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The concept of the seed drill is simple enough and this is reflected in the fact that basic versions have been used as far back as the Sumerian civilization. Their use, then, is almost as old as agriculture itself. Before the seed drill became widely used, the normal practice was simply to plant seeds by hand. This, however, was time-consuming, labour-intensive and led to poor distribution of seeds.

This in turn meant lower productivity and poor yields. Babylon had single-tube seed drills around 1,500 BC and the Chinese invented an iron multi-tube drill around 200 BC. This was widely credited with allowing the Chinese empire to support its vast population. Even these early versions were hugely efficient, improving yields by up to 900%

This technology doesn’t appear to have reached European farmers, and the first European version didn’t appear until 1566 in Venice. These designs were improved by Jethro Tull in 1701. Even these improved versions were unreliable and the seed drill did not become widely used in Europe until the 19th century.

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Buy Horsch / Simba Pronto 6 DC Disc Drill  Farm Machinery For Sale
Horsch / Simba Pronto 6 DC Disc Drill 2008 Seed Drills POA
6 Metres Trailed Disc Drill Flow Monitor
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Accord Pneumatic DL Seed Drill - Seed Drills £1,550.00
Accord Pneumatic DL 4 metre seed drill c/w tramlining, pre-emergence marker and Suffolk coulters.
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Weaving 6 Metre Tine Drill 2013 S/N 1330 4 Rows of auto re-set tines New points 2 Rows of new following harrows GPS Artemis lite Electronic metering Double pre-em markers Hydraulic fan 1/2 Drill shut off Lights Work LED lights Hydraulic folding to 2.8 Metres 1 Years warranty Set up in field This high spec drill is in excellent condition
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Weaving 2008 RS 600 AIR DRILL 2008 Seed Drills £8,750.00
2008 WEAVING RS 600 AIR DRILL c/w 3 rows drilling tynes, 2 rows covering tynes. Has a pre-emergence marker and is in nice condition. Serial Number 722. £8,750 + VAT.
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Kverneland 2006 TS 4.8M TYNE SEEDER 2006 Seed Drills £7,750.00
2006 KVERNELAND TS 4.8M TYNE SEEDER. C/w Rear Harrow, in very nice order for the age. £7,750 + VAT.
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Horsch EXPRESS 3KR 2016 Seed Drills £32,950.00
Ex Demonstration 3m combination drill , c/w ELECTRIC CONTROL BOX Ex Demo 3m combination drill, very good order and sold with full warranty P/X considered
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Claydon HYBRID 3 2016 Seed Drills POA
3m, double toolbar with paddles &harrows, stone protection,dbl dept wheels, EX DEMO
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Claydon SR Optiline MP 2007 Seed Drills £10,750.00
2007 Claydon SR Sulky Optiline MP 3 metre 9 tine drill, variable seed rate, crossboard, tyre press option, Ultron MS control
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Productspecweb: 3mtr single pass drill, selling on behalf of a cusotmer
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Amazone D7 Super-S disc drill.
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Sys disc, Int dept control, road traffic kit, towing eye, pre-em markers, bout markers, track eradicator, agrilla tines, pea hatch, pivot packer, work light Sys disc interactive depth control road traffic kit towing eye 50mm pre-emergence markers, bout markers drawbar gateway + isobus track eradicator agrilla tines pea hatch pivot packer spare wheel seed eye work light
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Initial designs had to be simple and light enough to be pulled by a single horse, but the advent of first steam and then petrol-driven tractors meant that larger and more productive seed drills could be used. Farmers could now seed vastly enlarged areas in a single day, leading to an enormous rise in production.

Before the seed drill, fields were simply ploughed and seeds tossed by hand across the land. The ones that landed in the furrows had better protection from the elements and were more likely to be covered over by natural soil movements. This meant that such seeds were more likely to grow. However, as the hand-thrown method distributed the seeds fairly evenly on the surface, much of this seed was lost. The seed drill had runners to open the furrow to a pre-set depth. The seeds were dropped into these furrows and then discs cut away the sides of the trench, covering the seeds. Modern innovations allow seed drilling without any tilling, which protects sensitive soils from moisture loss and erosion.

Choosing a seed drill is obviously a function of capacity, with larger hoppers and wider booms being suited to bigger farms, for example th 'Stanhay' brand. You also need to consider the towing requirements of your chosen seed drill. These will have ratings in horse power to indicate the power of tractor required. Clearly, the drill should be chosen with the abilities of your tractor in mind. Many seed drills - like the Stanhay ones are now operated by pneumatic power and this can allow for more accurate and quicker sowing. More sophisticated systems will monitor the down-force being used on the drills to ensure consistent depth is maintained, even on hard-packed or untilled soil. There are also different approaches to drilling technology, such as the use of double or single plates, which may be more suited to different types of soil. Certain machines will also be suitable for land with minimal or no tillage, while others work best on standard ploughed fields.

Modern seed drills are generally robust and relatively simple to maintain. Properly chosen, a used seed drill should see many years of service and offer a good return on your investment.

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