work with, as more horsepower will be required to move larger models, and there may be compatibility issues depending on the age and country of origin. But whatever rotovator ends up at the top of your list of preferences, a quality used unit will always represent the best value for money.

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