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A sawbench, also known as a table saw, consists of a single circular blade which is mounted on to an arbor and driven by motor (via a belt, gears or directly).

Nowadays, the blade can usually be moved up and down, and the higher it protrudes from the table, the deeper the resultant cut. In older models, the blade was fixed and the table raised or lowered to adjust the depth of the cut.

Similarly, with newer models, the angle of the cut is adjusted by moving the blade itself, whereas with older benches the table itself was angled.

Benchtop table saws are light enough to be carried by one person and are usually placed on top of a bench or table while being used. They are usually powered directly by a universal motor and are suitable for many smaller jobs but can't deal with wider stock and may not cut as straight as is required due to the inherent vibration.

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Buy McConnel saw bench  Farm Machinery For Sale
McConnel saw bench - Saw Bench £575.00
Buy Kidd Saw Bench  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kidd Saw Bench - Saw Bench POA
Kidd Saw Bench not done much. -800 + VAT Implements
Buy Browns   Farm Machinery For Sale
Browns - Saw Bench £1,350.00
- Linkage mounted sawbench; has done little work
Buy Wiedemann Wiedenmann WIEDENMANN  Farm Machinery For Sale
Wiedemann Wiedenmann WIEDENMANN - Saw Bench £4,750.00
Buy Rabaud  firewood processor Xylog 420 Farm Machinery For Sale
Rabaud firewood processor Xylog 420 - Saw Bench £23,355.00
Rabaud Xylog 420 firewood processor, 2.2m infeed conveyor 0/2/4/8 way splitting knife, 18 tonne splitting force, harvester saw motor .404 chain, self contained hydraulics, hydraulic fold out and side shift 4.5m elevator. fast and powerful production of firewood for the professional user. available with the xylometer measuring system. produce logs from 150mm-500mm in length. excellent for bio-mass.
rabaud firewood processor Xylog 320 2015 Saw Bench £10,500.00
Ex Demo Rabaud firewood processor with 12 month parts warranty. 32cm cut, with 2 m infeed conveyor, hydraulic clamping, saw speed adjustment, hydraulic wedge adjustment, 2/4 way knife 10T splitter force. 4 m elevator, log deck spool valve, pto shaft excellent condition. cut logs from 200mm -500mm ideal for farms, estate contractors etc. 800mm tct blade. Also New machines available from £11850
Buy Rabaud  700 T Pro - pto saw bench xyloscie 700 T pro Farm Machinery For Sale
Rabaud 700 T Pro - pto saw bench xyloscie 700 T pro - Saw Bench £1,399.00
Rabaud Xyloscie 700 T Pro saw bench, with 700mm tct blade. Heavy construction, powered by tractor pto 25 to 75 hp. weight 194 kg. supplied with pto shaft & 12 month parts warranty
Buy rabaud xyloscie 700 tsr- pto saw bench  Farm Machinery For Sale
rabaud xyloscie 700 tsr- pto saw bench 2015 Saw Bench £1,215.00
Rabaud pto 700mm tct blade saw bench. new with 12 months parts waranty. max cut 280mm, log clamp and length rod. New in sock
Buy Major Saw Bench  Farm Machinery For Sale
Major Saw Bench 2017 Saw Bench £1,150.00

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SawbenchContractor saws are larger and heavier than tabletop ones and come attached to a base or stand which is usually fitted with wheels. They can be driven either by one or two belts in conjunction with an induction motor, or by direct drive.

Cabinet benchsaws are the largest in the range, and they're usually made of steel and cast iron, which makes them very heavy. Because of this extra weight, cabinet saws experience very little vibration, so they are able to cut very precisely. Within the closed cabinet surrounding the saw there is usually an induction motor which will generate around three to five horsepower. This motor drives the blade via three parallel belts. Cabinet saws range in size and capability but can all manage much larger stock than benchtop or contractor saws.

Because cabinet benchsaws are so heavy, they tend to last longer than other less expensive and lighter types, because they don't vibrate as much. Because they are designed for industrial and agricultural use, there is a much greater emphasis on efficiency, and the blade height and angle can be adjusted much more easily. They also collect up dust as they run due to the closed cabinet, which makes the working environment much more pleasant.

At Plantlocator we stock a wide range of cabinet sawbenches made by a number of manufacturers such as John Deere, Major and Trakkasaw. Used benches tend to work pretty much as well as brand new ones, providing they have been maintained well and serviced as and when they should be.

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