Square Balers For Sale

Square balers have a fairly self-explanatory function, since they are designed to produce conventional square bales and thus provide an efficient way to store and transport fodder. While they may be less resistant to moisture than round bales, they are better suited to being stacked on a truck for manoeuvring around the site or even hauling to another location on the roads. So a square baler may be a sensible purchase for farms of various sizes, depending on the circumstances. And there are different specifications to consider when looking at used square balers, including the size of the chamber, the speed of processing and the age of the machine itself. These balers can last for decades if properly maintained and are available from major manufacturing brands, including John Deere, New Holland and Vicon.

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Buy Claas 3200 Quadrant  Farm Machinery For Sale
Claas 3200 Quadrant 2009 Square Balers £31,950.00
Claas Quadrant 3200, Year 2009, 72,000 bales, Rotor feed, 120x70 bale size, 6 knotters with fan cleaning Hydraulic pre-chamber, 2.35m pick up 520/50-17 tandem axle, Self lube system, Camera Selling on behalf of a customer
CLAAS DOMINANT conventional square baler with 60" pick-up, not been used for 4 years, but been stored inside.... £1450 + VAT
Buy John Deere 456  Farm Machinery For Sale
John Deere 456 - Square Balers POA
small square baler £ P O A
Buy Deutz Fahr   Farm Machinery For Sale
Deutz Fahr - Square Balers £1,650.00
small square baler been working this season done a great job on our hay bales! £1,650
Buy Massey Ferguson 4700 Big Square Baler Farm Machinery For Sale
Massey Ferguson 4700 Big Square Baler 1990 Square Balers £7,750.00
- Big Square Baler; 1990; in very good condition.
Buy KRONE 1270 Baler Farm Machinery For Sale
KRONE 1270 Baler 2010 Square Balers £39,950.00

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A square baler will rely on a number of mechanical systems to allow material to be collected, fed through the machinery and emerge at the other end, compacted and secured with whatever fastenings are compatible with a given unit. Because of the complexity of the components involved, which can include hydraulic circuits, conveyors and other parts, it is crucial to study a second-hand baler closely and ensure that everything is working correctly before you can be confident that it is worth procuring.

Another thing you need to take into account is the type of tractor which is required to pull a specific square baler model, as different sizes of units will require different amounts of horsepower under the bonnet of the piece of machinery to which they will be coupled. Balers which are in excellent overall condition are not hard to find, and if you want to produce larger, denser bales that are easier to transport, then it is a good idea to consider a square baler as your first choice.

Claas Square Balers

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