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The concept of a baler is pretty simple. The purpose of the machine is simply to take a cut crop, typically hay, straw or silage, and form it into more compact bales. This makes the crop easier to handle, store or transport, while also saving a substantial amount of space. Different types of baler exist to do this, giving different sizes and densities of bales and also different shapes. The two most common types of baler are round and square.

Some balers will bind the bale with netting, twine or wire, or wrap the bale for protection from the elements. Hay was originally simply cut by hand and piled into haystacks. Mechanical cutters appeared from the 1860s, and in 1872 Charles Withington invented a knotter machine to bind and bundle hay. This was mass-produced in 1874 by Cyrus McCormick, who founded International Harvester.

This was probably the first real mechanical baler and it was improved in 1936 by Innes, whose baler also tied the bales. This in turn was improved by Ed Nolt, who patented a more reliable design in 1939.

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Buy New Holland BC BC 5060 conventional baler Farm Machinery For Sale
New Holland BC BC 5060 conventional baler 2013 Round Balers POA
- auto lube - lights - extended bale chamber - as new
Buy John Deere 582  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 582 2008 Round Balers £11,500.00
Productspecweb: 2008, Round Baler, Premium, 2.2mtr RotoFlow PU, 190/45/17 tyres, 40,500 bales
Buy John Deere 456 A Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 456 A - Round Balers £3,450.00
Productspecweb: Conventional baler
Buy John Deere F441R  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere F441R 2017 Round Balers £31,950.00
Productspecweb: F441R Premium Round Baler • Bale Size - 4’ (1.25 -1.35mtr) • 2.2mtr MaxiCut HC 13 knives • BaleTrak+ monitor • Full drop floor • Crop compressor roller baffle • 1000 PTO with Camclutch • 500/55-20 • Auto chain lubrication • Grease bank • 2 roll net system. 2 YEAR WARRANTY
Buy Massey Ferguson 186  Farm Machinery For Sale
Massey Ferguson 186 2006 Round Balers £25,950.00
Productspecweb: 2006, Large Square Baler, 56000 bales, Twin axle, steering rear axle, Blower fan for knotters, 6 string, 120 x 70
Buy Claas QUADRANT  3200 Farm Machinery For Sale
Claas QUADRANT 3200 2009 Round Balers £31,950.00
Productspecweb: Claas Quadrant 3200, Year 2009, 72,000 bales, Rotor feed, 120x70 bale size, 6 knotters with fan cleaning Hydraulic pre-chamber, 2.35m pick up 520/50-17 tandem axle, Self lube system, Camera Selling on behalf of a customer
Buy Claas 454RC  Farm Machinery For Sale
Claas 454RC 2011 Round Balers POA
Buy Claas  VARIANT 360 BALER  Farm Machinery For Sale
Claas VARIANT 360 BALER 2009 Round Balers £10,500.00
Buy McHale   Farm Machinery For Sale
McHale - Round Balers POA
Website:? ( McHale is a leading international manufacturer who over the last 30 years have developed a range of specialist agricultural farm machinery. McHale manufacture a range of fixed and variable chamber round balers, square and round bale wrappers, the Fusion integrated or combination baler wrapper and a range of round bale handling, bale splitting and
Buy John Deere 342 Baler  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 342 Baler - Round Balers POA
John Deere 342 Conventional Baler, 1 owner POA Implements
Buy John Deere 592  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 592 - Round Balers £5,750.00
John Deere 592 belt baler, net wrap, wide pickup, nice baler and only done 17000 bales, ?ú5750
Buy John Deere 580  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 580 - Round Balers £3,950.00
, John Deere 580 belt baler, wide pickup, nice baler with only 12,000 bales, ?ú3950
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The round baler is undoubtedly the most common type of baler in use today. It was invented in 1910 by Ummo Luebbens and produced commercially from 1947 by Allis-Chalmers. The bales it produces are actually cylindrical but the term is used to distinguish them from square bales. The bales have a similar structure to that of a thatched roof, insofar as they are designed to let water run off them. This makes them fairly resistant to bad weather. The mechanism has improved over the years to offer tighter, denser and better-wrapped bales but the basic technology hasn’t changed too much. A pick-up feeds the crop into the baler, where it is rolled internally by rubber belts and/or fixed rollers. When it reaches the target size, it is wrapped in twine or netting to hold the bale tightly together and it is then expelled from the rear of the machine.

Round balers come with fixed or variable chambers. The variable-chamber models typically make bales of between 120cm and 180cm in diameter and 150cm wide. Bales can weigh up to a tonne, depending on the crop, size and moisture content. Choosing a round baler involves a number of key decisions. The most obvious is probably capacity. The baler must be able to produce enough bales in any shift to satisfy your requirements. Size is another factor. The size of bale produced should suit your handling equipment and storage facilities. The baler should also be able to handle the type of crop you are producing. Many balers are both multi-crop and can be fixed or variable chamber, to allow you to select the most appropriate size.

The pick-up should be able to clear your field without leaving too much behind and the baler should be able to produce well-formed, tight and dense bales. The bales should be tied appropriately and some combined machines today will also wrap your bales in a single operation. You should ensure that the control and monitoring technology is readily understood and compatible with your tractor. As with all farm equipment, running costs make up a substantial portion of the total cost of ownership, so also take a look at the service intervals and make sure the user-maintained components are easily accessible.

Case Round Balers

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Claas Round Balers

Claas produces both square and round balers of various sizes and specifications, each of which is capable of preparing a crop for storage as efficiently as possible. There are models that can produce compact round bales with a diameter of under a metre, as well as heavy-duty square balers that pump out significantly larger bales which are suitable for stacking, Claas covers as much of the market... Read more

John Deere Round Balers

John Deere round balers are state-of-the-art models. They are optimised to offer great value and reliability, with Deere engineers constantly looking for incremental changes that will keep these round balers at the forefront of technological innovation. John Deere round balers have a unique design that results in excellent durability. The frames are welded from tough steel and are capable of... Read more
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