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Getting a good crop starts with the sowing process, so choosing the right sowing and planting machinery is vital. A carefully chosen used combination drill, seed drill or press can make all the difference to the final yield.

The seed drill is a fundamental piece of farming equipment that is almost as old as agriculture itself. The initial practice was simply to use a finger to make a hole in which to drop the seed. Soon, however, the ancient Sumerians realised that a simple tube drill would greatly improve productivity. Chinese farmers took the idea further and introduced a multiple-tube seed drill around 200 BC. This invention was crucial in allowing Chinese civilization to flourish by feeding its large population from more efficient rice paddies.

Europe took a long time to catch up, and the technology of seed drills only came to Venice, possibly as a result of trade with the Chinese, in the 16th century. Jethro Tull famously improved the machine in the early 1700s, and its use spread until the seed drill was standard equipment on European farms in the 19th century.

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Buy Kverneland TS EVO 6M  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kverneland TS EVO 6M 2014 Seed Drills £18,500.00
Buy Võderstad Rapid A 400S  Farm Machinery For Sale
Võderstad Rapid A 400S - Seed Drills £14,000.00
St# IM-24-06-17
Buy Horsch SPRINTER ST SPRINTER 4ST Farm Machinery For Sale
Horsch SPRINTER ST SPRINTER 4ST 2016 Seed Drills £46,950.00
Productspecweb: 4mtr trailed tine drill, Sprinter 4ST August 2016 Rear covering discs Seed flow sensors, 16 inch rear tyres, Centre line markers, 166.4 hectacres, Following harrow Like new SELLING ON BEHALF OF A CUSTOMER
Buy Simba FREEFLOW  Farm Machinery For Sale
Simba FREEFLOW 1991 Seed Drills £4,000.00
Productspecweb: Simba free flow drill, 4m Hyd folding, Front and rear packer wheels, Pto /hyd fan drive, Very good condition, stored insid. SELLING ON BEHALF OF A CUSTOMER Bryan – 07722 558787
Buy Vaderstad RDA600S  Farm Machinery For Sale
Vaderstad RDA600S 2005 Seed Drills £15,950.00
600A, 6mtr, staggered wheels, pre em markers, rear following harrow, front dicsc, hyd levelling boards, electric control, 2900hectares covered
Buy Horsch PRONTO  6DC Farm Machinery For Sale
Horsch PRONTO 6DC 2010 Seed Drills £34,950.00
6mtr trailed discPRONTO, drill, 7400Hectares covered, newcentre section tyres/bearings
Buy Howard HK30 400 DS  Farm Machinery For Sale
Howard HK30 400 DS - Seed Drills £2,950.00
Howard HK30 400 DS power harrow, packer roller, Vogel and Noot A400 pneumatic Suffolk coulter drill, pre emerge marker, S type following harrow, Muller DrillMat control
Buy Vaderstad RDA400S  Farm Machinery For Sale
Vaderstad RDA400S 2008 Seed Drills £31,500.00
Vaderstad rapid RDA400S,2008,pivot packer,system discs,system crossboard, 32 drilling discs & coulters 16 offset wheel with chevron tyres, rear following harrow, pre & post emergence tram-lining kit, discs at 70%, total of 1444ha , ?ú31,500 + vat.
Buy Kverneland 2005 ACCORD TS 4.8M TINESEEDER  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kverneland 2005 ACCORD TS 4.8M TINESEEDER 2005 Seed Drills £6,950.00
2005 KVERNELAND ACCORD TS 4.8M TINESEEDER, c/w three rows of coulters, & levelling boards, also fitted with twin pre-emergence markers, good tips and wheel eradication. £6,950 + VAT. Contact us on 01763 780440.
Buy Simba 2004 HORSCH PRONTO 3DD DRILL  Farm Machinery For Sale
Simba 2004 HORSCH PRONTO 3DD DRILL 2004 Seed Drills £6,250.00
2004 SIMBA HORSCH PRONTO 3DD DRILL, mounted disc coulter drill, has twin levelling boards, one row of DD rings, 20 disc coulters, followed by rubber wheels and following tines. Has hydraulic fold markers and twin pre-emergence markers and is in nice condition. £6,250 + VAT. Contact us on 01763 780440.
Buy Kverneland TS Evo 4800  Farm Machinery For Sale
Kverneland TS Evo 4800 2012 Seed Drills £15,500.00
2012 Kverneland Accord TS Evo 4800 (4.8 metre) tine drill, track eradicators, markers, following harrow, lights and Signus control
Buy Horsch Pronto 6DC Drill  Farm Machinery For Sale
Horsch Pronto 6DC Drill 2008 Seed Drills £29,000.00
All prices exclude VAT and are ex Works. Please Contact Nick Pickard On 07714 458232.
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The seed drill is generally a robust piece of equipment and it is well suited to a second-hand purchase. The used seed drill should be chosen with capacity in mind, looking at the size of the hoppers and the width of the boom. Some seed drills will be pneumatic in operation, and all will have a certain horsepower requirement, which should be checked against the tractor you are going to use.

Seed drills are sometimes combined with harrows to create a combination drill. This allows the ground to be prepared and the seeds sown in a single pass. Other machines are combined with disc coulters, rollers and rotary cultivators to achieve similar results. Such combination drills are obviously more complex in their construction than simple seed drills, and more care should be taken when choosing a second-hand combination drill. Testing the machine out with a suitable tractor is a worthwhile precaution. There is always a trade-off between the added expense and complexity of the combination drill and the increased productivity it provides. On the other hand, a simple seed drill may be slower in achieving the same results, but it is a simple, cheap and reliable machine.

The press is another important piece of sowing and planting equipment, and a wide range of used presses is available in a variety of sizes. Look out for hydraulic paddles and folding mechanisms and good-quality tines. Manufacturers include Simba, Knight, Lynx, Farmforce, Vaderstad and Dowdeswell. The press is a robust piece of equipment and buying a used press should easily give many years of good and trouble-free service.

Depending on the price and complexity of the sowing and planting machinery being considered, it may be wise to see the machine in operation before any purchase. For simpler equipment, a thorough visual inspection may be enough, but for the more complex pieces of plant, such as a combination drill, a full test-drive may be a better idea.

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