Self Propelled Forage Harveste For Sale

The forage harvester is an agricultural machine that harvests forage crops, such as grass or corn, to make silage. Forage harvesters can be used as tractor implements, but for extensive operations self-propelled forage harvesters are often preferred. The basic operational mechanisms are similar on both types of forage harvester.

This includes either a drum cutter head or flywheel with a number of knives fixed to it. These chop the crop and blow the cut silage out from a funnel or chute and into an awaiting wagon. Larger self-propelled forage harvesters may have paddle accelerators, which increase the speed of the chopped material and thus boost performance. When the loading wagon is full, it is exchanged for another and the original wagon is removed for unloading.

Different forage crops such as grass or corn require specific cutting heads and these can be attached to the self-propelled forage harvesters relatively quickly and easily. In the case of grass, the crop is usually cut first to allow it to wilt. It is then harvested via a windrow pick-up.

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Buy John Deere 7780  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 7780 2014 Self Propelled Forage Harveste POA
Machine due in. More photo's & info to follow. Machine not one in photo.
Buy John Deere Kernelstar Maize Processor  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere Kernelstar Maize Processor 2014 Self Propelled Forage Harveste £5,950.00
To fit 7000 series forager, had very little use and big saving on new
Buy John Deere 6750  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 6750 2000 Self Propelled Forage Harveste POA
New drum fitted last year Selling for customer All servicing done by TFMPrice in Euros - EU27000
Buy Lely FORAGER  Farm Machinery For Sale
Lely FORAGER - Self Propelled Forage Harveste POA
Buy John Deere 7380  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 7380 2013 Self Propelled Forage Harveste £110,000.00
Does not include kemper maize header úPOA Rear Tires SinglesFront Tires SinglesNumber of Knives 40Rear Tires Prodrive 40kRear Tires Size Goodyear 650R32-172 seat air susp Prodrive full asr pow axle IV LOC transmission 40 knives 2 speed spout rotation Field office rear mounted mirro
Buy John Deere 7480  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 7480 2015 Self Propelled Forage Harveste £125,000.00
prodrive 40k, 650R32, kernal star w crop kps,40 knife drum, autolube, 1400 Engine & 900 drum hrs NOT INCLUDING KEMPER HEADER OR PICK UP HITCH Axle PRWDRear Tires SinglesRear Tires Size 650R32-172Axle Prodrive 40k Kernal star w crop kps 40 knife drum autolube Michelin IVLOC transmission High arch spout 2 speed spout rotation Rear mounted mirror Field office
Buy John Deere 7400  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 7400 2003 Self Propelled Forage Harveste £42,500.00
4WD, 3 SPEED TRANSMISSION, 650/75 R32+480/80 R26 - 80%, BARREL CARRIERS + WEIGHTS NOT INCLUDED NEW ENGINE @ 2015 ENG HRS 3198 DRUM HRS 3071, C/W 630A PICK UP S/No 053585 YOM 2003 Cutter Head GrassKernel Processor YesTransmission Drive MechanicalCutter Head PRWDRear Tires SinglesFront Tires SinglesNumber of Knives 48Top Forward Speed 30Rear Tires Brand GoodyearRear Tires Size 480/80R26Rear Tires %
Buy Z³rn 6.2 PROFICUT  Farm Machinery For Sale
Z³rn 6.2 PROFICUT 2011 Self Propelled Forage Harveste £30,000.00
Zurn Profi cut whole crop header C/w header trolley 2011
Buy Krone  BiG X 700  Farm Machinery For Sale
Krone BiG X 700 2015 Self Propelled Forage Harveste £150,000.00
Buy John Deere 7980I  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 7980I 2013 Self Propelled Forage Harveste POA
EXTRA WORKLIGHTS Road speed (kmh) 40 Front tyre size: 800/65R32 Rear tyre size: 480/80R26
Buy Claas CRACKER  Farm Machinery For Sale
Claas CRACKER - Self Propelled Forage Harveste POA
C/W BELT Road speed (kmh) 20
Buy John Deere 7750  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 7750 2009 Self Propelled Forage Harveste £65,000.00
Prodrive 4WD, Kernal Processor. 2000 Chopper Hours. All prices exclude VAT and are ex Works. Please Contact Nick Pickard On 07714 458232.
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                  New John Deere 8000 SPFH at work 

How they Work

Corn and whole-crop silage are cut by the self-propelled forage harvester header directly. This uses disc mowers, reciprocating knives or large blades. Kernel processors are often used to harvest cereal crops such as sorghum or corn. These are constructed from a pair of toothed rollers pressed together to crack the kernels on the crop heads. The kernel processors tend to be situated between the cutter head and accelerator. This can be swapped with a simple grass chute when not required.

Large Scale Farms - A Must

The self-propelled forage harvester is usually accompanied by a tractor or other collection vehicle and is now the preferred forager for large-scale farms. These machines can get very large and something like the Krone self-propelled forage harvester has engines in excess of 1,000hp. The headers can stretch to accommodate a cutting width of 11 metres, and such self-propelled forage harvesters can produce 400 tonnes of silage in an hour. The silage can be cut in lengths from 5mm to 80mm and is often treated with a variety of additives, such as mould inhibitors, enzymes or bacteria, to improve the silage process. Silage made from corn or sorghum has less need of additives because of the high sugar content of these crops.

John Deere Self Propelled Forage Harvester

New Holland Self propelled forage harvester

Self-propelled forage harvesters are available from a host of major suppliers, such as AGCO, CLAAS, Case IH, Krone, John Deere and New Holland. These are relatively complex machines, combining the many moving parts of the operational implements with the mechanics of a self-propelled machine. Care should therefore be taken in examining each area before purchase. The size and capacity of the self-propelled forage harvester should match your requirements, and the harvesting technology should also be suitable for the type of crop being harvested. The headers, drums and rollers should all be examined for damage and tested for smooth operation. The engine, transmission, running gear and all other components should also be looked at.

When it has been serviced properly and treated with care, the self-propelled forage harvester can have a long and productive life and a good used example should give many years of service.

Claas Self Propelled Forage Harveste

The Claas range of forest harvesters is organised into the Jaguar 980-930 series, with six models and Jaguar 870-840 series machines, of which there are four. There is also a full range of forage harvester attachments on offer. The Claas comfort cab is common to both series and is designed to help operators make full use of the capabilities of the machine. This in turn requires that they have the... Read more

John Deere Self Propelled Forage Harveste

John Deere is responsible for a series of self-propelled forage harvesters which combine modern technology with reliable engineering to produce excellent results. And buying a second-hand forage harvester rather than picking up a new unit can help farmers to save money while still making John Deere their manufacturer of choice. Since these units can operate under their own power, there is a... Read more
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